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Seaweed – A Healing Gift from Mother Earth

Seaweed  – A Healing Gift from Mother Earth

laminaria seaweed

Seaweed  – A Healing Gift from Mother Earth

by Deborah Williams

The powers of seaweed has been drawn upon for centuries for their ability to prolong life, prevent disease and impart beauty and health.

The composition of seawater is very similar to that of human blood plasma. Seaweed carries this “sea-blood” into the human body releasing numerous minerals and constituents that are essential for maintaining blood alkalinity, thyroid function, hormonal balance and overall health and well-being.

Not all seaweeds are alike.

Following the Chernobyl nuclear accident, scientists studied various forms of seaweed for their ability to detoxify the body from radiation. Their tests found that only brown seaweed (in particular Laminaria) contains a significant amount of sodium alginates needed to aid in this process.

Alginates are highly effective organic elements that aid the human body in the cleansing of heavy metals. Alginates actually bind to heavy metal molecules and then, since the alginates are not digestible, they are eliminated from the body as waste product along with whatever they have bound to themselves.

Other key components of brown seaweed are:

Iodine, which feeds the thyroid gland, which controls metabolism and hormonal balance

Fucoidan, which can cause certain types of rapidly growing cancer cells to self-destruct

Laminarin, which is a polysaccharide helpful in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease

Detoxification Aide

Our highly technological modern world presents many challenges to our immune systems. On a daily basis we are exposed to numerous toxins and heavy metals. Seaweed offers an efficient, effective natural method to aid in clearing these substances from our systems so that we may maintain health and balance.

nurturing the body with a seaweed wrap

nurturing the body with a seaweed wrap

Seaweed wraps and baths are an excellent method of detoxification. The skin, being the largest organ in the body, has the ability to absorb nutrients directly into the bloodstream via the capillary network. So, a seaweed wrap or bath is much more than an indulgence of the senses – although it is most certainly that too!

Nutritional Supplement

Seaweed supplements are also an excellent support to heavy metal and free radical detoxification. However, in order to experience the optimal benefit, attention must be paid to where the seaweed has been harvested and how it has been processed. Since seaweed has the tendency to absorb anything in its vicinity, it is important that the waters from which it is harvested be free of pollutants and rich in minerals. It is also important that no heat be used in processing and, ideally, the outer cellulose fibers removed.

Everyone can benefit from brown seaweed. Mother earth has truly blessed us with this wonderfully rich sea plant.

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Deborah Williams is a talented bodyworker, dedicated to healing with a powerful, attentive presence fluidly mixed with sensitivity and humor. She encourages a loving relationship with our own body
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article first posted May 1, 2008