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Sedona Vision Quest Retreat Schedule

Programs included in the Sedona Vision Quest Retreat.

The final Vision Quest Schedule order of programs may vary.
The time frame can be compressed/expanded if need be. Length of sessions depends on number of people; they are a bit shorter if done as a solo retreat.
Sessions are personalized as we work with the spiritual energies and your unique process.

Each day we will share dreams, knowings, signs that come to you–I will be giving you feedback. 

Independent Mystic Practices.
The daily practices you do on your own are not detailed here. This is a key part of you being your own seer and healer. In between sessions, on your own:

  • You will have dream, meditation, and other inner pathways practices. 
  • There will be study sheets to support your experiential learning.
  • Each day (including dawn – sunset – stars times) you will have nature practices and communion time on your own at special sites in the Sedona and Verde Valley area.
  • You will be working on your shield and 4 corners bundles
Day 1
2 people walking slowly on a red earth path with Thunder Mountain in background. They are doing deep observing in nature.Sedona Sacred Sites/Vortex Program
to prepare you to explore on your own.
Plus: Spirit of Place – Earth Energy Connections. 3 hours
Introduction to Vision Quest practices. 1 hour.  Detailed instructions for the preparation work you will be doing.
Preparation work on own during the week: cut and shape willow hoop for shield, stretch and attach leather to hoop; make 4 Directions emblems/prayer bundles; focus on nature skills, dreams, prayers, attentiveness, mindfulness. It is a very full week (you make daily reports and receive feedback on these experiences in addition to the new session work we do each day).
Insight Session*: Inner Pathways – Conscious Evolution. Powerful insight tools to enhance shamanic seeing: lucid dreaming, meditation, tracking-clearing energies, listening to body wisdom, developing Here-Now Presence as your point of power, and more. Includes chakra clearing and sound healing with gong and Himalayan metals.
Day 2
6 hours with 2 or 3 people, 5.5 hours with 1)

Shamanic Journey Mentoring, Nature connection practices, and a series of Ceremonies outdoor
Seminar at a private site by Oak Creek
Day 3
Insight Session*: Past Life, Mystic Child, Future Self, Current Challenges, Deepening Medicine Animal connections
Sunset-Starlight Nature, Solo Sacred Circle. (3.5 hours; 3 hours with 1 person). Deepen medicine animal and nature at night practice, Native star stories and star connection, reciprocity with  nature, solo vision quest circle practice.
Vivid red-orange-purple sunset behind Chimney Rock in Sedona by Monica Parsley. One of the views from our sunset and moon circles.
Day 4
Insight Session*: Extraction, Release Unbeneficial Energies. We enlist the aid of spiritual allies to provide support, insight, energy and integration in a series of shamanic journey experiences supporting your shamanic extraction work.
Trail to ancestral sacred spring outlet under the sycamore trees

Ancestor sacred spring site next to Beaver Creek.

Connecting with the Natural Life Forces Heart to Heart and Rebirthing Ceremony at an ancestral sacred site. 2 hours.
Day 5
Insight Session*: Soul Retrieval. You become your own shaman in a safe and nurturing space in a poignant session of calling back and integrating a part of your own soul that has become energetically separated from you. 
Drawing of a large bear holding child with white light and stars around her head showing how she feels safe and protected.
Circle of Power Teaching and Healing Ceremony Learn ancient principles of working with ceremony; receive a vibrational healing from earth and cosmos and drumming; shamanic rebalancing work by Sandra as guided by spirit.
Shamanic journey drum painted with red cliffs, the sun with a heart in the center and rays of light flowing down from above. Symbolizes connections with Spirit.
evening on own:
deepen and clarify your intention, clear your mind, begin writing your New Mythology that has emerged so far, finish prayer bundles.
Day 6
morning Insight Session*: Imagining, Conscious Re-Creation. Final overnight preparation and spirit helper connections. Experiential journeys to activate new pathways, potential new beginnings.
Solo Overnight Ceremony
Afternoon to sunrise next day in solo communion with nature in your sacred ceremonial space–this is optional and done on your own with you taking full responsibility for your safety. You go out on your own. Then during the night I pray for you and hold space for you.
prayertiessmday 7
Dawn Return, Fire Ceremony, Processing Your Experience, Hopi blue corn pancake breakfast, 3 hours
During the day on your own:
Journal, paint your shield, Write your new mythology, rest and dream.
Day 8
Closing circle in late morning or early afternoon, 2 hours
Share completed Shield, New Mythology and Intentions for your return; Closing C
eremony, moving into future focus as you prepare to return home.
I recommend you take an extra day or two after and relax, integrate before returning to your busy world.

* INSIGHT SESSIONS are held at studio 20 minutes south of Sedona.  They are 2.5 hours (2 hours with 1 person).
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