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Vision Quest Retreat

"Of my solo night I can only say it was a dream come true for me.  It is incredibly wonderful to lay on the land under a sky full of stars.  From our week of preparation I had a confidence in my safety and protection.  I do believe that on several occasions I felt and heard Mother Earth's heartbeat.  This is the most soothing sound.  The owls hooted in the distance off and on all night until almost sunrise.  The coyotes yipped in the distance a few times.  There was an occasional breeze to caress my face...mostly cool but a few times the breeze came with a warmth which again served to add to my feeling of connection with nature and my spiritual guides.  This solo overnight experience left me feeling balanced, calm and rejuvenated.  As I returned to my home I have a lasting feeling of connection and strength.  I am also filled with gratitude to Mother Earth, the heavens and all of my spiritual guides and angels for a beautiful experience. 


I have a deep felt gratitude to Sandra for devoting her life to spirit and nature and her unique ability to also assist others in their own connections to the same.

 I'll be back."

Mary Lou, Florida, 2012