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Vision Quest Retreat

Barbara Furlotte came from eastern Canada to Sedona, Arizona after months of preparing for her solo journey in nature never having camped before. I was honored to support her in her powerful intention for deepened soul awareness. Here are her insightful words:

"First I would like to say that there was a lot of preparation before going out into the desert. And that this was something I was drawn to do for a long time. On my Solo journey I could feel a deeper knowing . It is hard to put into words, but I just knew that I was not alone. I had nothing to fear alone in the desert or in my life. That feeling is with me still."

 Barbara's description of vision quest:

"What you accomplish on a Solo journey depends on your reason for doing it. What is your intention for going into nature alone, and how willing and open are you to what may come to you. Most people I think use the Solo experience to find themselves or to deepen an already strong connection to spirit. Whatever the reason, if it is done authentically, it will change your life forever.

A journey alone is really the only way to connect with yourself. You rely and trust only on your own instincts. You pay more attention to your gut feelings. You are not following another's advice or opinions, you do not have the false security of others around you. You are not trusting another to keep you safe and out of harms way. Nothing and no one can give you the confidence and courage to trust yourself, to live your life fearlessly only your own connection to spirit can do that.

I do know that all spiritual masters spent many years of their lives alone with nature. This should tell you of the powerful energy of nature. The same life energy in nature is also within us, we just have to stop our way too busy lives long enough to feel it. Being alone gives you a more peaceful and aware feeling towards your own life. You begin to see things in your life differently and you begin to react with more understanding and Love to the situations in your life. And I do believe that LOVE is the most powerful energy known to us all !!!! "

Barbara Furlotte, Canada, Sept., 2000