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Southwest Cultures-Canyons Independent Traveler Journey

Southwest Cultures-Canyons Independent Traveler Journey

Hopi, Navajo, Zuni and other Southwest Native American Cultures, Prehistoric Sites & Canyons Independent Traveler Journeys

Personalized independent traveler journeys arranged by Sandra Cosentino who is native to Arizona with 3 decades+ experience.

++ Trip begins with seminar(s) in Sedona to bring you into the lands, stories, cultures, traveling safely tips.

++ Southwest Places links and Pre-trip Sedona earth spirit seminar options at bottom of page.

Independent Traveler Journey:  Hopi, Navajo and other Southwest Native Cultures, Canyons, Archaeological Sites

I am now offering an Independent Travel program drawing on expertise gained from more than 3 decades of guiding tours, sharing friendship and respect with native peoples, and a life time of exploring in the Southwest.

This is for people who can confidently use maps and follow directions and travel on their own to the Indian reservations in the wide open spaces of northern Arizona and New Mexico. Most of the roads are paved, but there are long stretches of 50 miles or more between villages. You have to be adaptable and flexible to travel on your own in Indian country and you can call me if unexpected changes occur.

Plan your trip.  You advise me of your goals and time frame for the trip and I create a personalized program for you. I do itinerary advising on canyonlands, prehistoric sites, and other special places and help you work out a good flow and timing. I also advise you on lodging and things to do on your own. You then make your own hotel reservations.

Our pre-trip seminar sets the stage for you is have a safe and meaningful experience.  It will be 2 – 4 hours (depending on complexity and length of your tour) at my studio a few minutes south of Sedona. I put a lot of energy and focus on preparing you with a cultural introduction of their life ways, cosmology-ceremonial cycle of the year, visitor protocols and tips on traveling on your own in Indian county. I also show you some of their art, which is an expression of their cultural life and images of aspects of Hopi and Navajo life you would not be able to see in just one trip. I hold space for you to enter these worlds.

You receive a map, CD of Hopi and Navajo songs, information packet.

Your Native hosts participate in their traditional culture and language and also live in our modern world. I have been sharing in friendship and respect with them for many years. They are wise, friendly and reliable. I make your Native host/guide reservations and coordinate before and during your trip with the Native hosts. Then you go up on our own to meet with Hopi and/or Navajo guide(s), all of whom speak their native language and are participants in their traditional spiritual/cultural life.

Nature Exploring. I will also give you practical, safety and itinerary advice on accessing remarkable Colorado Plateau canyons and prehistoric sites for your independent earth-spirit exploration.

The whole combination brings you into these traditional worlds with a depth of understanding. Then you share personalized, private experiences with your Native hosts. You take responsibility for following directions and getting to guide meeting places. You have to be able to read the map and carefully follow directions. Most of the roads are paved except the 5-mile one to the Hopi rock art site and the gravel road to a backcountry hogan. The Hopi guide(s) rides with you in your vehicle. Here is preliminary info about the 3-day Hopi and Navajo Independent Travel Journey

Independent Tour Cost includes:

1. Crossing Worlds consulting/planning/reservation fee which includes:
My personalized service is based on decades of experience and trust relationships with your Native hosts. This takes extensive time for the planning, setting up and checking back with Native hosts again before you arrive; making lodging and route recommendations, written directions, and pre-trip seminar of 2 – 4 hours at my studio 20 minutes south of Sedona (includes reference packet, map, Hopi music CD).

Fee depends on the complexity of planning your program, time spent with detailed planning and making changes.  I give you an estimate up front of fee which is based on the amount of time it takes to coordinate with you and Native hosts, plan, and revise.  You will get a menu of Native host services (with costs) to select from.  An initial non-refundable fee begins the process; final consulting/planning fee due at time of completion of your program.  At that point I confirm your guide reservations.
2. Fee(s) for services provided by Native hosts are paid directly to the Hopi and Navajo hosts in cash at time of service.

You reserve and pay directly for your hotels, provide your own transportation and meals except those that might be arranged with Native hosts.

To plan a journey:
Please email me with your trip goals/destination and dates to start the process. I will send you some options and estimated costs. A deposit is required to begin the deeper planning work and make your program reservations.

Sandra created the non-profit Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects in 1999 to support Hopi sustainability, self-empowerment and cross-cultural learning knowing from a place of respect, thanks and friendship knowing we are all connected in the greater web of life.

Sedona Earth Spirit Experience options in preparation for your Southwest Sojourn

I offer insights, skills, experiences in Sedona seminars as preparation for your earth-spirit explorations to deepen your mystic nature connections. It can include training in working with earth-spirit practices honoring reciprocal relationship to nature, ceremony and solo vision circle (either introductory experience(s) or the full 8-day program).

Sedona Earth-Spirit Experiences:

  • Spirit of Sedona Circle
  • Sunset-Stars-Stories-Vision Circle
  • Earth and Sky Speak to Us outdoor seminarHonoring Connections with Mother Earth outdoor seminar
  • Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey & Ceremony Outdoor Seminar
  • Circle of Power Drum Healing Ceremony and Teaching
  • Nature, Soul and Mystic Vision 3-day Retreat (introduction to vision quest and nature communion)
  • Sedona Vision Quest Retreat

The calling…to see what is just over the hill or around the bend. Walking with senses alert and resting the over-stimulated urban mind, you notice little details, the birds may get curious about you and come closer. A sense of peace may softly appear as you unwind, come alive to a bigger horizon.

Meanders, exploring, soloquies with nature are some of the many ways I view my frequent callings to go be present with my own spirit in the wonders of the natural world. This deeper engagement carries an innate richness that echoes into my life on my return. Nature casts a spell that takes us past the looping mind into something vaster than our day to day concerns.

Independent traveler Southwest tour with Crossing Worlds Journeys & Retreats

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by Sandra Cosentino

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