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Vision Circles in Nature:  Sedona, Navajo, Hopi Spirit Journey, 4 days

Vision Circles in Nature:  Sedona, Navajo, Hopi Spirit Journey, 4 days

Vision Circles in Nature:

Sedona mystic vision & ceremony outdoor seminar followed by 3-day Navajo and Hopi Spirit Journey

Inspirational circles with native hosts solo vision time on the rim of Canyon de Chelly

Day 1: Sedona 8-hour Nature, Insight Journey, Ceremony & Vision Quest introduction outdoor seminar Day 2 & 3: Canyon de Chelly-Navajo Ceremony, Canyon Explore & Vision Circle Journey Day 4: Hopi Villages and Spirit Circle

2018 dates:

  • May 31 - June 3
  • October 3 - 6
Can be scheduled at other dates, weather permitting (best months are May, June, Sept. and Oct.)
Day 1: Sedona Mystic Nature Shamanic Journey + Earth and Sky Speak to Us + Honoring Ways Earth-Spirit Seminar + Ceremony, will include introduction to Vision Quest practice & making 4 direction emblems, 8 hours at beautiful, private site on Oak Creek with several labyrinths and medicine wheels.  This will provide a basis of skills we use while at Hopi and Navajo plus give you earth-spirit experiences that will help you absorb on a deeper level from our Native hosts.
  • overnight in Sedona on own
Day 2: 8 am - noon Drive across wide open Colorado Plateau landscapes to Canyon de Chelly on Navajoland with stop at Painted Desert overlook, Navajo cultural introduction and music enroute

Colorado Plateau Painted Desert landscape

midday: lunch (on own) and museum quality Navajo gift shop in old trading post building Earth-Spirit Connections from the Rim of Canyon de Chelly
"Here in the Colorado Plateau country, a magical region lifted to the sky, the stars are a constant, abiding presence. High altitudes, transparent atmosphere, wide spaces of crystalline rock bring the stars into our nightscape. Comforting, reassuring, tantalizing, felt as an essential part of our inner landscape." Sandra Cosentino
late afternoon: 4 hour Jeep tour into Canyon de Chelly with Navajo wisdom keeper. Attune with the spirit of the canyon as you wind through the deepening red cliff walls.  You will see rock art, ancestral Puebloan cliff houses and Navajo homes-sheep-horses of today.  We will share a Spirit program at his private site with sharing, and sand painting demonstration, and insight journey. Dinner on own Day 3 Breakfast on own Dawn prayers and hike (on own, 2 - 2.5 hours leisurely pace) on well graded 1.5 mile canyon trail with 600 feet elevation change--nature communion time (you do not have to go all the way to the bottom). Late morning:  overlook and connection with sacred sites on the North and South Rim lunch break on own Late afternoon till stars come out:  Fire blessing Ceremony & songs with our Navajo wisdom keeper host and 2-hour sunset to stars rise solo vision circle on canyon rim.  Our Navajo host calls you back with flute song.  Closing circle with sharing, Navajo songs and dance celebration. overnight on own: hotel (about $125 + tax) or campground options (about $20) in Chinle or on rim at Navajo run campground (tent/gear rental available) Day 4: Hopi and return to Sedona Breakfast on own and 1.5 hour drive to Hopi with cultural introduction enroute We will visit villages at 1st and 2nd Mesa, attend a ceremonial if open and available, have Hopi food lunch in a home and conclude with a Circle and songs and blessings. 3 - 6 pm: Return to Sedona area
Cost: $1660 each with 3 people plus lodging, meals, tips $1,440 each with 4 people plus lodging, meals, tips $1,300 each with 5 to 6 people plus lodging, meals, tips (person who drives their own vehicle in caravan with us will get gas credit.) Includes program, transportation for first 4, Hopi lunch, extensive planning-coordination, study sheets, guides, entry fees.   Not included:   lodging, meals (except Hopi lunch), optional tips to guides. Camping option at Canyon de Chelly, $20/night (no showers); lodging estimated at $140-150/night
Navajo spirit journey, yei, cosmology, Canyon de Chelly, fire blessing ceremony

Navajo Yei

Navajo at Canyon de Chelly

Navajo people are hardy, at home out one the land and are known for their ability to adapt to change.  Navajo people believe that the Creator placed them on Colorado Plateau region land between four sacred mountains and that the patterns in the stars are patterns in us.

Canyon de Chelly was designed as an earthly place of divine connection at the time when supernaturals still walked the earth according to Navajo legend. We invite connection with the unseen Holy Wind, or inner form of all life that connects and flows between the stars, us and all of life.

"Each being is infused with its own spirit, or 'inner form', which gives it life and purpose within an orderly and interconnected universe. The interrelatedness of all creation is recognized through daily prayer offerings and an elaborate system of ceremonies. The purpose of Navajo life is to maintain balance between the individual and the universe and to live in harmony with nature and the Creator."  Mary T. Begay

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