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Grand Canyon and Sacred Peaks personalized journey

Grand Canyon and Sacred Peaks personalized journey

Grand Canyon and Sacred Peaks


Ancient connecting places between humans and spirit.
~ a personalized journey ~

Arizona’s Grand Canyon personalized, Colorado River, Little Colorado River overlook, San Francisco Peaks, Navajo Indian lands, trading post, geology and natural history of the Colorado; Hopi place of emergence; sacred lands perspectives; contemplate the vastness; earth honoring ceremony: authentic and personal, led by an Arizona native.

Spirit of Place Journey to Mythological Sacred Place of Emergence Circling the Sacred Peaks

NASA image looking into eastern gateway and Inner Basin of the caldera of the San Francisco Peaks which is surrounded by a crater-strewn volcanic field that last erupted 1064 AD. It is located southeast of the Grand Canyon. Our journey takes all the way around the mountain.

We circle the San Francisco Peaks – the highest point in Arizona – enroute to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in a personalized mystic connections journey. For Hopi, Navajo, Havasupai, Zuni, Apache and other tribes, these are holy places associated with emergence, deities, ancestors, life giving moisture and ceremony. Mythic meanings merge with your own heightened perception of natural energies, power of place. We take moments to consciously connect with the Spirit of Place, to enter with an honoring energy so that we open communication with the resonant energy field of these ancient and modern-day places of spiritual pilgrimage.

San Francisco Peaks

Historic mural at Grand Canyon historic site depicting origin of the Hopi Snake Ceremony by Hopi artist Fred Kabotie.

Historic mural at Grand Canyon historic site depicting origin of the Hopi Snake Ceremony by Hopi artist Fred Kabotie.

The views come to life as you hear of Native people’s relation to this wonder of creation and the archaeology and colorful American history. Learn of the geological Grand Staircase which reveals one-third of the earth’s evolution and the natural history of this region. See the historic district including the Hopi House, walk a ways down the Bright Angel Trail, see the mules up close and personal at their barn. We will see a corner of Navajo land, meet Navajo artists at their land at an overlook of Little Colorado River and see an historic trading post.

“As we come into this awakening time, the powerful presence of this Womb of Mother Earth is both grounding and expansive.
I know, she calls me often to come and just be.”
Sandra Cosentino

Customized Options

starnight time, meteor shower, full moon, dawn and sunset journeys available

stardiscussion of ways to connect with sacred lands for creativity and inspiration; contemplation time

starceremony for new beginnings

This customized journey led by Sandra Cosentino, who is native to Arizona. She shares her informed passion, depth of knowledge and decades of experience with the places, energies and Peoples of the region.
Day trip to South Rim, Navajo lands and San Francisco Peaks loop
beginning from Sedona, 10 hours:
$230* per person ( with 3 person minimum)

Lunch or breakfast options (not included):
historic hotel, cafeteria or bring picnic to eat at a rim overlook

photo by Sandra Cosentino taken at a special dawn ceremony by Havaupai people.

Independent Traveler Option:

To enhance your private trip for 1-3 people.
Includes 1.5 hour seminar in Sedona: history, geology, Native American perspectives of these sacred places, teachings on entering with honoring energy to open to Spirit of Place and on making mystical connections. You receive: a route map, information sheet, my CD collection of Native insights, music, stories to play enroute.
cost: $125 total, 1.5 hours.

For a richer experience, consider doing one or both of these Sedona seminars in nature:
Earth and Sky Speak to Us
Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey
Will add 30 minute Grand Canyon seminar to either of these for $50 (includes CD, map, info sheet).

Grand Canyon Mystical Nature and Sky Connections Journey:

2.5 day Itinerary:
Day 1, 4 hour evening seminar in Sedona: Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey + Earth and Sky Speak to Us
$135 each with 3 or more ($185 each with 2)

Day 2:
9 am – leave Sedona for the Canyon with day of exploring in more out of the way locations, with time for personal communion and walks. Sunset into stars come out taking in the beauty and energies.

Day 3:
Dawn rim viewing, back for early breakfast at El Tovar historic hotel. Quiet reflection time, writing before checking out of hotel. Then spend the day exploring the East Rim and focusing on Hopi ancestor and other tribal connections to the canyon along with more time viewing, deeply observing, short walks. Stop at Navajo trading post and Navajo outdoor art sales area. Will stop at an Ancestral Puebloan greathouse site and drive through volcanic field.

Return to Sedona in early evening.

Consider extending this with a day trip to Hopi Indian Lands which are just to the northeast of the Canyon.

$600 per day for 1 – 3 person group = $1,200 guide fee + hotel room for for guide for customized 2 day Grand Canyon-Cultural sites-mystic attunement theme journey. Includes transportation, program, entry fees.

Not included: meals and hotel or camping (I can loan you gear–camping sites can be reserved ahead).

Can arrange a customized trip for less than 4, rate will depend on program and time involved.

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Words by Zane Grey in Call of the Canyon in 1924 still speak to us today:

“And at last Carley realized that sun and light and stars and noon and night and shade, all working in incesssantly and mutably over shapes and lines and angles and surfaces too numerous and too great for the sight of man to hold, made an ever-changing spectacle of supreme beauty and coloful grandeur…..The superficialities of the world shrunk to their proper significance. stronger than the recorded deeds of saints, stronger than the eloquence of the gifted uplifters of men, stronger than any words every written, was the grand, brooding, sculptured aspect of nature.”

“But just to breathe that untainted air, just to see once the boundless open of colored sand and rock–to realize what the freedom of eagles meant would not that have helped anyone?

And with the thought there came to Carley’s quickened and struggling mind a conception of freedom. She had not yet watched eagles, but she now gazed out into their domain.

What then must be the effect of such environment on people whom it encompassed?

The idea stunned Carley. Would such people grow in proportion to the nature with which they were in conflict? Hereditary influence could not be comparable to such environment in the shaping of character.”