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Fall Retreats: Sedona, Hopi, Navajo-Canyon de Chelly, and Grand Canyon

Fall Retreats: Sedona, Hopi, Navajo-Canyon de Chelly, and Grand Canyon

Fall Retreats & Mystic Vision Programs: Sedona,
Hopi & Navajo-Canyon de Chelly


Fall is a great time for retreats such as a Sedona Vision Quest Retreat or Spirit Journey, a personalized Grand Canyon mystic vision journey, or to Hopi and/or Navajo Indian lands.
This is a lovely time of year in northern Arizona with mostly clear, sunny days and the evenings cooling with hint of fall.
Fall at Hopi is the harvest season when the ladies are fulfilling their role in the ceremonial cycle of the year as the men bring in the corn, beans, squash, melons from the fields.

Date TBA
Hopi Fall Harvest Spirit Journey

3 days for more in depth range of experiences.  This is the only 3-day program scheduled in 2018 (but can be created for your group at another date).

Sept. 21 – 28
Fall Equinox New Moon Sedona Vision Quest Retreat

options to do select portions of program so create a shorter retreat

Pathways we Use:
–Shamanism based on a living relation to Nature and seer skills
–Ceremony–Create sacred space, invoke cosmic energies
–Conscious evolution using powerful insight tools that enhance the shamanic practices including lucid dreaming, rewiring belief systems, tracking how you use your energy
–Mindfulness–here-now clear-eyed Presence with Self

includes Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey Seminar on the land to develop skills in shamanic journey and connecting with helper spirits, and Earth and Sky Speaks to Us, and Water Ceremony, and labyrinth ceremony:
Core nature awareness skills development. Practice ways of being in nature as a doorway to open to fresh inspiration: rock divining, vision circle, tree wisdom, thick description, close observation, embracing the elements, messages mirrored to you from nature, noticing patterns. What are signs? Opening to the supportive energies of nature, walking quest experience.

Oct. 12 – 15:
Full Moon…Hopi-Navajo Vision Circles in Nature:

new program…Sedona mystic vision & ceremony outdoor seminar followed by 3-day Navajo and Hopi Spirit Journey inspirational circles with solo vision time on the rim of Canyon de Chelly

+ Full Moon Canyon de Chelly/Navajo and Hopi Spirit Journey 

Oct. 5 – 6
2A. Earth-Spirit Connection & Mystic Seeing weekend outdoor seminar


Oct. 19:
1-day Hopi Spirit Journey celebrating the feminine harvest cycle of the year

Oct. 21-22 –  Orionids Meteor Shower (Oct. 2 – Nov. 7).  

painting above by Fred Kabotie

Oct. 24 – Sedona Full Moon Mystic Insights and Ceremony Circle

Oct. 26 – 31

1. Be Your Own Shaman-Seer New Moon Core Skills Development Retreat and Mid-Fall Celebration

Fall is a great time for a personalized Grand Canyon Mystic Vision Journey

Can be arranged year round

Nov. 7  – New Moon and Celtic Samhain, mid-fall festival to prepare for winter

Nov. 9 – 11:
2B. Mystic Vision Core Skills Retreat — introduction to vision quest skills

Nov. 29 or 30:
1 or 2-day Hopi Spirit Journey celebrating the spirit of Thanksgiving

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