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Hopi Indian Lands Journey

Hopi Indian Lands Journey

Hopi hummingbird kachina carving, Crossing Worlds Journeys


In depth immersion to Hopi traditional culture: guided Hopi tour or independent traveler option.

Each journey unique to time of year, village activities, and guests: in depth, personalized experiences of this living culture with roots going back thousands of years.

"I hold the space for you to step into a circle of friendship and respect, a coming together of peoples, each learning from and inspiring the other. No two journeys are ever alike--the participants, the seasonal activities and an unexplainable magical synergy makes each one a unique experience." Sandra Cosentino

“I hold the space for you to step into a circle of friendship and respect, a coming together of peoples, each learning from and inspiring the other. No two journeys are ever alike–the participants, the seasonal activities and an unexplainable magical synergy makes each one a unique experience.”
Sandra Cosentino

Hopi Mesas & Villages 1 day journey experience

Enter the ancient homeland of the Hopi people with a depth of understanding from your guide who has been involved there for more than 3 decades. Warmly welcomed by Hopi hosts, you absorb on an experiential level.
A one-of-a-kind Hopi tour, we visit all 3 mesas including the oldest continuously inhabited village in North America.  See more details below.

Journeys are led by Sandra Cosentino, founder of Crossing Worlds Journeys & Retreats in 1991. Her informed passion, personal friendships with Hopi people, knowledge of the cultures and natural history of the region, and mystic insights create for the guest a felt sense of these sincere, warm-hearted peoples, and how they dedicate their lives to the Hopi way. “I try to move past romanticized expectations to an openness to experience the daily life as well as the wisdom and energies that exist there.” Entering with openness, aligned with knowledge of the cultural history, ceremonial cycle of the year and challenges of life today on the remote reservation, creates the opportunity for a deeper experience.

Sandra created the non-profit Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects in 1999 to support Hopi sustainability, self-empowerment and cross-cultural learning knowing from a place of respect, thanks and friendship knowing we are all connected in the greater web of life.

painting by John Steele: "We Bring the Rain"

painting by John Steele: “We Bring the Rain”

romyramishongoviGuided Journey Overview:

Sense the essence of Hopi culture with a life inspired by these lands for millennia. You will be steeped in stories of the ancestral Pueblo Peoples and their migration over the Americas and arrival at this their place of center. You will learn about the cycle of their year, respectful visitor protocols, ways to return on your own and establish meaningful contacts with these warm-hearted peoples.

We are welcomed into homes and interact with and absorb from the People in a spontaneous and personal way and enjoy a traditional food lunch. When available, we attend festivals, seasonal activities and/or ceremonials. Can include personal sharing  circles.

Also includes:
* Geology, plants, and animals of the Colorado Plateau.
* Sovereign nation status, environmental, economic, social and political issues.
* Living in the 2 worlds of Western culture and traditional Hopi.

You will have a chance to buy crafts directly from the artists and to see items of traditional culture at a unique on-reservation trading post and in homes.

We  travel through a corner of the Navajo Nation–cultural information is shared about Navajo peoples.

10 1/2 – 11 hours round trip from Sedona
(Flagstaff pick up can be arranged)
$290 each (minimum of 4 people)
lunch in Hopi home and reference booklet, entry fees included
($360 each with 3 people with lunch in home;
$330 each for 3 people with lunch on own)

2018 Scheduled Programs

please  see Hopi and Navajo Spirit Journeys page

Please see video on Hopi: Ancient Ways in Today’s World

San Francisco Peaks, sacred mountain of the Hopi people is visible from every village. Photo taken from 2nd Mesa in December by Jackie Klieger

Independent Traveler Journey option

This private journey for 1 to 3 people begins with a 2 hour seminar in Sedona area with Sandra (along with showing you Hopi art and some excellent photos of daily life) to provide a depth of insight so you have some understanding of this complex culture and visitor protocols. As with the guided journey, you receive an overview of the Hopi migrations, four worlds, ceremonial cycle, history and life today. This provides you a good basis for assimilating by direct experience at Hopi. We also focus on your personal goals to personalize your experience.

Sandra coordinates with your Hopi guide(s) and reserves  the schedule for your personalized exploration of Hopi. You head out with route map, reference packet, collection of Hopi music CD and drive up to meet your Hopi guide either at Hopi for 5 – 6 hours of private guide time with her going to villages and homes.

This is a 5.5 – 6 hour round trip from Sedona on paved, but remote Indian reservation roads so it is a full day of almost 11 hours–important to follow map directions carefully and be adaptable.

Sedona pre-trip program option:
Earth-Spirit Seminar in nature:  Honoring Ways to Connect with the Living Earth.

Please email for more information if you are a more independent-minded explorer. Please include your goals, interest and time-frame and number of people.  I will send you options and more details.

2 – 4 day Hopi and Navajo and Zuni Journey:

2-day Hopi Journey
Stay overnight at a Hopi owned inn and go the next day to a remote rock art site, more villages and could include a sharing circle with a Hopi traditional healer.

 Navajo experience. Cost varies depending on amount of time with guide, if meal included, meeting place. Can include Canyon de Chelly jeep tour with Navajo guide, sandpainting, special fire circle, sharing circle with a weaver.  Can do longer journey to Navajo in Tuba City, Monument Valley, Window Rock areas and to Zuni Pueblo and Gallup, New Mexico.

fall showers, Second Mesa by Sandra Cosentino

fall showers, Second Mesa
by Sandra Cosentino

by Faron Suli from First Mesa

Across I stand and see
Faces of mesa cliffs
Each face has their own song
They sing in turn
Loloma* they sing
Qua-qua* they sing
All is one.

*loloma means good
*qua-qua is male way of saying thank you

Past Journeyer comments:

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for an amazing day yesterday with you into Hopi Land! The journey, the native people we met, the privilege of witnessing their sacred ceremonies and land, has stayed with me in a deeply felt and profound way. Thanks to your passionate commitment to the Hopi and your own spirituality, this was a trip of a lifetime.” Ann, Seattle, WA, October, 2015

“I want to thank you for the work that you do in creating a bridge between the world of westerners and the world of the Hopi. Without the relationships you have forged, we would not have had a ‘heart experience’ of Hopi. Our time with Hopis you introduced us to touched us in ways that I have no words for. It is your work that created that bridge for us and I want you to know how grateful we are. We also loved our weekend experience at the Indian festival organized by the Archaeology group. Just fantastic!”
Jean Walker, Canberra, Australia, March , 2012

“Your journey was the highlight of our vacation, and surly the most fulfilling and spiritual experience I have ever encountered. The Hopis have touched my soul and I will always have a piece of them in my heart. I wish every person could have the opportunity to delve into their world and culture, ÊI think it would shed light on the ability for peacefulness among mankind, and remind everyone that there is more to life than what we can obtain materialistically, The true completeness lies in the fulfillment of the spirit…..at one with nature. remembering how very small we are in this world.”
Glenn, New York, August, 2001, 2-day Hopi journey

“I just wanted to tell you that our day in Hopi Land was one of the highlights of our trip. Like you mentioned we went with an open mind and open heart and were not disappointed. The day spent was a real privilege. Isn’t it amazing that in this day and age, the Hopis continue to live much in the same way as their ancestors. This was the real deal! …We are so fortunate to have been allowed to enter their world for a few short hours. You take care and continue in your work to help educate all of us.”
J. Morimoto from California, April, 2008

“I want to thank you for the great experience you gave us on our trip in the Hopi reservation. Our expectations were exceeded. Quickly all of us realized we had hired a very legitimate, experienced guide who knew the people well. That was one of the most important, if not the most important, considerations for us in choosing a guide, and we were glad that you were in fact an expert. It seemed the people we met enjoyed giving us something to take away beyond the basic exchange, and that was wonderful. We had nice conversations and it added significant depth to our experience of Hopi; we were participating rather than just looking in. And we saw much more than we could have without a guide. I would highly recommend Sandra as a Hopi guide to other groups. It quickly became clear that Sandra has real personal relationships with the Hopi people she knows. She was able to guide us through the reservation, and put together a program that was special and unique. The people she introduced us to were welcoming and opened up to us some things you just can’t read about in a book.” Jered Stoehr, Arnaud and Ann, California and Netherlands, 2007

“I HIGHLY recommend Crossing Worlds to any traveler. We feel EXTREMELY grateful to have found her!!!! Sandra took care of every detail of our trip from wheelchair rental to hotel accommodations. Every thing was absolutely perfect during our 9 day adventure during which my 80 year old parents and myself (I’m in my 40s) did everything you can think of – from a 4 hour jeep tour of Canyon De Chelly to playing Bingo on the Hopi rez until 11:30 at night! (The Bingo probably won’t be a common request – but it was ours and she made it happen!)

We met some lovely people through her and felt both excited and relaxed during our trip. Being Native myself I can tell you that traveling with Sandra will allow you to meet real people from the area – who happen to be Indian – and if you are not familiar with Indian culture(s) you will have a real view into a different world from the “dominant” one most of us live our daily lives within. Words can not convey all of our experiences – I wish the same positive energy and force that all three of us gained for our lives to all travelers who are fortunate enough to have found Sandra and Crossing Worlds.”
Roberta A Duhaime, DVM, Mohawk heritage

“I chose Crossing Worlds Journeys because I sensed that they really cared and wanted me to experience the Native American cultures as well as to understand their beliefs. Little did I know that they would transport me into their world, help me honor people who live by their beliefs, and rekindle an awe of the magic found in nature.

The persons we met accepted us without judgment, shared with us their food and knowledge, and welcomed us into their spirit at the level that each person chose to be received. It makes one wonder what life on Earth would be like if all of us were as unconditionally loving as the guides involved with Crossing Worlds. I am grateful that the persons we met and learned from have chosen to be caretakers.” Lisaminh Woodruff, New York, fall, 2000.

“Thank you for an unforgettable trip to the Hopi lands. The whole day was special. As we drove away from the mesa with the Indian music playing, I felt that I was leaving a special world behind. I will treasure these memories. Thank you for introducing me to your Hopi friends and being a gracious guide.”
C. P., Indianapolis, May, 2000

“Getting to know the Hopi people was one of the highlights of my trip. Interacting with the Hopi by eating with them at their table, dancing with them and mingling with the children was an experience that was very unique with a tour. In fact. I felt as if iI was part of their family and really connected with them on every level. It was such a personal experience that I didn’t think of me being on a tour but on vacation visiting family and friends”. Carolyn W., Washington, D.C.