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Voice of our Longing–Fresh Look–Instigate Change Personalized Retreat

Voice of our Longing–Fresh Look–Instigate Change Personalized Retreat

Voice of our Longing–Fresh Look–Instigate Change Personalized Retreat

We can trust the voice of our longing.  These genuine callings of our heart take us into a bigger field of possibility than we could glimpse before and can instigate change in our life more aligned with our Higher Self.

Insight sessions, nature connection, attentiveness & here-now focus, and ceremony to instigate change and/or stimulate movement in your life.


In Sedona & Cottonwood, Arizona areas

Do you feel a longing, a calling?

Are  you feeling ready for change, but lacking clarity or focus?

Are you open to new possibilities?

Can you release preconceptions?

Are you willing to challenge your own beliefs and expectations?

This 2-day retreat is for people with some background in spiritual practices that are open to fresh inspiration and energies, who may want to identify holding patterns, and/or explore stepping past your comfort zone into new areas of expression.

The experiential program is customized to participants and your intention based on retreat leader Sandra Cosentino’s more than 3 decades of experience. You receive prompting, personalized feedback and insight practices skills development such as:

Now Awareness
In a state of expanded now awareness, you sense/invite a merging with vibrational energies from the stars, the earth, the trees, the waters, the bird and animal beings.  As you enter this greater field of energy, you then see through the eyes of your Higher Self.  You are awake, yet in an expanded state of consciousness where direct knowing can flow in.  A joyous sense of being part of the larger plan of life often arises spontaneously.

Cultivate Attention 
Attention to coincidence, signs, energies, sychronicities, intuitions mirrors, confirms our deeper knowing. “Holding deeper attention is all it takes to illumine what is invisible.” (Llyn Roberts)

Tune In
“By tuning into the earth, knowing her heart as our own and awakening to nature’s pulses, we resonate with forces which push us now to evolve and grow. The time is ripe to expose our own latent talents, and so, rouse confidence to find our way through changing times.” (Llyn Roberts, Speaking With Nature)

Nature is a Portal to Expanded Awareness.
We are part of the living body of the Earth—her vibrational frequency, like ours, is increasing.  Direct experience of her energies, grounds and renews us.  Her beauty fills our heart with awe and wonder. When in nature in attentive, now awareness fresh inspirations flow in naturally.

Become Available to Spirit.
“Those who make themselves available, receive instructions and guidance directly from the source. Connecting our human mind with the mind of our spirit is about becoming available to the natural wisdom of the universe. This truth is abundant and available all around us if we take time to listen and make ourselves available to receive it.” (wisdom from Arkan Lushwalah)

Shamanic Journey
The modern day seer
uses archetypal pathways of the soul adapted for today’s world called shamanic journey. These direct experiences of expanded reality shift perceptions and create new neural pathways. New insights flow in that support conscious re-creation of your life in a frequency more aligned with your soul.

On this soul flight, the seer evokes the presence of spirit helpers who the Universe sends (are magnetized to us) in response to the query. These non-physical beings might be the soul of an animal species, ascended teachers, energies of nature or the cosmos, ancestors, future aspects of yourself and limitless other possibilities.

Even though they may appear in visual form to help us understand, what we actually receive are vibrational frequencies and quick flashes of insight that transmit an energy needed to help transform the situation at hand. This is the world of direct experience with the greater intelligence that is usually beyond our ordinary consciousness.

I also use guided insight journeys and other spontaneous experiences to tap into your subconscious longing and connect with wise helper spirits. Mythic experiences such as seeding a new dream, moving through challenges, creating your healing temple are energetic experiences that help prepare you to make shifts.

It is helpful if you have some exposure to doing shamanic journey, but not required.

Initiation Triggered by Longing
I invite you to contemplate this eloquent wisdom from Frank McEowen:
‘The longing is a spiritual force that will lead us to where we need to be and connect with those whom we need to know.
Nearly all initiations, if they are truly centered in the life of the soul, are about stepping into right relationship with the spirit of longing.  Initiation is the process of defining and refining one’s role in the life of our longing, determining how we can be conduits for its influence in our lives and worlds.”

Imagining is seed power: our body believes in images–they spark a physical response. As we dream and imagine we may catch glimpses of the bigger picture and your own Higher Self who is really the watcher-guiding force of your life. Images and feelings emerge that have power for you.

Ceremony is a powerful tool for creative expression and activating new energies. As you walk your ceremonial pathways fully engaged in the Now moment, you are walking your new journey and making it real to the thinking mind that “thinks” it is in charge of our life. You will learn wisdom principles of ceremony, use intention as a basis to create ceremony, and participate in a sound healing ceremony, water ceremony, fire ceremony and more.

Sandra Cosentino has developed these mentoring experiences based on a lifetime of exploring and connection to the energies of wild nature, and 3 decades of experience with ceremony, lucid dreaming, vision quest, mindfulness practices, meditation and insight retreat facilitation. She has been working with shamanic journey for more than 25 years with a dedication to empowering others to be their own Seer.

“Sandra has been in dialogue and soulful connection with this ancient land all of her Life. By example she helped me trust this seemingly unorthodox conversation I had entered into with this place and welcome the Mystery to enter into me.” China Indigo Jones

At these dates, or at another time that works for you:

  • Nov. 16-17, 2019
  • May 30-31, 2020

Program will include: 

  • 2 studio insight sessions in Cottonwood area using exploratory shamanic journey geared to participants, other inner pathways practices, sound instruments, and ceremony to activate positive change.    Each session and your own practice in between build on each other.
  • 2 outdoor field seminars in nature that include practice with nature connection and other skills, and insight journeys & ceremony to deepen seeing, encourage expressiveness and energize you.
  • Study sheets and practices to work with on your own

Day 1

morning studio session (2.5 hours)

lunch break in Old Town Cottonwood which has many excellent locally owned cafes

Vision quest and ceremony, to be successful, require powerful focused attention skills.

afternoon nature connection, field practice and ceremonies seminar at a special private site site on Oak Creek with labyrinths, medicine wheels (4.5 – 5 hours depending on how many participants)

evening practices on own:  star viewing and at least 1 hour solo vision circle, journaling 

Day 2
dawn practices including option to go out for a pre-dawn solo vision circle

morning field seminar in nature at a Verde River area with water and fire ceremonies (3 hours)
lunch break (bring picnic or go into Old Town Cottonwood)

afternoon studio session & closing ceremony (2.5 hours)


$420 each with 3 or more; $530 each with 2; $720 with 1 person (sessions are 30 minutes shorter)

$150 initial deposit to reserve and balance is due 35 days prior to retreat start.

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