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Valentine’s Day & President’s Day mid-winter programs in Sedona, Arizona

Valentine’s Day & President’s Day mid-winter programs in  Sedona, Arizona

Mid-Winter 2020
Inspirational & Deepening Programs

February 3 is the Mid-Winter cross-quarter day, half way to Spring.
Mid-Winter Special Programs are described below.

  • Feb. 1, Mid-Winter Insights, Sound Healing & Ceremony Program
  • Feb. 14, Heart Speaks Program celebrating the voice of your heart
  • Feb. 15 – 16, Power Animal Connections, Energies, Ceremony & Drum Circle training, a new mid-winter special program
  • Personalized circle or ceremony at a Sedona scenic red rock site, 1 – 1.5 hours.

February 1, Saturday:
Mid-Winter Insights, Sound Healing and Ceremony Program

Exploring the voice of your longing, listening to your body, and inviting new balance with:

  • shamanic journey and guided visualization
  • sound healing with multiple instruments
  • ceremony & creative expression

1:30 – 4 pm
Cost:  $90 pp with 3 or more ($130 each with 2)
This program is held at studio location 20 minutes south of Sedona.

see articles:
Mid-Winter Incubation Time
The Power of Sound to Heal

February 14, Friday:
Heart Speaks Program, 1 day

Joyful shamanic, creative, nature and ceremony experiences celebrating the voice of your heart:

Red heart shape at base of tree next to Oak Creek represents nature connection, noticing signs, joyful outdoor programphoto by Rusty Albertson
  • Nature connection, signs, divining walk & fire ceremony
  • Mystic insights and intuitive knowing giving voice to heart’s longing
  • Discovery via art, movement & musical expression
  • Heart Take Lead Ceremony

9:30 am – noon:  studio session in Cottonwood 20 min. south of Sedona
noon – 2 pm:  lunch on own in Old Town Cottonwood
2 – 4:30 pm:  field session in a lagoon park setting

Cost: $190 pp with 3 or more ($220 pp with 2)
Plus park entry fee of $7 per vehicle (4 can ride with me at no entry fee)

Verde River lagoon park with winter tree reflection on water represents nature setting, seeking signs, divining walk, mid-winter special program







photo by Sandra Cosentino

February 15 – 16, Saturday and Sunday:

Power Animal Insights & Energy Connections ~ Ceremony ~ Drum & Rattle Expression.

Painting of coyote howling and connecting with spiraling stars symbolizes insight journeys during mid-winter special program and drum circle

Coyote Spirit speaks to Spirit of this time of Change

Connect with some of your core Totem Animals for wisdom, inspiration and infusion of energy in this experiential weekend program. 

We invite their vibrant energies of support during this Mid-Winter incubation time.  Co-create a ceremony that expresses your new inspirations.  You receive instruction on using drums and rattles and in core elements of ceremony.

2 studio sessions on both Saturday and Sunday:
9 am – noon
lunch break in Old Town Cottonwood
2 – 4:30 pm

Cost: $360 each with 3 or more ($400 each with 2)

This program is held at studio location 20 minutes south of Sedona.

Led by Sandra Cosentino, based on 3+ decades of direct experience.
See article: Power Animals Are Vibratory Infusion.

Red cliff with tall fir tree weighed down with snow. Represents Sedona in mid-winter, Discover Sedona and Spirit of Sedona Welcome Circle

Sedona Winter scene–snowfalls occur a few times each winter and are magically beautiful. Photo by Rusty Albertson

Your personalized circle for an informed feeling sense of Sedona at a scenic red rock site.

Led by Sandra Cosentino, who is native to Arizona, with a wealth of info and stories to share.

Discover Sedona Vortex – Scenic Sites Circle, 1 or 1.5 hour program

Spirit of Sedona Welcome Circle, 1 hour

Sedona Sunrise or Sunset Ceremony, 1.5 hour program