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Sedona Ceremony Programs

Sedona Ceremony Programs

Heart shaped ceremony site with woman standing at top. Means this one of the Ceremony sites we use for Sedona ceremony programs and experiential teachingSedona Ceremony  Programs are an inspiring way to activate positive change in your life.

  • The first one is a sound healing shamanic ceremony and a training held in studio.
  • The second one delves deeper into core practices and types of ceremonies at an outdoor site.
  • The third one is solo vision circle training at night outdoors.
  • Others are shorter, joyful circles at red rock scenic places with ceremony included as way to  honor someone, connect with energies of celestial events,  commemorate or celebrate.

Hand drum painted with 4 spiritual helpers emerging. This is used in drum healing ceremony, the Circle of Power Ceremony and other outdoor programs in natureCircle of Power: Drum Healing Ceremony and Teachings

3 hours. This is a shamanic sound healing ceremony. We work with timeless principles of ceremony, heart-centered engagement and focused attention to invoke supportive spiritual energies.  Held at a studio location.


Ceremonial site with 4 concentric circles and a totem pole and 2 guests with arms upraised in center. This is a ceremony site ceremony near Oak Creek used for Ceremonial training and to teach timeless principles of ceremony.

Sedona Ceremony Training outdoor workshop

4 hours. This is an opportunity to hone your your skills with working with ceremony.  Effective ceremonial leadership draws from earth-spirit wisdom and a wide array skills to co-create safe and spiritually powerful space.  We work with nature, spirit connection and several ceremonial structures.  See list of topics.

The program can be adapted as a ceremonial event for your group.


Full moon rising in sunset sky over Sedona red cliff. This symbolizes solo circle vision quest ceremony, full moon & stars inspiration and ceremony circles

Full Moon rising at twilight over Sedona cliffs by Monica Parsley

Sunset and Starlight Nature at Night + Solo Vision Program

3.5 hours. Introduction to Vision Quest solo circle practice.  Plus: spirit journey to the drum to connect with Helper Spirits, tuning into energies as it becomes dark, star connection and more.

Sedona Outdoor Circles that include Ceremony

Full moon rising over red cliff, man in hat silhoutted in front of red cliffs. This represents Sedona full moon circle, journey to the drum to the drum to connect with helper spirits

A joyful Full Moon & Stars Inspiration and Ceremony Circle,

2  hours.  Connect with moon and star energies, spirit journey to the drum and closing with drums, rattles and ceremony.


Spirit of Sedona Welcome  Circle,

1 hour inspiration circle and intro to Sedona energies, stories, new and ancient mythologies, can include a closing ceremony.  Personalized to your interests.

Ceremony for your Sedona visit in honor of your occasion;

Option to add this to a vortex program or mystical nature journey.


Ceremony is an integral part of Retreats

Balance of male and female with spiral of life ceremony graphic is a symbol of balance and using ceremony to evoke positive change and healing

“Ceremony is the intentional use of symbols by humans combined with action. What was intangible becomes real.  The symbol comes to life. Movement is activated. Healing-rebalancing occurs in heart connection to the energetic powers of nature and spirit.”

Article: Ceremonial Circles in Today’s World
(Excerpt from Sandra’s blog) 

Auspicious Times for Ceremony:

Full Moon, Celestial timings

January: New Year’s Day Ceremony

February: Valentines/Presidents Day

March: Spring Equinox

April-May: Spring Retreats

June: Summer Solstice Retreat

July: 4th of July Sedona and Hopi

September:  Labor Day Weekend  and Fall Equinox

December: Winter Solstice

News Years Eve program


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