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Sedona Insight Retreats Overview

Sedona Insight Retreats Overview

Sedona area Retreat Overview:
Being Your Own Shaman-Seer and Vision Quest Retreats: insight pathways, nature as a doorway to spirit, ceremony, dreaming, conscious evolution skills, here-now presence, creative explorations

Personalized Insight Retreats

Create your personalized 2 – 6 day insight retreat any time of the year.
Connect with timeless wisdom and your soul’s fire.
Become your own shaman-healer and evoke change that can have profound effects on your life.

Customized to work with your goals and time frame.

If you are unsure which one is right for you,
please email your goals and timing and I will make suggestions.


Sedona Retreat walking a 7-path labyrinth

Insight Retreats—all retreats are personalized to support you in working with your intention, to stretch your boundaries, build skills to take back into your life, and see more of who you are. 

No two programs are the same — the pathways of our insight journeys are co-created with spiritual guidance unique to the people and time. 

1. Be Your Own Shaman-Seer Insight Retreat,
5-6 days intensive program working with shamanic journey skills development as an insight and healing tool within a broader matrix of inter-related skills that enable deeper seeing, such as: meditation, lucid dream work, deep observing-sensing practices in nature, develop mindfulness, work with intention and attention, and ceremonial activation of insights that flow in.  Mentoring, feedback in support of you perceiving new possibilities, deepened sense of who you are and sources of spiritual support.

2 – 4 day shorter Retreat Options:

2A. Opening to Mystic Seeing and Earth-Spirit Awareness 2-day field program with Sedona Vortex Tour, sunset-stars-solo circle program, a 5 to 6 hour outdoor seminar with experiential training in shamanic journey skills, nature connection & ceremonial activation.

2B. Vision Quest Introduction 3-day program, but does NOT include solo overnight: Mystic Vision Core Skills Retreat with Solo Vision Circle experiences
3-days of experiential programs, with both nature and studio sessions, working with spirits of nature, shamanic journey and ceremony, and short experiences with solo vision quest circle.  The intention is to develop core earth-spirit connection skills,  develop skills in doing shamanic journeys for guidance and insight, take an energetic break and let fresh insights flow in.

2C. Aligning With Greater Self Shamanic Practice: 4-day Shamanic and Ceremony skills retreat provides a progression of experiences including personal healing work with extraction and soul retrieval. Day 1 is in the field, Days 2 – 4 are intensive studio sessions.

Voice of our Longing–Fresh Look–Instigate Change 2 day Personalized Retreat: exploring of new possibilities.


Turning points of the Year Retreats:


angvlcreeksm24 – 6 hour outdoor program available year round:

Mystic Insight, Nature Connections Seminar & Ceremonies in Nature:

We share our heart with our Earth Mother with mystic insights and connections with the spirits of nature, spirit helpers and nature energies for grounding with the Earth freeing our sense of what is emerging for you at this time. You will have flowing experiences/ceremonies with water, walking a labyrinth and 4-path Ancestor Wheel to activate your insights.

Sedona Vision Quest Retreat

This program has more soul journey insight work, preparation work and feedback than the other Sedona retreats.

7 – 8 days: insight sessions, ceremony, aware dreaming, communion with the spiritual energies of nature for personal Vision and Powers with option to do a solo overnight out on the land. For people with a deep commitment to self-evolution. This is my most intensive retreat and to be effective, requires a lot of time on your own out on the land in between sessions plus preparation work before you come. For 1 or more people, available year round but best season is May – October.

“I did the 6 day retreat with Sandra and I would love to do it again and again. I feel healed and connected with myself, the elements, nature, my animal guides more deeply than ever before. I am much more conscious of life, all of life and the daily miracles. Sandra has a very powerful and intuitive style. I felt truly guided on my journey, by a master. I highly recommend working with her.”

Leanne Babcock Eckman, Facilitator, Coach
New Zealand, July 2011



Native Infusion Retreats


2 – 4 day Special Spiritual Retreats on Hopi and Navajo lands usually held at Summer Solstice and Sept. or Oct., but can be created at other times.

Independent Traveler Program –1 or 2-days

Deepen your Sedona retreat with personal time with a knowledgeable, wise Hopi  or Navajo guide.
Your personalized journey begins with a seminar in Sedona and you drive up to meet your Native guide(s).

Hopi village tour

Canyon de Chelly