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Sunset-Starlight, Nature at Night and Solo Vision Circle outdoor seminar

Sunset-Starlight, Nature at Night and  Solo Vision Circle outdoor seminar

Sunset into Night time experience:

Connect with nature at night, ancestor wisdom, introduction to vision quest solo circle experience

“We have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”
(Dan Peha)

Patterns of the stars draw our attention and feel like friends.

Enjoy Stars, Earth-Spirit Wisdom and Nature at Night.

Sense shifts in sounds and the air as night falls. Stargaze, enjoy sky stories, ancient and new. With living earth, spirit of nature understandings for balance and insight. Introduction to vision quest circle in nature: focus, calming mind, being in communication with the cosmos, safety tips so you feel comfortable being in solo vision circle for an hour. This builds your confidence and becomes very exhilarating coming into connection with the night sky. A good practice toward doing a solo overnight experience. Close with rattling or drumming and sending your intentions out to the universe.

$125 pp with 3 or more, 3.5 hours
$150 pp with 2 people, 3 hours
$250 with 1 person, 3 hours

This is much deeper experience if you first do:
The Earth and Sky Speaks to Us Seminar in Nature and/or
Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey

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Sedona full moon photo by Rusty Albertson.

Full Moon Mystic Insights and Ceremony Circle

A personalized circle created for the season and participants: mystic insight journeys to the drum, connecting with moon and nature at night vibrations, ceremony to activate positive change in your life. Held outdoors spring – fall, in studio during winter. 2 hours.

Spirit of Sedona Circle

A great introduction to Sedona and the qualities that have made her a sacred place for millennia; stories and perspectives of the ancestral peoples of this land, stargazing; can include medicine animal connection.  1.5 – 2 hours.


The Patterns in the Stars are Patterns in Us

“Here in the Colorado Plateau country, a magical region lifted to the sky, the stars are a constant, abiding presence. High altitudes, transparent atmosphere, wide spaces of crystalline rock bring the stars into our nightscape. Comforting, reassuring, tantalizing, felt as an essential part of our inner landscape. The patterns in the stars are patterns in us–ancient wisdom from this land .”

Sandra Cosentino from article: The Patterns in the Stars are Patterns in Us

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