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Hopi & Navajo Spirit Journey

Hopi & Navajo Spirit Journey

Hopi & Navajo Spirit Journey:

Circles of sharing with Hopi & Navajo wisdom keepers

Spirit journey, 1 to 4 days, to Hopi & Navajo with personalized circles of sharing, blessings, insight experiences. Enter these worlds with a depth of understanding about their lands and culture with Sandra Cosentino (who has more than 3 decades of experience sharing in friendship and respect with Native peoples, leading cultural journeys/field programs and Sedona insight retreats).

Please see article:  Circles of Connection in Hopi & Navajo Spiritscapes

Spirit journey bringing you into Hopi & Navajo circles of connection

Sandra, Canyon de Chelly

While most of us in western cultures did not grow up with direct access to our tribal heritage wisdom, we still carry an innate sense of belonging from these ancestral roots.   We can free this in-dwelling wild connectedness to life through direct experience of the natural world and some inspiration from Native peoples who still carry a world-view and cultural expression from pre-industrial times and sharing our stories/life journey in circles.

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2019 Scheduled Programs

For 3 or more people
These personalized Hopi-Navajo Spirit Journey programs can be arranged at other dates–please email for more information.
  • June 23-24:
    2-day Hopi Spirit Journey celebrating Summer Solstice
  • September or October–date based on participant interest:
    3-day Hopi Journey:  fall harvest, ladies season, Hopi art experience, Hopi wisdom, backcountry rock art site…more time for deeper cultural experience
  • Oct. 19 – 20 (can be a one or two day program depending on interest):
    2-day Hopi Spirit Journey celebrating feminine energies of harvest season
  • Oct. 12-15:
    Vision Circles in Nature: new program
    Sedona mystic vision & ceremony outdoor seminar followed by 3-day Navajo and Hopi Full Moon Spirit Journey
    inspirational circles with solo vision time on the rim of Canyon de Chelly
  • Nov. 29 or 30: 
    1-day Hopi Spirit Journey
    celebrating the spirit of Thanksgiving

Hopi – Holders of Ancient Tradition

Hopi Spirit 1, 2 or 3 day spirit journeys
Sandra has more than 3 decades of sharing friendship and respect with Hopi people and brings you into their world with a depth of understandings so you can absorb more while there.  She draws from a depth of experience leading mystic insight retreats and earth-spirit ceremonies.  This is a customized trip to include special circles, more experiences, back country sites, Hopi art experience, and a longer route not normally available on a day trip.

Hopi lands are pregnant with prayer from thousands of years of ceremonies. If you enter with a sense of humble openness without expectation, you may find that the subtle vibrations of place, language, songs, culture help awaken a sense of your innate inner connection to ancestral wisdom. Sandra Cosentino

Hopi are respected and known around the world as a people who dedicate their life to maintaining balance for Mother Earth and all peoples. We will visit mesas, villages and homes. Get to know people who live in both their ancient world and the American world of today. This is not just a tour, but a real and personal time with sincere, reverent and warmhearted people. You will meet people whose life revolves around the ancient Hopi traditions.

You absorb an essence, make personal connections in informal discussions on Hopi life, ceremonial cycle, importance of nature and corn and topics of concern right here and now. These direct experiences fill you with a sense of how prayer, reverence and connection to nature as a living presence imbues all aspects of life.

Stoically maintaining traditional ways of thought, family, and religion even in the face of so much change, these mindful people are seeking ways to balance these traditions with issues they face about preservation of lands and their ancient way of life while living in the world of today. We come as the welcomed, respectful and respected visitor and leave being part of a circle of friends fresh with inspiration for our own life.

We learn of the importance of renewing life and growing corn as the center of the ceremonial cycle. Year round, traditional activities take places in the villages. When available, we will respectfully attend.

Hopi tour, spirit journey, cosmology, ceremonial cycle, wisdom“I hold the space for you to step into a circle of friendship and respect, a coming together of peoples, each learning from and inspiring the other. No two journeys are ever alike–the participants, the seasonal activities and an unexplainable magical synergy makes each one a unique experience.”
Sandra Cosentino

Hopi Indian lands, ceremonial cycle, Hopi tour, spirit journey, blessing circleHopi Mesas panorama by Sandra Cosentino: “The prayer that is walking within Creation is with us as we walk the land heart to heart and hand to hand.” Poliquimana

Navajo at Canyon de Chelly

Navajo people are hardy, at home out one the land and are known for their ability to adapt to change.  Navajo people believe that the Creator placed them on Colorado Plateau region land between four sacred mountains and that the patterns in the stars are patterns in us.

Canyon de Chelly was designed as an earthly place of divine connection at the time when supernaturals still walked the earth according to Navajo legend. We invite connection with the unseen Holy Wind, or inner form of all life that connects and flows between the stars, us and all of life.

“Each being is infused with its own spirit, or ‘inner form’, which gives it life and purpose within an orderly and interconnected universe. The interrelatedness of all creation is recognized through daily prayer offerings and an elaborate system of ceremonies. The purpose of Navajo life is to maintain balance between the individual and the universe and to live in harmony with nature and the Creator.”  Mary T. Begay

Navajo ceremonies are done at private residence areas and visitors are rarely allowed.

We honor the ancient spiritual presence of the Puebloan ancestors of the today’s Hopi people who lived here beginning at least 2,000 years ago and built the spectacular cliff dwellings that were abandoned by 1300 A.D. and the Navajo Holy Ones and Navajo people of today who are present here too.

Navajo Indian lands, Canyon de Chelly, spirit journey, jeep tour, campfire circle, vision, fire blessing, sandpainting

Navajo host Canyon de Chelly

Personalized 4-day Hopi & Navajo Spirit Journey 

Customized program created–available spring through fall.
Please email and let me know your timing, number of people and goals you have.
Sandra has more than 3 decades of sharing friendship and respect with Hopi and Navajo people and brings you into their world with a depth of understandings so you can absorb more while there.

Canyon de Chelly’s powerful presence opens your heart, energizes you and reflects light back to you. Navajo legend says it was designed as an earthly place of divine connection at the time when supernaturals still walked the earth.

Experiences with our Navajo guide in the canyon and on canyon rim:
–jeep tour into canyon
–Songs, blessings, participatory dance
–Fire blessing ceremony
–Moonlight jeep ride out of canyon
–Navajo weaver and feminine cultural role

Hopi programs created:  traditional farming and relation to ceremonial cycle of the year, artists, make a gourd rattle, traditional cooking and meals in home, wisdom circles, backcountry rock art site, villages visits, talking circle with a Hopi healer, men, ladies and children’s role in the ceremonial cycle, traditional and permaculture farming, internet mythmaking demystified by a learned Hopi.

Trading Posts which have played an important role in Hopi and Navajo culture.

You are welcome to bring gifts to share with Hopi families and Hopi foster care.
See Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects non-profit projects here.

Sedona Pre-trip Earth-Spirit Options:

Enrich your Native spirit journey with Sedona programs to deepen Earth-Spirit understandings, learn how to work with ceremony and intention, and shamanic insight work to connect with spirit helpers and the energies-callings that are present in your life:

  • Mystical Nature Shamanic and Earth Energy Seminars in Nature
  • Circle of Power Drum Healing Ceremony and Teaching
  • Sunset-Stars Nature-Sacred Circle
  • Earth and Sky Speak to Us and Honoring Earth seminar
  • Insight Sessions
  • Personalized Be Your Own Seer Retreats
  • Sedona Vision Quest Retreat
  • Sacred Lands Seminar–with insights about Sedona, Grand Canyon, qualities of sacred places, how to enter and connect, study packet.
  • Spirit of Sedona Circle

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Independent Traveler option following 1 day Hopi Spirit Journey or your Sedona program to bring you into deeper connections and then you extend with your own personalized exploration for another 1 – 3 days that I plan for you and support with maps, cultural knowledge and tips and Hopi and Navajo wisdom keeper guide reservations.

Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects, our 501 3(c) supporting Hopi sustainability and cross-cultural education.