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Memorial Day Full Moon Mystic Insights Retreat in Sedona, Arizona

Memorial Day Full Moon Mystic Insights Retreat in Sedona, Arizona

Full Moon Mystic Nature
Be Your Own Shaman-Seer Sedona Retreat 

For an Insightful, Inspired Start to Summer

May 26 – 30, 2018 (option to shorten to weekend retreat)

Mystic nature connection  as doorway to spirit and charging your energies

Shamanic journey and Inner Pathways skills development to clear,  connect with your inner knowing, sense new possibilities and re-imagine

Attention, intention, Intuition, Courage and Presence in mystical communion amid red cliff dreamscapes

Ceremonial activation to create life-positive change

Sedona mystic insight retreat, Crossing Worlds Journeys & Retreats
Photo by Rusty Albertson

Participate in full 5-day retreat for a deeper mystic insight experience, or select individual programs over Memorial Day weekend.

Please retreat details here

Retreat programs:

  • Vortex Tour and how to connect with sacred sites
  • Earth and Sky Speaks to Us (Earth Sky Speaks To Us page for more description and photos)
  • Mystic Nature Shamanic Journey outdoor seminar and ceremonies at labyrinth, ancestor wheel, creek  to invoke positive change that you sense emerging.
  • Sunset-Starlight-Solo Circle outdoor program
  • Drum healing ceremony
  • 5 Insight sessions: Inner Pathways, Clearing-Extraction, Soul Retrieval, Past-future-mystic child-current issues, Conscious Re-Creation

sunset, starlight, solo vision circle program, Crossing Worlds Journeys & Retreats, Sedona

Each day you will have dream, meditation and writing practice and study sheets to review on your own flowing from the skills we practice in the retreat. Each day you will have nature practices and communion time on your own.  During this independent practice in nature and using awareness tools, integration and energy movement occurs.

Each experience builds on the others in a series of insights and knowings.  

These begin instilling skills to take back into your life and are the essence of you becoming your own seer and healer. Each day we will share dreams, signs that come to you–I will be giving you feedback.

Participants go home with a deepened sense of connection to their own knowing and vision. 

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