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Spirit of Sedona Circle

Spirit of Sedona Circle

Spirit of Sedona Circle

This circle provides an inspiring introduction and warm welcome to the energies and stories of Sedona. Customized for participants; led by Sandra Cosentino, who is native to Arizona and steeped in understandings of this region and her peoples.


summer dawn photo by Rusty Albertson of Sedona

Brings you into the feeling essence of Sedona as an ancient and modern place of pilgrimage and inspiration……….

Meet outdoors (or at your site) at dawn, during the day, at sunset or even by starlight for a warm welcome and introduction to the stories, energies of Sedona and its ancient connections to the greater region. Stories and perspectives of the ancestral peoples of this land–can include medicine animal connection, drums and rattles and short closing ceremony.
Includes suggestions for exploring on your own.


$35 pp with 5 – 9 people, 1.5 hours (2 hour program = $50 each)
$45 pp with 3 or 4 people, 1.5 hours (2 hour program = $60 each)
$70 each with 2 people, 1.5 hours (2 hour program = $85 each)
$125 with 1 person, 1.5 hours (2 hour program = $160)

group rates available


sandraceresm2012chaircirclesunsetsmLed by Sandra Cosentino, who is native to Arizona and has lived in Sedona area for more than 2 decades and is a life long explorer of northern Arizona lands and cultures, a mystic insight retreat and ceremonial leader.

She has a wealth of stories and knowledge of the land and has shared more than 3 decades of experience with Native peoples of the region (and in Alaska and Peru).

“Sedona, Arizona resonates with the heart beat of the earth. There is a presence here that quickens your senses, that calls you home. It is a gateway into the Colorado Plateau, the second largest plateau in the world. A place of mysterious beauty, it is alive with Creation stories and with eons of the Earth’s creation exposed in sinuous red and white canyons. A primordial force of crystalline rock embedded with prayers from many millenia of humans honoring this sacred earth, her energies vibrate at a cellular level in those who come in pilgrimage.”

excerpt from article by Sandra Cosentino

Each season has its gifts, its own energetics and beauty.

Each season has its gifts, its own energetics and beauty.

Personalized Ceremony can be arranged for you in Sedona to celebrate, honor, bless, begin something new. Details here