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Thanksgiving Weekend Sedona & Hopi

Thanksgiving Weekend Sedona & Hopi

painting of ancestor figures with arm raised to above; represents Thanksgiving weekend Sedona earth spirit programThanksgiving Weekend in Sedona:

+  nature connection, mystic insights and vortex circle

+  Thanksgiving Mother Earth Ceremony program 

Thursday, Thanksgiving morning Mother Earth Connection and Ceremony in Nature

Tree branches with fall colors; symbolizes Thanksgiving morning Mother Earth Connection and ceremony where we connect with the living spirit of earthTrees along Oak Creek are still have fall colors during Thanksgiving--a beautiful time of year. Connect with the living spirit of Earth. Led by Sandra Cosentino, who has many decades of experience of mystical knowing and connection to nature.  You will practice deep observing, listening, and connecting with an animal ally, the energy of the trees and rocks. Learn timeless principles of creating ceremony in nature and the ancestral practice of gratitude.  Participate in co-creating a ceremony to honor Mother Earth and share gratitude as you connect heart to heart with the natural life forces. 9 - 11 am $70 each with min. of 3, 2 hours ($80 each with 2, 1.5 hours)

Moon Stars Inspiration & Ceremony Circle

Discover Sedona: Sacred Sites and Earth Connection

Add Shamanic Journey Sessions and create your own mini-retreat

Hopi Cultural Journey Independent Travel  to Hopi:

Spend Thanksgiving at Hopi with indigenous people, visit villages, Hopi feast in a home, see how they celebrate this American holiday bringing their own cultural depth to gratitude as a way of life, even survival. Hopi people really live the way of gratitude, so it is a special experience to share these good feelings with them. For many who have gone with me on these Thanksgiving weekend journeys (and for some of the Hopis as well), it is a reminder of the first Thanksgiving. Hopi girl in traditional dress waving; symbolizes the invitation to spend Thanksgiving at Hopi on a Hopi independent travel journey Extend the 1-day trip with deeper Hopi immersion: Going to a backcountry rock art site; enjoy an evening program with music and a blessing circle, thoughtful discussions, exploration of your personal interests. Go home feeling like you have found a new family and perspective on life. Hopi artists will help you create a special rock art piece or gourd rattle to take home as a visual reminder of these heart-felt experiences.     Navajoland at Canyon de Chelly Thanksgiving weekend:   feel the spirit of adventure and discovery as you jeep ride with a Navajo guide through this roadless, sandy, sheer, red-walled canyon famous for its beauty and the concentration of cliff dwellings and rock art of the ancestral pueblo people from 400 BC to 1300 AD. Includes a fire blessing ceremony.   I am flexible to extend the Hopi day trip with independent travel journey overnight spending more time on day 2 with Hopi guide or going experience Navajo culture and Canyon de Chelly or to set up you own 1 - 4 day journey that begins with an cultural introduction and route review session with me in the Sedona area.