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Mystic Vision Core Skills 3-day Retreat 2B with Solo Vision Circle Experiences, Sedona, Arizona

Mystic Vision Core Skills 3-day Retreat 2B with Solo Vision Circle Experiences, Sedona, Arizona

Sedona sunset tour, mystic vision, Sedona retreat, shamanic journey, vortex tourMystic Vision
Core Skills Retreat 2B

Many people request a “vision quest experience”, but do not have time to devote a week to do the full level program + pre-retreat preparation.

This 3-day mystic immersion program is designed to:


  • develop core skills working with nature energies, shamanic journey and ceremony
  • provide vision quest solo circle experiences
  • give yourself an energetic break from your busy world
  • let some fresh insights flow in

2018 dates

  • March 30 – April 1 Full Moon
  • April 28 – 30 Full Moon
  • May 5 – 7 Beltane (mid-spring)
  • July 27 – 29 Full Moon
  • Sept. 1 -3

Or can be scheduled at a date that works best for you.

Full Moon over Cathedral Rock by Monica Parsley

 “Solo time in nature is a core mystical practice for me that always renews my spirit and belongs to all human beings. Going alone into wild nature at night builds personal confidence and power as you use your awareness tools and trust in Source to overcome fears that arise. This is an ancient way of connecting with your own soul. ” Sandra Cosentino

Mystic’s path of direct experience is the core of the retreat.

“It is not the woods I hike through. I hike through the field of power around me that I call my soul, even though at this moment, in this place, I may call it “the woods.”
(Tom Cowan, Yearning for the Wind)

What Changes Can You Expect?

Given even a brief encounter with a coyote’s bold yellow wild eyes, or in a soul-imprinting moment gazing at the luminous layers of light and color of a sunset over cliff and high desert vistas, or seeing the stars out away from city lights–wonder can erupt. It is never too late. In a flash we remember we are connected to a vaster universe full of mystery and beauty that is always there, eternally waiting to inspire us directly from Source.

Guests gain a greater sense of confidence, fresh insights and personal inspiration.

Please see Sedona Vision Quest Retreat for a description of the full 7-8 day program.

Mystic Vision Program includes:

Schedule timing may be modified to work with summer thundershowers or spring rain.

Daily on your own: go out to special areas practicing the earth-spirit connection skills at dawn, day and evening times between sessions. There will be study sheets and reflection time in the evening.

Sessions are slightly shorter with less than 3 people.

Day 1

Earth Connection & Mystic Nature Skills

Sedona Vortex Journey
Overview of Sedona’s scenic and vortex sites, the stories, connecting with the energies–includes map and directions on accessing special places on your own.

The vibrant red cliffscapes invite a coming home to the heart of nature and our authentic self.

Mystic Nature Shamanic Journey, Vision Quest Introduction, and Ceremony outdoor seminar

Spirit helper and earth-sky connections, shamanic journey for mystic insight, nature energies, ancestral practice of dawn greetings to sun. We will activate insights that flow in with ceremony.

Shamanism is the worlds’ oldest form of communion with Source and is based on a deep, living relation to Nature and inner pathway seer skills.  You learn to trust your perceptions and gain confidence in their own seeing skills.

labyceresunsetfall220pxIn Nature’s field of sensory stimulation, we practice toning down the thinking-planning mind and practice being alive to the moment. Then spontaneous moments of ecstatic sense of freedom, tension release, discovery, imagination and connectedness to something greater can arise.

8 hours (7.5 hours with 2 people, 6.5 hours with 1)

Held at a private site on Oak Creek with several ceremonial sites.


Evening: You go out on own and watch sunrise and stars come out. Make 4-direction medicine bundles or symbols and focus on your intention.

Day 2

Inner Pathways and Sunset-Stars-Solo Circle

dawn nature connections on your own

I love to be out in the quiet of predawn, that magical moment when the birds are just starting to sing up the sun. A moment potent with possibility. Image shows balloon rising with Mingus Mountain in background (a holy place in Yavapai and Tonto Apache mythology) and the full moon setting.

I love to be out in the quiet of predawn, that magical moment when the birds are just starting to sing up the sun. A moment potent with possibility. Image shows balloon rising with Mingus Mountain in background (a holy place in Yavapai and Tonto Apache mythology) and the full moon setting and balloon


Insight Session: Inner Pathways-Conscious Evolution skills-Clearing Non-Beneficial Energies-Lucid Dreaming, Sound Healing
(at studio 20 min. south of Sedona), 2 – 2.5 hours

during day on own, POWER OF FOCUSED INTENTION: 
Walking, practice shape shifting, being in deep awareness at sacred sites in Sedona area 

Sunset-Stars-Solo Vision Circle
Will also include tuning into nature at night, ancestor wisdom, insight journey and sit in sacred circle as night falls after I teach basic safety skills and how to be in a state of expanded now awareness, to sense/invite a merging with vibrational energies from the stars, the earth, the trees, the waters, the bird and animal beings. If only for a few moments you can enter this greater field of energy, quick flashes of insight can flow in. A joyous sense of being part of the larger plan of life often arises spontaneously. 3 – 3.5 hours

Day 3

Dawn vision circle on own

Creative Insight Experiences & Ceremonial Training-Drum Healing

Circle of Power/ Medicine Wheel Teaching and Healing Ceremony,
A shamanic healing ceremony that takes Nature awareness and mystical perceptions a step farther to work with intention, ceremonial protocols, directing energies to create positive change in your life.
( 2.5 hrs with 1 or 2 people; 3 hrs with 3-4 people)


Lunch and nature break in nearby Old Town Cottonwood or at a desert river park along the Verde River


Insight Session: Past-Future Selves, Current Issues, Mystic child connection, Imagine-explore new potentials. A series of insight journeys with feedback and mentoring, 2 – 2.5 hours
(at studio 20 min. south of Sedona)
Closing: Sharing your new mythology and ceremony-drum celebration.
2 – 2 1/2 hours.

Cost Per Person:

$770 each with 3-6 people
$950 each for 2 people
$1,320 for 1 person

Big Dipper, star viewing is part of sunset, stars, solo circle program

Insight Retreats overview

No two programs are the same — the pathways of our insight journeys are co-created with spiritual guidance unique to the people and time. All retreats are personalized to support you in working with your intention, to stretch your boundaries, build skills to take back into your life, and see more of who you are. 

1. Be Your Own Shaman-Seer Insight Retreat,
5-6 days intensive program working with shamanic journey skills development as an insight and healing tool within a broader matrix of inter-related skills that enable deeper seeing, such as: meditation, lucid dream work, deep observing-sensing practices in nature, develop mindfulness, work with intention and attention, and ceremonial activation of insights that flow in.  Mentoring, feedback in support of you perceiving new possibilities, deepened sense of who you are and sources of spiritual support.

2 – 4 day shorter Retreat Options:

  • 2A. Opening to Mystic Seeing and Earth-Spirit Awareness weekend field program: 2-day to earth-spirit and mystic insight practices with Sedona Vortex Tour, sunset-stars and mystic insights-ceremony experiential outdoor programs.
  • 2B. Mystic Vision Core Skills Retreat with Solo Vision Circle experiences
    3-days of experiential programs, with both nature and studio sessions, working with spirits of nature, shamanic journey and ceremony, and short experiences with solo vision quest circle.  The intention is to develop core earth-spirit connection skills,  develop skills in doing shamanic journeys for guidance and insight, take an energetic break and let fresh insights flow in.
  • 2C. Aligning With Greater Self Shamanic Practice: 4-day Shamanic and Ceremony skills retreat provides a progression of experiences including personal healing work with extraction and soul retrieval. Day 1 is in the field, Days 2 – 4 are intensive studio sessions.
  • Conscious ReCreation Retreat: Instigating the Next Becoming: joyful exploring of new possibilities.

Please see index to Insight Retreats and seasonal retreat programs here.