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Sedona Area Experiences

Sedona Area Experiences

Overview of Crossing Worlds Journeys & Retreats Sedona tours, earth connection and mystic seminars on the land, insight sessions, self-discovery retreats, ceremonies and events timed to celestial timings (such as full moon or meteor showers) or holidays.

Sedona Vortex Tours and  Earth Connection Experiences 2 1/2 hours to all day _________________________
Vortex Tour - Exploring Sedona's Sacred and Scenic Sites
Experiential Earth-Spirit seminars on the land:
Shamanic journey and nature awareness skills: Mystical Relation to Nature Shamanic Seminar Journey on the land with ceremony, study sheets, intuitive feedback Earth and Sky Speak to Us Seminar in Nature

Sunset and Starlight Nature + Sacred Circle


Circle of Power: Medicine Wheel Healing Ceremony and Teachings

Ceremonial Training Workshop on the Land

Ceremony for your Sedona visit in honor of your occasion Spirit of Sedona Circle
6 - 11 hour day trips from Sedona:

Minimum of 4 for guided journeys, independent travel consulting available

Hopi Indian Lands Journey 10.5 - 11 hours       Grand Canyon, Sacred Peaks Journey 10 hours Wupatki-Sunset Crater volcanic field Spirit of Place Connections Seminar/Journey, 6 hours
Be Your Own Seer Sessions & Self-Discovery Retreats __________________
Shaman-Seer Insight/Mentoring Sessions: Shamanic Skills, Inner Pathways, Extraction & Soul Retrieval, Past, Future and Mystical Child Selves, Re-dreaming, sound healing personalized Be Your Own Shaman-Seer Retreat: Being My Own Shaman-Healer, 2 - 4 days, any time of year SedonaVision Quest Retreat, 7-8 days deepening practices of the 4-day Soul Journey Retreat with solo overnight in nature. For those with serious comittment and willing to do the practices out on the land on your own in between sessions and do some preparation before the retreat.

Native Infusion Journey with special circles at Hopi and Navajo

Cultural Journeys at Hopi, Navajo, Zuni, other Colorado Plateau locations.

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Articles on healing, earth-spirit connection, Native American wisdom

and order info for: Circles of Power CD: Medicine Wheel Wisdom and Guided Journeys for Renewed Balance and Vision with teachings on working with the the circle of life, wisdom from ancient cultures, a chakra balancing meditation and a guided shamanic drum journey by Sandra Cosentino; a Hopi chant by Paliquimana and, Star Prairie's original Wheel Song.

Supportive Options:

Massage Options

Let us know if you would like a list of recommended retreat-friendly places to stay. We can advise too of transportation options from Phoenix to Sedona