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Hopi Sustainability and Life Today articles

Hopi Sustainability and Life Today articles

The Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects non-profit site Cultural Blog has several articles on Hopi Sustainability and Life Today:


Hopi Homes: Historical and Today and Empowering solutions for Modern Day Challenges.  A report from the Sedona presentation by Susan Secakuku and Joe Seidenburg of Red Feather Development, who works supports Hopi sustainability and self-empowerment.  Home for Hopi people is rich in meaning and function.  Today, with growing population and changing building styles, many families face challenges with inadequate or substandard housing.

Hopi homes today are a mixture of modern, historic and prehistoric. Photo by Jackie Kleiger.

Hopi sustainability for clean water and freedom of religion.

Photo from the Hopi Tutuveni
showing Hopi perspective that the spiritual helpers make snow, not ski area developers

Hopis Project their Sacred Mountains. Struggle by Hopi, Navajo, other tribes to prevent artificial snowmaking following 2005 Forest Service decision.

Hopi Water and the Black Mesa Trust. Hopi belief, science and challenge of protecting their waters and sustainability for the future generations.

Hopi Water Declaration adopted at the Hopi Histot Navoti Gathering, 2003.  “What we do to water, We do to ourselves.”

Hopi Coal: prehistoric use to today’s environmental challenges.   Use of coal for fuel goes back to prehistoric times, but modern mining which began in the 1960’s has created serious environmental issues.

Siberian visitors in Hopi Home (Hopi hostess standing in center)

Siberians Come to Hopi and Navajo lands.  Native Siberians visit Hopi and Navajo for inspiration:  “We came to remember we are all one.”

Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects supports Hopi sustainability and self-empowerment, and provides cross-cultural learning opportunities.