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New Year’s Eve Weekend in Sedona Creative Visioning Retreat with Ceremony, Mystic Insights & Vortex Tour

New Year’s Eve Weekend in Sedona Creative Visioning Retreat with Ceremony, Mystic Insights & Vortex Tour

New Year's Eve retreat, Sedona, ceremony, mystic insights, vortex tour

Creative Visioning  of your New Year:
Mystic Insights-Nature-Ceremony Retreat

New Year’s Eve weekend in Sedona, Arizona
December 30, 2018 – January 1, 2019

  • Option to do 3-day retreat or select individual programs
  • Dec. 29 option: Vortex Tour and/or Mystic Nature Connection
  • special New Year’s afternoon Insights & Ceremonial activation program

Develop: Attention, Intention, Intuition, New Fire

SHAMANIC Skills Development

New Year's Eve weekend retreat in Sedona, ceremony, mystic insights, nature

Oak Creek in front of Cathedral Rock winter scene by Kristin Elizabeth Regina

New Year's Eve retreat, Sedona, ceremony, mystic insights, vortex tourJoin us New Year’s Eve weekend for an inspiring way to begin the new year:

Our intention is to re-dream our path as we connect with nature, our own spiritual guidance, clear non-beneficial energies, bring in new knowings-frequencies more in alignment with our vision, rebalance and open to new potentialities as we begin 2019.
You personally engage by direct experience with the Great Mystery as you connect attentively with nature, do shamanic journey for insights, notice energies and signs, and do ceremonial activation. This energetic infusion attracts fresh insights and new potentialities emerge.
 An uplifting way to begin the New Year!

You will experience:
 a series of insight/shamanic journeys and guided experiences to draw from wisdom of your body, your ancestors, higher self and wise sentient helper spirits that are right for you at this time.

 New Year’s Eve and other ceremonies & sound healing to release, rebalance, and activate your new intention

 vortex journey and earth-spirit practices to draw vibrational support from the natural world’s potent energetic resonances


New Year's Eve retreat, Sedona, ceremony, mystic insights, vortex tour

Deerskin drum I made; Hopi artist painted the Earth Carrier Twins and other spiritual helpers emerging from kiva in the earth

Led by Sandra Cosentino:
founder of Crossing Worlds, shamanic practitioner-mentor, nature mystic, seminar and ceremonial leader, lucid dreamer dedicated to enhancing/reflecting your own seer skills.

Can do whole retreat for insightful start of 2018 or select portions.
Resource booklet, reading list included.
Reservations and prepayment required to reserve space.

New Year's Eve ceremony, mystic insights, sound healing

Aligning our Stars Ceremonial Circle

Ceremony is the intentional use of symbols by humans combined with action wherein the intangible becomes real. The symbol comes to life and movement is activated or acknowledged. Healing-rebalancing occurs in connection to the energetic forces of nature and spirit and your own participation. This reaches back into the origin of consciousness itself.

New Year’s Eve Retreat Program 
Sedona, shamanic journey, vortex tour, New Year's Eve Retreat, nature connection

In between sessions, nature communion and other practices on your own are recommended to deepen the experience.

Dec. 30, Sunday (also available Dec. 29)

9 am – 3:30 pmVortex Tour + Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey  

Dec. 31, Monday: 

9:30 am – 12:00 pm: **
Insight SessionConscious Evolution practices, Clearing the Way, Past – Future Life, Who Am I-Why Am I Here?, Ancestor Connection, Current Issues

shamanic journey, drumming, ceremony

Standing in your power
assisted by spiritual allies

2 – 5 pm: special New Year’s Eve program:

Mystic Insights for the New Year & Ceremonial Activation + drum/sound healing and primal energies connections with fire, water, air and earth

Sandra leads shamanic journey insight experiences to connect with helper spirits to assist you to clear what is no longer beneficial, and open to fresh inspiration and seeding for your new year. Spontaneous insights flow in that you carry into activation as we connect with the elements, our intention,  sound instruments, movement, drumming, and celebration of the year’s turning.

Included in retreat; $125 for this program only
Held at studio location 20 min. south of Sedona just outside of Cottonwood.
Pre-payment required.

Jan. 1, 2019, Tuesday
10 am – 12:30 am : **
Insight Session: Imagining 2019, Conscious Re-Creation. A joyful creative session exploring new possibilities. Ceremonial closing.

(**Insight sessions held at Desert Studio 20 minutes south of Sedona)

New Year’s Eve Retreat Cost and Registration:

$650 each with 3 or more participants (does not include lodging or meals)
(With 2 people only = $760 each)

Prepayment required to hold space.

Includes integrated, personalized program, Sedona area journeys and nature work, entry fee, special ceremonies, reference booklet, reading list.
Transportation provided only for the Vortex Journey from West Sedona location.
New Year Eve afternoon program held in West Sedona.
Insight sessions held at studio location in 20 minutes south of Sedona near Cottonwood. I recommended you have a car to go out on the land on your own between sessions and to drive to studio sessions.

Dec. 29, Jan. 2, 3 or 4 options

    • 2 participatory shamanic journey advanced sessions working with Clearing of Non-Beneficial Energies and Soul Retrieval.
      Cost per session: $140 with 1 person, 2 hours; $100 each with 2 people; $85 each with 3, 2.5 hours.
    • Vortex Tour-Mystic Nature Shamanic Journey Combo

Lodging is not included — but we will recommend places in Sedona to stay that are comfortable, good quality standard lodging or more upscale resorts and B&B’s and some private options.

Will advise you of transportation options from Phoenix or Flagstaff, Arizona airport to Sedona.

Please send the following information with your registration:

~ your name, address, home phone and email
~ where you will be staying in Sedona
~ will you have a car?
~ what is your intention for yourself for this retreat?

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words of past participants:

“I am back at work with new energy. Being in Sedona helped me to connect to the earth and to who I am, even more . I have been doing more of connecting to people and talking to my patients then ever before. Thank you for your presence, for the shamanic journeys, and showing us around. I loved the new year’s ceremony.”
Dr. Iwona Szpiech, M.S., D.C., San Diego, CA, 2005

I “I enjoyed meeting all of you and know that the work I did there will benefit me for the rest of my life. People have remarked that my energy has changed and that I am more open around my chest. ” Phil G, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 2005.

“It is very hard to tell you what influence you have had on me. There was been a real sense of healing from you and Sedona. You are truly a healer, and since this path is new to me, I can only trust feelings, not having too much experience. You have a real gift, and your presence has been felt very deeply.” Dot R., California

“When I returned home I thought all would go back to the way it was but it did not. Something had changed especially in regard to me moving through my fears. The experience I had with you was very challenging, you pushed me though boundaries and supported me but not in the way I was accustomed to.
The experience of Sedona was very powerful and I want to thank you for being a very powerful facilitator.” Linda, Melbourne, Austrailia

“My life has been altered with the tools you’ve shared. Thank you for sharing your spirit and love–it has made all the difference.” Sandy, Calgary, Canada