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Sedona Seasonal Circles & Celestial Events Index

Sedona Seasonal Circles & Celestial Events Index

Celestial Inspirations…

As long as humans have been on earth, they watched the skies and noted the season’s changing. Here in Sedona, locals and visitors both enjoy gathering, viewing, connecting with the energy of season’s turnings, moon cycles and celestial events.

Seasonal circles provide inspiration, renew vitality and sense of balance. As we respond to seasonal change, walk our intentions, and gather with others, we are also aligning with the potent primal energies of our planet and the cosmos around us.


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Full & New Moon, Eclipses, Meteor showers and
4 Season Turning points:  spring & fall equinox; summer & winter solstice
Mid-Season Points(Candlemas, Beltane/May Day, Lammas, Samhain/All Hallow’s Eve) 

I have gained a deep sense of connectedness to the greater cycles of life from more than three decades of experience with ceremonial recognition of these seasonal and celestial events.  Our human energy systems are affected by the celestial cycle energies.

I welcome you to join in or create with me a ceremony, retreat, mystical nature seminar or other earth-spirit experience.

I once led a Circle of Power Healing Ceremony at 2 am during a summer meteor shower, have often left in the dark to be at the Grand Canyon at dawn, and always tune into the energy and awe-inspiring beauty of these events.

Seasonal Cycles

Full Moon – Full Moon nights, including the 2 nights before the peak, are always events in Sedona.
New Moon – subtler than the full moon, but auspicious timing for new beginnings, seeding projects.
Please see schedule at bottom for the Full & New Moon Mystic Insights & Ceremony Circle.

Sunset and Sunrise are powerful points each day to pause and connect.  I time many of my programs to work with these potent energies such as the Sunset, Starlight Nature and Solo Vision Circle

Solstices  are the annual extremes of light and dark and mark the 2 major ceremonial doorways.
Equinoxes are the balance of day and night and are potent times to align with in ceremony.

Cross-Quarter Days or Mid-Season Points (Candlemas, Beltane, Lammas, Samhain/All Hallow’s Eve in the Celtic tradition) are subtler seasonal turning points, but ones our ancestors always acknowledged in ceremony.

Celestial Events such as solar and lunar eclipses and meteor showers are awe inspiring times.

Seasonal Special Ceremonies and Programs

Valentines/Presidents Day weekend: heartful time

Spring Equinox: new life coming forth

April-May retreats

Memorial Day weekend: beginning of summer, honoring service

Summer Solstice: peak of the solar influence

4th of July weekend, Sedona, Hopi and Navajo–special Native American gatherings

Labor Day weekend: relax from work, respect for work

Fall Equinox  Retreats, Ceremonies

October & November Fall retreats & programs

Thanksgiving weekend: special programs and Hopi independent Journey

Winter Solstice: shortest day when the sun begins it return

New Year’s Eve and Day: setting the energy for positive change in your new year

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