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Sedona Shamanic-Seer Skills: Pathways of the Modern Day Mystic overview

Sedona Shamanic-Seer Skills:  Pathways of the Modern Day Mystic overview

Sedona Shamanic-Seer Experiences

this page provides an overview of:
Sedona Retreats, Shamanic Insight Sessions, Seminars in Nature and Ceremonies provide direct experience with the sentient universe using pathways of the Modern Day Mystic to develop your own shaman-seer skills:

  • shamanic journey insight work for problem solving, wisdom, creativity, re-balancing, seeing-shifting patterns that no longer serve, connection with spirit helpers, and more
  • connection with the energies and sentiency of the natural world
  • mindfulness, intention and attention
  • inner pathways skills such as aware dream work, meditation
  • ceremony to activate positive change
  • vision quest in nature skills
  • signs, synchronicties

Experiential Insight Sessions with guidance, feedback and mentoring.

Soul flight/shamanic journey practices are very much alive and thriving in today’s world. These are natural, innate talents that can be developed and are compatible with all spiritual traditions. These directly felt experiences beyond our daily understanding potentialize a shift in your inner vibrational field into new possibilities. Breath work, ceremony, and sound healing instruments are integrated into each session to deepen the experience and rebalance.

Core Skills….
1. Core Shamanic Journey Skills (for those who have not done the Mystical Relation to Nature Seminar)
2. Inner Pathways –Conscious Evolution, Sound Healing
Creative Insight Work….
3. Past Life, Mystic Child, Future Self, Ancestor Connections, Redreaming Ceremony, guidance on current issues
4. Imagining–Conscious ReCreation
5. Exploring your Special Project or
Meeting a Challenge
6. Explore Past, Parallel and Future Selves that are meaningful to you now
7.  Circle of Power Drum Healing Ceremony and Teaching
More Advanced Work….
8. Extraction – Clearing
9.  Soul Retrieval
10. Instigating Healing Energies
11. Visioning

Shamanic journey core skills outdoor seminar:

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Mystic Nature Shamanic Journey outdoor seminar

The essence of Shamanic practice is a deep relationship to the living earth. This is a foundational nature awareness seminar that makes the above training much more effective, 4 or 6 hours:
Mystical Relation to Nature Shamanic Seminar in nature

Sedona Tours, Earth Energy, Nature Connection, Attentiveness Skills

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Sedona “medicine” walk.

For the mystic, nature is a portal to expanded awareness.
Ancestral peoples had deep observational abilities of the cycles of nature and celestial realms, for example, that gave birth to astronomies and spiritual practices to work with these natural energies to enhance their lives. Confidence and inner knowing arise from paying attention.

  • Sedona Explorer & Vortex Tour options
  • Earth and Sky Speak to Us Seminar in Nature
  • Earth-Spirit Seminar in Nature: Honoring Ways to Connect with the Living Earth
  • Sunset and Starlight Nature + Sacred Circle: evening nature training, skygazing, introduction to Solo Sacred Circle
  • Full-New Moon Mystic Insight Circle


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Ancestor painting by Bill Worrell

Ceremony is used to create balance and instigate positive change. Ceremony is the intentional use of symbols by humans combined with action wherein the intangible becomes real.  The symbol comes to life and movement is activated or acknowledged. Healing-rebalancing occurs in connection to the energetic forces of nature and spirit.

  • Circle of Power: Medicine Wheel Healing Ceremony and Teachings
  • Ceremonial Training, 6 hour seminar in nature
  • Ceremonies for the 4 Seasons:  Attuning to the cycles of the year, activating change

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Power animals come to us in dreams, shamanic journey, inner knowing and by direct connection. Their vibrations infuse us with energy, new ways of seeing of being.

Self-Discovery – Vision Quest Retreats

  • Being My Own Shaman-Healer Insight Retreat, 6 days, any time of year
  • Sedona Retreat Index with 2 – 5 day programs
  • Sedona Vision Quest Retreat, deepens Soul Journey Retreat with solo overnight in nature. 7-8 days. For those with serious commitment and willing to do the practices out on the land on your own in between sessions and do some preparation before the retreat.
  • Native Infusion Journey with special circles at Hopi and Navajo