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Spring Equinox Emerging Vision Nature Retreat and Full Moon Ceremony – Celebration in Sedona and surrounding areas

Spring Equinox Emerging Vision Nature Retreat and Full Moon Ceremony – Celebration in Sedona and surrounding areas

Spring Equinox Emerging Vision Nature Retreat and
Full Moon Ceremony – Celebration

March 20 – 22, 2019
Sedona, Arizona area

A creative time of connection with the spring equinox natural world, fresh insights to seed your new beginning, and ceremonial activation and Spring Equinox Full Moon Ceremony

with Sandra Cosentino, Crossing Worlds founder, ceremonial leader, nature mystic and shamanic practice mentor

All sessions are held outdoors at different locations (unless we have to adapt for weather conditions).
Can do whole retreat or select programs.
Sedona insight retreat, vortex tour, Crossing Worlds Journeys

4 Sisters, a Sedona Sacred Site

We are part of the living body of the Earth—her vibrational frequency, like ours, is increasing. Direct experience of her energies, grounds and renews us. Her beauty fills our heart with awe and wonder. And for the mystic, nature is a portal to expanded awareness.

Other Spring Renewal special programs and retreats are described here.

2019 Spring Program Outline

Times may be adjusted, but all elements will be included.
You will need your own vehicle or to carpool for Day 3 which will be held at sites 20 to 25 minutes south of Sedona.
Option to do selective parts of the program, but it is a richer unfoldment and activation of discoveries doing all 3 days as each session builds on the others.
Option to extend program with additional insight sessions.
Individual program costs listed in schedule, retreat cost at bottom of schedule.

March 20, Wednesday – Spring Equinox & Full Moon Ceremony

8 am -noon

Sedona Sacred Sites/Vortex Tour – Spirit of Place – Earth Energy Connections
See and tune into Sedona’s landscape temples and qualities that have made this area a place of inspiration for thousands of years.  Native American sacred lands perspectives and today’s metaphysical stories.  Natural history and connections to the Colorado Plateau region.
Introduction to some earth-spirit connection practices in nature which is deepened in the Mystic Nature outdoor seminar the next day.
(4 hours with 3 people, $135; 3.5 hours with 2, $165 pp; 3 hours with 1)

on own during day: explore and connect with sites that call to you

Sedona Full Moon by Rusty Albertson

Spring Equinox Full Moon Ceremony & Celebration

6 – 8 pm
Connect with the energies of spring at sunset and full moonrise, shamanic journey to the drum to seed your emerging vision which we bring into ceremonial activation.  Held at outdoor site in the Sedona area. ($75 pp with 3 or more; ($95 each with 2)

March 21, Thursday

Discovering and Activating Seeds of Your Next Becoming
10 am – 4 pm
Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey Outdoor Seminar in Nature, Earth Connection, &  a series of Ceremonies to Activate Seeds that are emerging
 at a private site by Oak Creek with access to several ceremonial sites.

In a series of spirit journeys to the drum that are uniquely geared to the participants and season, we connect with spring energies, medicine animals, wise helper spirits, nature energies and more. We interweave visionary experiences with nature awareness practices to enhance seeing. We practice ways of being in nature as a doorway to open to fresh inspiration: vision circle, attentiveness and deep observation, messages mirrored to you from nature, noticing patterns. We pay attention to signs and synchronicities.

Sedona ceremony site: 7-Path Labyrinth

We activate the insights that have come to you with ceremony to create positive change. Learn universal ceremonial practices and participate in a drum healing ceremony to clear space for new beginnings. Work with your intention and symbols as you create an earth mandala, walk a labyrinth or medicine wheel.

We close with a Spring Seeding Ceremony that is co-created out of our visionary experiences.
Sandra mentors you and offers intuitive insights. This is integrated insight and ceremonial training in a natural, flowing way in the field.

($200 pp with 3 or more, 6 hours; $290 pp with 2)
Bring snacks, water bottles, sun hat, journal.

evening on own: sunset nature connection, solo vision circle in nature;
then journal and reflect on day
, review study sheets

March 22, Friday–Insight sessions-nature connection

~~held at outdoor settings south of Sedona
You will need your own transportation or to carpool to meet at these sites

dawn rising sun practice on your own
9:00 am – 11:30
Shamanic Insight Session:*bear protecting chlld drawing
Inner Pathways, Wisdom from Ancestry & Child Self and Fire Ceremony *
Insight skills to enhance seeing and shift stuck energies. Child self connections for inspiration and mentoring. Lineage journeys (both from DNA and spiritual heritage) and other insight experiences that emerge in our explorations. Re-Dreaming and Fire ceremony to free up your energies, seed the new.
($95 pp with 3 or more; $125 pp with 2)

On own in afternoon:
lunch break
Explore lagoon and desert trails in Verde River park area: integration time in nature and synchroncity-signs practice.
Bring your own picnic and water bottle, sun hat, journal.

2:00 – 4:30 pm
Shamanic Insight Session and Sacred Spring Re-birthing ceremony:*
Connect with spirit of place and a wise ancestor spirit at this sacred site.  Experience creative exploration journeys such as potential futures, past, parallel and future lives that have meaning for you today.  And weaving the threads of the new story that is emerging for you.
Closing ceremony honoring the spring inspirations you are seeding into your life.
($95 pp with 3 or more; $125 pp with 2)

*These sessions will be in park areas subject to weather conditions.  Alternative location will be at studio in Cottonwood area.  Morning location has a $7 park entry fee per vehicle (4 people can ride with me and not pay entry fee).

$  600 each with 3 or more for full program
$  800 each with 2 people (some programs 30 minutes shorter with 2 people only)
Cost is for the program, entry fee to private site, materials, planning, mentoring, creating the circle of energy and connection, transportation for Sedona tour and mystic nature seminar.
Lodging and meals are NOT included.
Best to have your own vehicle to go out on the land between sessions and to the retreat meeting places in Sedona and south of Sedona.

You can register as a single person–I try to synchronize bookings with others so I can offer a discounted rate, but I will create this program for 1 person if no others register.

Option to extend retreat with:
–advanced insight sessions working with Clearing/Extraction and Soul Retrieval
— Circle of Power Drum Healing Ceremony and Teaching

I will send you additional information on a variety of lodging options, preparation and registration details upon request.

Facilitator: Sandra Cosentino

Sandra has been working with ceremony, sound healing and mystic knowing and shamanic practices for 3 decades. This led her to create Crossing Worlds in 1991 and begin leading insight, cultural and vision quest retreats. “This experience working with spiritual energies of earth, cosmos, intention, attention, shamanic insight ways with people from around the world have have honed my ability to hold space for people, to mentor, to trust my intuition.”

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