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Conscious ReCreation Retreat: Instigating the Next Becoming

Conscious ReCreation Retreat:  Instigating the Next Becoming

This retreat is being revised and a new program: 

ReSet – Fresh Look – Instigate Change 3-day Retreat will be announced soon

Conscious ReCreation: Instigating the Next Becoming 3-day Retreat

Insight Journeys – conscious evolution practices – ceremony to activate change.
Nature connection, signs, synchronicities, spontaneous creative expression to tap into your innate knowing.


How do we get outside the box of our daily routine and glimpse a farther horizon?

Do you feel a calling to go beyond your current expression?

Is something nudging you to sense new possibilities of how to use our energies or spend your time?

Perhaps you are in a time of inspiration, challenge, change, sorrow, or emptiness and are ready to initiate into a new beginning more in alignment with you Higher Self.

Imagining is seed power: our body believes in images–they spark a physical response. As we dream and imagine we may catch glimpses of the bigger picture and your own Higher Self who is really the watcher-guiding force of your life.

Guided insight journeys and other spontaneous experiences tap into your subconscious longing and connect with wise helper spirits. Mythic experiences such as seeding a new dream, moving through challenges, creating your healing temple, seeing and mapping your energies centers–generate support. Lucid dream awareness also brings forth clues to potential expressions, new pathways.
Images and feelings emerge that have power for you.
We activate these seeds of knowing with sketching images, writing, ceremony, movement, sound and more.

Love this wildly creative image by Georgia O'Keefe that to me symbolizes your imaginary ladder to the moon.

Love this wildly creative image by Georgia O’Keefe that to me symbolizes your imaginary ladder to the moon.

Nature is a gateway of powerful sensory and vibratory experiences and joy. We go out at dawn and sunset and under the stars and tune in, commune, do divining and visioning experiences. We pay attention to signs, symbols, synchronicities. We bond with the Earth and trees for renewal. And strengthen our confidence, instinctive knowing powers, release stress.

Ceremony is a powerful tool for creative expression and activating new energies. As you walk your ceremonial pathways, you are walking your new journey and making it real to the thinking mind that “thinks” it is in charge of our life. You will learn wisdom principles of ceremony, create ceremony and participate in a sound healing ceremony, water ceremony, walk labyrinths and ancestor wheel with intention and more.

In between sessions, you will have creative assignments and nature time to deepen, integrate and generate inspirations.

Each retreat personalized to the participants and the season.

please see Conscious ReCreation article

ancestral sacred site eagle head

ancestral sacred site eagle head

$590 each with 3 or more
($750 each with 2, $1,100 with 1)
You can register individually, I try to synchronize bookings so I can offer you a better rate, but will create this even for 1 person.  Time frames are shorter for 1 or 2 people sessions.

Option to add 2.5 hour Sedona Vortex Journey (not included in program) the day before the retreat to get familiar with the area, special places, and the Native and metaphysical stories of this place of the landscape temples.
$80 pp with min. of 3; $105 pp with 2 people ($150 with 1 person, 2 hours)

noplanjusttrust200pxProgram Outline

Exact times will vary with season; session length will be slightly shorter with less than 3 people;

Shorter programs can be created such as the one-day outdoor seminar at right.
However, the 3 day program provides a more depth of engagement with the process, more insights, more feedback and time to dream, gestate, create, stimulate, assimilate, activate.

Day 1
6 hours, morning session:
Nature connections, insight experiences, ceremonies at a private site on Oak Creek with several ceremonial sites

lunch break and nature exploring on own

afternoon evening on own: nature exploring, journal and sketching images from the day’s experience and ceremonial planning, preparation that grows from your insights and aspirations

Day 2
morning studio session, 2.5 hours:
Insight Session 1:  Mythic and insight journeys, imagining, and creative experiences tapping into longing and knowing; seeing and mapping your energy system

lunch break and nature exploring on own, synchronicity-signs assignment

Sunset-Stars-Vision Circle-Freeing Your Spirit Ceremony Circle outdoors, 3.5 hours
Nature connection experiences, nature spirits, spirit of place, freeing your spirit. We will close sharing our new stories under the stars.

Day 3

morning practices and creative time on own

morning studio session, 2.5 – 3 hours:
Sound healing participatory ceremony to re-balance vibrational frequencies and open to new Creation.  Includes teachings on time honored ceremonial practices.

lunch break
journaling, ceremonial preparation creative time, integration and sketch symbols
of key experiences

late afternoon studio session, 2.5 hours:
Insight journeys, new myth making, creative practices and closing ceremony

Retreat Leader Sandra Cosentino:

Sandra works with shamanic journey, ceremony, nature connection, aware dreaming and other insight tools with a dedication to empowering others to be their own Seer. Decades of direct experience inform her mentoring/teaching work: exploring and connection to the energies of wild nature, leading and attending ceremony, lucid dreaming, vision quest, mindfulness practices, meditation and insight retreat facilitation.

“Creator gifted me with the ability to hold space for people, to see and reflect back their soul’s gifts in an honoring, supportive way. I resonate with the energies of this land and the her spiritual overseers. I create a powerful, yet safe and sacred space for you to connect with these energies, with your own Light. But your own willingness to be in loving communion with all that you are without judgment gives wings to your journey!”

Each of us has the innate ability to obtain guidance direct from Source for our own healing and vision. Sometimes we just need someone to reflect back our light, to give us new tools, to nudge us, give us a new insight when we are up against a stuck place, to encourage and support us to go through the doorway to another becoming that is there waiting for you to enter.

Shorter 1-day program option:

6 hour outdoor Conscious ReCreation Seminar in Nature

with insight journeys, nature connections, signs, and ceremony to activate change to get glimpses of your new Creation.

$200 pp with 3 or more ($270 each with 2; $400 with 1, 5 hours)–includes entry fee to beautiful private site on Oak Creek, program, study sheets, personalized feedback and shamanic and ceremonial mentoring based on Sandra’s 3 decades of experience.

Option to add 2.5 hour Sedona Vortex Journey to get familiar with the area, special places, and the Native and metaphysical stories of this place of the landscape temples.
$80 pp with min. of 3; $105 pp with 2 people ($150 with 1 person, 2 hours)

Insight Retreats overview

No two programs are the same — the pathways of our insight journeys are co-created with spiritual guidance unique to the people and time. All retreats are personalized to support you in working with your intention, to stretch your boundaries, build skills to take back into your life, and see more of who you are. 

1. Be Your Own Shaman-Seer Insight Retreat,
5-6 days intensive program working with shamanic journey skills development as an insight and healing tool within a broader matrix of inter-related skills that enable deeper seeing, such as: meditation, lucid dream work, deep observing-sensing practices in nature, develop mindfulness, work with intention and attention, and ceremonial activation of insights that flow in.  Mentoring, feedback in support of you perceiving new possibilities, deepened sense of who you are and sources of spiritual support.

2 – 4 day shorter Retreat Options:

  • 2A. Opening to Mystic Seeing and Earth-Spirit Awareness weekend field program: 2-day to earth-spirit and mystic insight practices with Sedona Vortex Tour, sunset-stars and mystic insights-ceremony experiential outdoor programs.
  • 2B. Mystic Vision Core Skills Retreat with Solo Vision Circle experiences
    3-days of experiential programs, with both nature and studio sessions, working with spirits of nature, shamanic journey and ceremony, and short experiences with solo vision quest circle.  The intention is to develop core earth-spirit connection skills,  develop skills in doing shamanic journeys for guidance and insight, take an energetic break and let fresh insights flow in.
  • 2C. Aligning With Greater Self Shamanic Practice: 4-day Shamanic and Ceremony skills retreat provides a progression of experiences including personal healing work with extraction and soul retrieval. Day 1 is in the field, Days 2 – 4 are intensive studio sessions.
  • Conscious ReCreation Retreat: Instigating the Next Becoming: joyful exploring of new possibilities.

Please see index to Insight Retreats and seasonal retreat programs here.