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Spring Renewal Insight Retreats in Sedona, Arizona

Spring Renewal Insight Retreats in Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Spring Renewal Retreats

Spring in Sedona is vibrant with new life energies.  If you feel the calling to come for some fresh inspiration and nature connection, here are March – April Retreats to consider.

You can deepen any of these by adding additional insight and ceremonial sessions.  You can do selective parts of a program.  I am flexible to work with your goals and time frame.

You are also welcome to create a program on a date that might work better for your schedule.  Retreats are open for others to join and prices are based on a 3-person minimum, but I also have 2 and 1 person rates so you can plan on the program happening.

full moon….
Nature, Soul and Mystic Vision Retreat–
introduction to Vision Quest,
March 10 – 12, 2017

Many people request a “vision quest experience”, but do not have time to devote a week to do the full level program + pre-retreat preparation. This mystic path of direct experience program is designed to develop some core skills as you give yourself an energetic break from your busy world and let some fresh insights flow in.  It does not include doing the solo overnight which takes more time and preparation.
Full Description here

  • Earth and Spirt of Nature connection skills
  • Insight Sessions using shamanic journey and other awareness tools
  • Ceremony

Spring Equinox Emerging Vision Retreat,
March 18-21, 2017

A joyful time of connection with the spring natural world and exploring inner world seeds of new beginning and activating with ceremonies. Full Description here

full moon…
Spring Celebration of Fruition:  Conscious Re-Creation Retreat,
April 8 – 11, 2017

Instigating your next becoming in the light of the full moon.
Creative exploring to access passions of the soul, energize and renew:
Insight journeys – conscious evolution practices – ceremony to activate change.
Nature connection, signs, synchronicities, spontaneous creative expression to tap into your innate knowing.
Full Description here

Spring Retreat:  Earth Connection, Instigating Healing & Re-Imagining
April 18-20, 2017

In the peak Spring fruition time, deepen earth connection as a support for your energies and healing practices, and creative re-imagining.

April 18 – Day 1
8 am – 3 or 4 pm
Sedona Sacred Sites/Vortex Journey
Know the places to access the land, the Native and metaphysical perspective on sacred land, the natural history, the stories that bring you into the land in a richer and quicker way. This would be done in combination with Earth and Sky Speak to Us. 2.5 hours (2 hours with 1 or 2 people).
ancestral sacred site eagle head
Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey & Earth-Spirit Connection skill and ceremony  seminar on the land. 6 hours (5 hours with 1 person). Deepen seeing, observing, instinctual knowing; insight journeys to connect with powers of the natural world and ceremony to activate positive change that flow out of your insight experiences. Honoring ways to connect with Mother Earth with conscious reciprocal relationship. Based on timeless wisdom principles and Sandra’s decades of experience.
Held at a private site on Oak Creek with several ceremonial sites.

April 19 – Day 2
Insight Session:  Extraction, Release Unbeneficial Energies

Sunset-Starlight Nature – Solo Circle

April 20 – Day 3
Insight Session:  Soul Retrieval

Insight Session:  Creative session working with your issues, instigating healing energies and visioning stepping over your known edge

Cost:  $650 with 3 or more; $780 with 2; 1,220 with 1 person
Please email for further registration details and area information.

 Earth Day special 6-hour program on April 22:
Honoring Nature, Earth-Spirit Connection & Ceremony

A joyful day on the earth at a beautiful private site on Oak Creek with ceremonial sites dedicated to connection to the living earth to honor her and enhance our own well-being.  We will weave insight journeys with nature connection experiences, ceremonies (water, earth blessing, using medicine wheel, ancestor wheel and labyrinth, and more), and practices to honor our reciprocal relationship with the sentient world that surrounds us and to seed life-positive energies in our life.  Participants will co-create ceremony, chants, and make a medicine piece emblem.  Drums and rattles will be available and you can bring your own instrument(s).

Led by Sandra Cosentino based on her lifetime of connection with the natural world and more than 3 decades experience leading nature-cultural tours, mystic insight programs and ceremonies.  Sandra has been deeply inspired by decades of sharing friendship and respect with Native American people and their earth spirit practices that stem from thousands of years of the cultural evolution in relation to Mother Earth.  In this seminar she shares universal practices that are part of our shared human heritage on this planet and does not copy specific tribal rituals.

This program draws elements from:  Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey, Earth and Sky Speak to Us, and Honoring Ways to Connect With the Living Earth outdoor seminar extensive experience with creating ceremony.

Cost: $185 each with 3 or more (includes site fee and reference packet); $265 each with 2, ($400 for 1,  5 hours)
Please email for registration details.  I welcome to share in the celebratory day!

full moon….
Be Your Own Shaman-Seer Insight Retreat,
May 10 – 15, 2017

This is a core program in working with shamanic journey combined with many other supportive insight pathways in the context of daily connection with the natural world and your own dreams.
Please click on link above to see details of program.  Full Description here

Attention, Intention, Intuition, Courage & Presence in mystical communion amid red cliff dreamscapes
renewed balance, perception of new possibilities, deepened sense of who you are and sources of spiritual support


Modern Day Mystic – Direct Experience with the Sentient Universe with timeless using archetypal pathways of the soul known as “shamanism” updated for today’s world including doing personal healing work with clearing non-beneficial energies and soul retrieval. Plus creative journeys re-visioning your path and more.

Developing a deep living, attentive relationship to Nature and her energies, beings, intelligence and the signs that flow to us constantly. This focus and time outdoors deepens instinctive knowing and confidence, releases stress, and invokes joy.

Ceremony–create sacred space, invoke cosmic energies to activate positive change.

Conscious evolution using powerful insight tools such as lucid dreaming, tracking and clearing embedded energies/patterns, meditation, tune into your body’s inherent wisdom. Connect with Higher Self: journey to your inner sanctuary to restore your energy matrix and gain wisdom.

Mindfulness and Attentiveness–here-now, clear-eyed Presence with Self as your point of power.