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Mystical Nature, Shamanic Journey and Ceremony outdoor workshop

Mystical Nature, Shamanic Journey and Ceremony outdoor workshop

Deepen your Visionary Skills with direct experience of the sentient Universe:

Shamanic Journey Mentoring as you connect with Nature’s  Living Presence & Ceremonial Activation

2 chairs in a Sedona red soil landscape. 1 chair contains drum which gives a feeling of being outdoors as we make mystical nature connections and do shamanic journey to the beat of the drum.

Shamanic training in nature gives us the opportunity to also connect and interact with the natural field of energy surrounding us

This is a core mystic vision outdoor workshop.

Held at a private site on Oak Creek near the Sedona area which has special ceremonial sites.

You will experience a series of spirit journeys to connect with medicine animals, wise guides and nature energies for personal insight. The rapid drum rhythm accompaniment helps relax the thinking mind and enter the non-linear field of expanded reality.

Sandra Cosentino mentors you and offers intuitive insights based on decades of experience.

We weave these insight experiences with nature and earth energy connection practices.

Heart shaped ceremonial site with pink gravel is symbolic of the heart centered shamanic journey and nature connection experiences of this outdoor program.Ceremonial expression is co-created from the insights that come to you.  This gives you the uplifting experience of activating positive change as you walk your new truths.

“Once you have personally experienced what it is like to be one with a wise and benevolent spirit, or a tree, an animal, or a rock, you know that everything is alive and whole and amazing. You are changed in a fundamental way. You can no longer look at any being or any aspect of this world as an object to be used – everything becomes a subject with a spirit of its own. And so your own subjective, caring nature is awakened. You begin to see as the shaman sees – with the heart.” (Susan Mokelke)

Red Cliff reflection on water signifies this mystical nature, shamanic journey outdoor seminar provides spiritual reflections to participants

Patterns in nature reflect our inner story. Photo by Sandra Cosentino

Sycamore creek beside Oak Creek, Sedona, Arizona depicts feeling of peace and beauty of our outdoor mystical nature, shamanic journey seminar.

Mystic nature connections and shamanic journey mentoring at a

“The core shamanic experience is really simple, timeless and universal. Shamanic journey is the act of sending one’s consciousness into the spirit world.  It allows the journeyer to view life and life’s problems from a detached, spiritual perspective not so easily achieved in ordinary reality.“  (Tom Cowan)

Cost Details

1. Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey Mentoring + Ceremony outdoor seminar, 4 hours:

Cost for 4 hour outdoor seminar
$160 each with 3 or more
$235 each for 2 ($370 for 1)

Includes $30 pp entry fee, study sheets.  We meet at a trailhead near Hwy 89A a few miles south of Sedona.

2. Mystical Nature Shamanic Mentoring in Nature + Ceremony outdoor seminar, 6 hours for deeper experience

With the longer seminar, we can go deeper into insight journeys, ceremonial practices and exploring what is emerging in your vision.

$200 each with 3 or more, 6 hours
$290 each with 2 people, 6 hours
($450 for 1 person, 5.5 hours)
includes $30 pp entry fee to site, study sheets

Good companion program:

Sedona Vortex – Scenic – Ancestor Sites program to prepare you to explore on your own. 

Sedona vortex tour program is held at red rock scenic sites such as this one with Thunder Mountain in the background.

Held at a red rock scenic site in Sedona, such as the one in photo here.

Cost: 1.5 hours prior to the Visioning Skills seminar.
$40 pp with 3 or more; $60 pp with 2 ($110 with 1) when added to this program.

Map-info packet, safety tips, and info for  US Forest Service, state park, national monuments, privates sites included.

Studio Session option core training with shamanic journey:

Please see Insight Session details here (does not include field work and ceremony).

Relevant Article:

Shamanic Journey in Today’s World by Sandra Cosentino

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Juniper sketch by Teresa Setles inspired by her deep connection to the spirit of this wisdom tree.

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