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New Year’s Eve in Sedona: Creative Visioning, Ceremony, Drum Circle, Nature Speaks outdoor programs

New Year’s Eve in Sedona: Creative Visioning, Ceremony, Drum Circle, Nature Speaks outdoor programs

Creative Visioning  of your New Year:
Mystic Insights-Nature Speaks-Ceremony

December 31, 2019, New Year’s Eve day &
January 1, New Years Day, 2020

An uplifting way to begin the New Year!
This is to a great time to be open to new possibilities. 
In this intuitive flow, you can release what no longer serves—spark new fire, vision and fluidity.

Held at outdoor settings south of Sedona, Arizona

“We all carry the seeds within us.”

December 31: 10 am – 5 pm
New Year’s Eve day:  Clear the old and make way for 2020 with 4 Pathways series of Primal Nature Energy Insight Journeys, Ceremonies, drum circle at a Verde River site.

January 1, noon – 3 pm
New Year’s Day Visioning 2020 & Ceremony  special outdoor program at an ancestral sacred site.

Programs described below.

Other Sedona Experiences, Ceremony, Insight Sessions, and Retreats available during Winter Solstice & Christmas to New Year’s holiday.

Dec. 31, 2019
Clear the old and make way for 2020 with 4 Pathways series of Primal Nature Energies Insight Journeys & Ceremonies

 The intention is to re-dream our path and open to new potentialities as we begin 2020.

We become one with the vibrant life energies of earth, air, wind and fire in visionary guided journeys. Wise Spirit Helpers support us as we activate clearing of the old and glimpse what is emerging in our New Year.

“But now is the time to believe in your life as you have never believed before. Your life is not static.”  Tama Kieves

Program is held at a covered ramada in Verde River lagoon area 20 minutes south of Sedona:

10 am – noon
Nature Speaks, Clearing the Way, Re-Dreaming, Preparation for ceremony
(lunch break on own in charming Old Town Cottonwood)
2 – 5 pm
4 Pathways Ceremony and closing celebratory drumming circle

Nature as a doorway to spirit. Enjoy practices connecting with the energy and sentiency of Nature, seeing signs & synchronicities,  divining, tree wisdom, shapeshifting and more.coyote, medicine animal, power animal, mystic nature, shamanic journey, Sedona insight retreat

Insight Journeys help us perceive with both the heart and mind.  Wise, compassionate Helper Spirits connect with us.   This gives us the opportunity to view our life from a detached spiritual perspective.  This energy infusion sparks knowings and new potentialities emerge.

Frequencies that are more in alignment with our soul’s path are stimulated. This supports clearing of non-beneficial patterns and beliefs. You may discover inner resources and ways to express more of your soul’s destiny.   Accessing our own intuition also gives a sense of confidence and empowerment.

We emerge new phenomena with a series of Ceremonies working experientially with primal nature energies of earth, water, air and fire. You are an active participant these ceremonies.  The intention is to create new balance and instigate positive change for you as you enter 2020.

Reservations and pre-payment required.  Transportation not included.
Dress warmly.  We will have blankets and charcoal fire in grate.
Should unusually stormy weather occur, the program will be moved to an indoor location.

January 1, 2020
New Year Visioning, Sacred Spring Re-birthing ceremony, Ceremony Celebrating your New Beginning

Connect with spirit of place and do a Re-birthing Ceremony at an ancestral sacred site (about 30 minutes south of Sedona).

sacred spring water in prehistoric irrigation canal, re-birthing ceremony

Spring water flowing in prehistoric irrigation canal & watercress.

Sacred site introduction and Re-birthing Ceremony.

Enjoy creative visioning for 2020 in a beautiful sycamore and cottonwood grove near Beaver Creek with Spirit journeys to the drum to gain fresh inspiration.

Weave the threads of the new story that is emerging for you with spontaneous, creative expression: New Mythology, imagery, voice, percussion instruments.

Montezuma Well sacred circle, ceremony, spirit of place, mystic insightsClosing ceremony honoring and activating the new beginnings you are seeding into your life.

Reservations and pre-payment required.  Transportation not included.
In the event of rainy weather, we will use another site in Cottonwood.