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Expanded Now Awareness in Nature

Expanded Now Awareness in Nature

The practice of Nature mysticism occurs in a state of expanded now awareness.

 Pathways of the Modern Day Mystic series by Sandra Cosentino

“It is not the woods I hike through. I hike through the field of power around me that I call my soul, even though at this moment, in this place, I may call it “the woods.”
(Tom Cowan, Yearning for the Wind)

Nature Mysticism and Expanded Now Awareness

Painting of young girl in a meadow under moon and starry sky catching lightning bugs represents being in a state of expanded now awareness connected to nature

Children naturally express wonder and joy of connection with the natural world. “Magic Child” by Patricia Lopez Latour

The practice of nature mysticism occurs in a state of expanded now awareness.

In this state, you can make connection with the vibrational energies from the stars, the earth, the trees, the waters, the bird and animal beings.

You are awake, yet in an expanded state of consciousness. Direct knowing can flow in.  A joyous sense of being part of the larger plan of life often arises spontaneously.

You see through the eyes of your Higher Self and enter a timeless realm.

These transcendent moments give a higher perspective on our life.   These moments instill a sense of inner peace and of feeling at home.

Fall leaves changing color in Canyon de Chelly illustrates how beautiful places inspire a higher perspective on life and you become more grounded, yet are free in spirit.

Canyon de Chelly fall colors by Sandra Cosentino

Brain Rebalances & Opens New Channels.

The microcrystals in your brain rebalance as you absorb the flows of natural energies. Stress falls away.

You become more grounded, yet free in spirit.

Then heart can take lead. And your intuitive center opens new channels of direct knowledge.


Flashes of insight occur for people absorbed and fully present in nature. This practice is called “non-doing.” And, if you resist the temptation to begin thinking and planning, delicate seeds of the greater you can take root.

Mindfulness and Here-Now Focus

Mindfulness comes from the wisdom of Buddha. It teaches the importance of maintaining calm awareness of body and consciousness.  This supports the arising of wisdom.

This philosophy has been adapted in recent decades into western practices such as Ekhart Tolle’s The Power of Now.

Surrendering to the Now points us to freedom to be our authentic self.

These are potent practices for expanding consciousness.

shaft of sunlight on red cliff wall at Canyon de Chelly symbolizes observing in an expanded state of now awareness using mindfulness practices.

Qualities of light in Nature enchant me. Photo by Sandra Cosentino in Canyon de Chelly. Photos, however, do not capture how Light stimulates an inner radiance.

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