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Shamanic Journey Insight Sessions -Mentoring

Shamanic Journey Insight Sessions -Mentoring
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Bear Spirit

Pathways of the Modern Day Mystic

+ Shamanic Journey skills development

+ Conscious Evolution  practices

+ Ceremony to activate change

personalized studio and on-line sessions

Shamanic Journey is Direct Experience with the greater field of intelligence. 

“The core shamanic experience is really simple, timeless and universal. Shamanic journey is the act of sending one’s consciousness into the spirit world. It allows the journeyer to view life and life’s problems from a detached, spiritual perspective not so easily achieved in ordinary reality.“ (Tom Cowan)

These are natural, innate talents that can be developed and are compatible with all spiritual traditions.

These directly felt experiences beyond our daily understanding potentialize a shift in your inner vibrational field into new possibilities. And collectively, we are contributing to our own species’ conscious evolution.

Breath work, ceremony, related inner pathways skills, and sound healing instruments are integrated into each session to deepen the experience and rebalance.

Shamanic Journey Insight Sessions: A Progression of Skills

Develop attention, intention, intuition, courage, insight with shamanic journey, conscious cellular level shifts, being here-now, cognitive dreaming skills and more in a sequential program based on Sandra Cosentino’s more than 3 decades of practice. Single sessions are available or you may choose to combine them into a 2 – 7 day retreat. In each retreat session, you receive feedback on dreams as well as signs and knowings that flow from time out on the land as you integrate between sessions. Many insights flow in from this multiple day and iterative feedback process.

Session Topics

Sessions can be combined if you have limited time, but are more effective done in a sequence over several days. Foundational Sessions
  1. Core Shamanic Journey Skills
  2. Inner Pathways – Conscious Evolution
  3. Mystic Child, Past & Future Self, Ancestor Journey, Deepen Dream Skills, Current Issues
  4. Imagining–Conscious ReCreation creative explorations
  5. Working with issues
  6. Explore Past, Parallel and Future selves that are meaningful to you here and now.
  1. Ceremony training: Circle of Power Shamanic Drum and Sound Healing Ceremony and Teaching
More advanced insight practice These are better as a 3 hour session or done in 2 sessions
  1. Extraction – Clearing Non-Beneficial Energies
  2. Soul Retrieval and Integration
  3. Mentoring, Freeing, Honoring our Child Self
  4. Instigating Healing Energies
  5. Deeper levels of Visioning or Creative Exploration

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Studio Session Cost:

2 to 2.5 hour Sessions:

  •  $140 for 1 person, 2 hours.
  • $100 pp with 2 people, 2.5 hrs;
  • $ 85 pp for 3-4 people, 2.5 hrs

3 – 3.5 hour sessions combining areas of focus:

  •  $200 for 1 person, 3 hours
  • $125 pp for 2, 3 hours
  • $110 pp for 3 – 4 people, 3.5 hours

On-Line Shamanic Insight Sessions:

Can include shamanic journey mentoring, exploring issues, dream feedback, nature practices & ceremony guidance via Skype.

These on-line sessions provide a deepening, opportunity for exploring topics, support for your new creation.  You can create your own personalized insight retreat at a leisurely pace and without having to travel to Sedona.

You are actively learning by your own direct experience at a pace that works with your life.  A quickening occurs during these sessions as we energetically work together.

“We are wired to transcend our historical experience of being human. Through disciplined practice we can effect transformations in every aspect of our life, and these internal changes make big changes in the world around us. As you become more unshakable in the full awareness of your extraordinary nature, you transcend old definitions of yourself and express more power, clarity, confidence and energy.” Evelyn C. Rysdyk

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Related Experiences to Deepen Seer Skills:

Mystical Insights, Nature Connection Practices & Ceremony, 4 or 6 hours 

Held at a beautiful private site on the creek near Sedona area which has a large labyrinth, 12-spoke medicine wheel and 4 pathway totem pole ceremonial space. We will do insight journey work to connect with spirit helpers, ancestors, what has called you to Sedona, what is emerging in your vision and more.  This includes Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey Seminar, Earth and Sky Speak to Us experiences working with nature energies and training in core ceremonial practices and doing a ceremony to activate your intention (this will flow out of insight journey work). Sandra has 3 decades of experience leading ceremony and has gained much respect and insight by involvement with Native peoples as a role model in the way they engage with ceremony with their whole heart to bring forth positive outcomes. Study sheets and entry fees included. 4 hours core program  $135 each with 3 (discount for 4 more), $185 each for 2 ($330 for 1) 6 hours,(more time for ceremony and nature practices) $190 each with 3 or more, $250 each with 2, ($395 for 1, 5 hours) includes entry fee to site  
Ceremony is another way to activate change and is a good adjunct to the Soul Journey work:   Circle of Power Teaching and Healing Ceremony
Sedona Earth-Spirit and Sacred Site Connections Sunset, Stars, Nature, Solo Vision Circle


Be Your Own Shaman-Healer Retreat 2 – 5 days Sedona Vision Quest Retreat, 7 – 8 days

About Sandra…

Sandra has been working with shamanic journey for more than 20 years with a dedication to empowering others to be their own Seer. Decades of direct experience inform her mentoring/teaching work: exploring and connection to the energies of wild nature, leading and attending ceremony, lucid dreaming, vision quest, mindfulness practices, meditation and insight retreat facilitation.

“Creator gifted me with the ability to hold space for people, to see and reflect back their soul’s gifts in an honoring, supportive way. I resonate with the energies of this land and the her spiritual overseers. I create a powerful, yet safe and sacred space for you to connect with these energies, with your own Light. But your own willingness to be in loving communion with all that you are without judgment gives wings to your journey!”

Each of us has the innate ability to obtain guidance direct from Source for our own healing and vision. Sometimes we just need someone to reflect back our light, to give us new tools, to nudge us, give us a new insight when we are up against a stuck place, to encourage and support us to go through the doorway of our deepest fears.

More info here about Sandra