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Sedona Seasonal & Celestial Events

Sedona Seasonal & Celestial Events

Turning Points of the Year & Celestial Events–
inspiring times for ceremonies, circles, retreats

Seasonal events in and near Sedona, Arizona: summer solstice, fall equinox, winter solstice, full moon, new moon, meteor showers, eclipses, New Year’s Eve and Day, spring equinox–ceremonies, campfire circles, special Hopi Journeys, retreats, vision quest

Special Events…

for seasonal turning points of the year

Since time immemorial, humans have acknowledged these major turning points of the year with special festivals, ceremonies, and gatherings. These circles provide inspiration and help us maintain joyful connections with life and attunement with the greater patterns of organization within the universe.


Meteor shower and full moon dates

Winter Solstice: shortest day when the sun begins it return

New Year’s Eve and Day: setting the energy for positive change in your new year

Valentines Day weekend: heartful time

Spring Equinox: new life coming forth

Memorial Day weekend: beginning of summer, honoring service

Summer Solstice: peak of the solar influence

4th of July weekend, Sedona, Hopi and Navajo–special Native American gatherings

Labor Day weekend: relax from work, respect for work

Fall Equinox: time of harvest festivals

Thanksgiving weekend: special programs and tours

Full Moon, New Moon,
Mid-Season Points(Candlemas, Beltane/May Day, Lammas, Samhain/All Hallow’s Eve), Celestial Events (eclipses, meteor showers)