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Vision Quest Retreat

"Our minds are clearer then they have been in a year, and our inspiration has such a boost. We have been seeing things that we used to take for granted. Our trip was such a blessing, and we feel like two new people since we have been home. . .We have been opened to a world that we have felt and believed was there, but we were just not able to "actualize" it. We thank-you for guiding us through a wonderful experience." Brian and Tonya Glonek, Ohio., Aug., 2006

Brian's poem about his experience:

Lost Bear Cub

With a Soul of Kindness

Came to the South

To Cure his Blindness.

His First day on the Land

Popped his Eyes Open

To the Glory Around

And the Power Behind It.

He trekked on the land

His Mate by his Side

The pictures came out

And he knew he wasn’t blind.

As He dove inside himself

With His Helper at his Side

His Vision became more clear

As he remembered his younger times.

Now He Feels Stronger

Vision clear as can be

Always with his eyes open

There Is Always More to See

Learning will Never Stop

He yearns to keep growing inside

Never forgetting the Little Bear

That fuels His Inner Child.