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Nature Mysticism

Nature Mysticism

Nature Mysticism

The first in a series on Earth-Spirit Ways

“It is not the woods I hike through. I hike through the field of power around me that I call my soul, even though at this moment, in this place, I may call it “the woods.”
(Tom Cowan, Yearning for the Wind)

Nature Mysticism and Now Awareness

In a state of expanded now awareness, you sense/invite a merging with vibrational energies from the stars, the earth, the trees, the waters, the bird and animal beings.  As you enter this greater field of energy, you then see through the eyes of your Higher Self and enter a timeless realm Aboriginals call the Dreamtime.  You are awake, yet in an expanded state of consciousness where direct knowing can flow in.  A joyous sense of being part of the larger plan of life often arises spontaneously.

Canyon de Chelly fall colors by Sandra Cosentino

The microcrystals in your brain are rebalancing as you absorb the flows of natural energies. Stress falls away. You become more grounded, yet free in spirit. Your intuitive center that lives within your heart takes lead and opens new channels of direct knowledge.

Flashes of insight flow through when you achieve this state of non-doing absorption with nature. And if you resist the temptation to begin thinking/planning, delicate seeds of the greater you begin to take root. An inner courage and confidence flows from these experiences.

“Qualities of Light in Nature enchant me. Photos, however, do not capture the experiences of how Light stimulates an internal radiance response.”  Sandra Cosentino

Nature Mysticism: transpersonal and transcendent

Webster defines transpersonal as “being concerned especially with esoteric mental experience (as mysticism and altered states of consciousness) beyond the usual limits of ego and personality.”

Alfred Lord Tennyson spoke of going into a kind of waking trance in nature when he was alone from his boyhood.  And later said to critics: “By God Almighty, there is no delusion in the matter! It is no nebulous ecstasy, but a state of transcendent wonder, associated with absolute clearness of mind.”

Nature is impersonal—it just is.
Standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon, many people speak of feeling insignificant.   Being solo in wild landscapes away from human activities, you face a kind of emptiness and sense your own vulnerability. The inner silence may seem unnerving. Fears of survival can arise which sharpens your total attention.

Instinctively you reach to the greater spirit.  If you stick with it, you may feel free for a time from the relentless anxious ego self that always wants to be in charge. Transpersonal moments occur giving you a perspective where you glimpse the concept of you as an individual within relationship to a much larger whole.

“When we have had that direct, transformative experience of spirit, we become aware that one of the traps of New Age spirituality is its equating of magical and mythic belief systems (e.g. believing ideas about the nature of reality) with the true transpersonal experiences of the deep psychic (nature mysticism) and the subtle realms (deity mysticism).” Hank Wesselman, PhD, shamanic practitioner, teacher.

Beldon C. Lane in The Solace of Fierce Landscapes  speaks of the early Christian monks practice of seeking “apatheia” (meaning “beyond every image”) in the desert.  And of how Jesus “frequently pressed the people closest to him into places they find threatening…pushing disciples to edges they find uncomfortable.”  In this way they become boundary crossers.  “He knows that places on the edge, those considered God-forsaken by many, are where his identity as Messiah has to be revealed.”

Psychogeographers, Lane says, project their inner reality to landscapes.  I have found that images we see in landscapes or cloudscapes, can be signposts mirroring back clues to a new mythology emerging within us.

Nature Mysticism is a Calling

This path of direct knowing has always called me. 
Living here in Northern Arizona in the vibrant earth energies of canyon, cliff, sun, I sense the flow of ancient peoples whose spirit life was/is informed and nurtured by these arid, craggy big sky landscapes.  And I see more and more modern day visionaries coming to discover direct connectedness to their Source as well.

Nature called me to move out of the city to the mountains of northern Arizona after college and became a doorway to realignment of my psyche and seeing new possibilities.  During this time in my twenties, while out on the land, I received my first conscious messages from Spirit that helped me shift out of limiting beliefs and set me on a life long path of spirit connection.

Those spontaneous moments when channels of communication with nature occur imprint deeply at a cellular level.

Standing at the edge of the Arctic Ocean in 1984, I longed to see an Arctic loon—seconds later one called that mournful deep throated rising tremolo and swam near to shore.  Still today, loon song, midnight sun circling without setting, and moist tundra resonate within me.

I struck out on a solo, tundra exploring hike from my Kobuk River, Alaska camp the end of August, 1983.  The vast open landscape of low growing plants spiked with black spruce and white birch was already red with fall colors. Suddenly it came to life as a herd of migrating caribou came toward me moving out of the Jade Mountains escaping the snow (termination dust) seeking their ancestral river portage site on their southward migration.

Quick and graceful, they seemed to float across the wobbly sedge bundles with
their wide hooves (above in foreground is a long line of caribou heading to Onion Portage on the Kobuk River).

Bulls shedding velvet off antlers.
This young caribou spotted me laying there next to her.Utterly transfixed, I sank into the earth and lay behind low shrubs.  As caribou came right by me, I could hear the clicking of their leg bones and their breathing.  A sensuous feeling of utter oneness with earth and caribou spontaneously took me into a state of ecstasy. Inner circuitry, previously latent, lit up in that magical moment.

As with my experience at Machu Picchu earlier that year, I sensed that something in my DNA was activated while being in that state of divine communion.

Nature Mysticism is Direct Energetic Connection

Countless times, I have known an animal was there before seeing them, looked in wild bird and animal’s eyes, felt wind swirls at auspicious moments, sensed myself breathing with a mountain, had lucid dreams with direct communication from animal helpers and wild places, looked with awe and gave thanks to rising sun, and felt sun and star energy as an internal fire.  We live in a sentient world, all connected to the greater field of consciousness.


Mystical connection with Nature can occur in a rapt moment of connection with your favorite tree or the aurora borealis, sitting peacefully in your garden, deeply observing that robin or squirrel in your back yard, staring at a creek’s mesmerizing flow, listening to ocean waves or watching with awe the sunset or flash of a meteor.

Do you ever get mesmerized staring at shafts of light glowing behind leaves?

Connection with Mother Nature is there for all of us if we take time to go out attentively with quiet mind turning off the incessant hum of our busy worlds.

We are part of the living body of the Earth—her vibrational frequency, like ours, is increasing.  Direct experience of her energies, grounds and renews us.  Her beauty fills our heart with awe and wonder.  And for the mystic, nature is a portal to expanded awareness.

Prehistoric rock is more than images, they are an energy imprint that tell a story from another time.

The fierce desert landscapes have their own magic–this is in the Sahara

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