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Greetings to you at this Mid-Winter seasonal turning point.  February 3 is the winter cross-quarter day known as Imbolc by ancestral Celtic peoples.  Clearly now there is more light even in the depths of winter.
Winter Tree of Life painting below expresses the richness of this season…by Cottonwood, Arizona artist, Wendy Harford.

Longing—a universal force calling for our evolution

Mid-winter is a time when the roots beneath the soil are increasing their activity.  I too can feel that stirring beneath the surface as a kind of longing for emergence of more of my soul’s voice.

Frank McEowen, in his eloquent book Mist Filled Path, says:
“Initiation is triggered by longing. The longing is a spiritual force that will lead us to where we need to be and connect with those whom we need to know.  This is a proactive and provocative path of fostering a deep relationship to the life we are meant to lead.”

The genuine callings of our heart takes into a bigger field of possibility than we could glimpse before and can instigate change in our life more aligned with our Higher Self.

McEowen says, “Nearly all initiations, if they are truly centered in the life of the soul, are about stepping into right relationship with the spirit of longing.  Initiation is the process of defining and refining one’s role in the life of our longing, determining how we can be conduits for its influence in our lives and world.”

This is my inspiration for a new 2-day retreat:
Voice of our Longing – Fresh Look – Instigate Change Retreat.
This is for people with some background in spiritual practices who want to explore stepping past your comfort zone into new areas of expression.  Half of the program is outdoors with field practices, here-now presence, nature connection and ceremony.

Sedona in Winter has a magical beauty.

But for about 24 hours on December 31, a larger than predicted snowstorm caught everyone by surprise and left many stranded or in huge traffic jams due to icy roads.  And many had to wait for 2 or 3 days for residential streets to be cleared.

Cathedral Rock by Godd Frame Photography, Jan. 1, 2019
Monica Parsley Cathedral Rock

Snow never lasts long in Sedona but increased moisture in the air brings gorgeous sunsets as seen in this December photo by Monica Parsley:


February is the season the Powamu, Bean Dance.  This 16 day series of rituals promote fertility, germination and the early growth of seed.  Most of these are closed to visitors. Ogres appear as disciplinarians and reminders to follow the Hopi way of life.  Children receive gifts to honor their good behavior.
Painting of Bean Dance by Gerry Quotskuyva.

March is the Katsina Night Dances which occur in the kivas and are not open to the public.

Much energy is put into this season by Hopis of all ages in anticipation of the coming growing season.

Some upcoming Programs

March 9-10
Voice of our Longing – Fresh Look – Instigate Change personalized Retreat

March 20: Full Moon and Spring Equinox!
March 20-22 
Spring Equinox Emerging Vision Nature 
Retreat and Full Moon Ceremony-Celebration

March 29-31
2B. Mystic Vision Core Skills + Solo Circle Mid-Spring Retreat

April 16-20
1. Full Moon Be Your Own Shaman-Seer Mystic Insight  Retreat

April 22: Earth Day special program:  Honoring Mother Earth

May 3-5
2B. Mystic Vision Core Skills + Solo Circle Mid-Spring Retreat

May 13-20: 3.  Sedona Vision Quest Retreat 8 days,
or May 13-18 – can do 6 day: Full Moon Be Your Own Shaman-Seer Mystic Insight  Retreat

May 25-26
Voice of our Longing – Fresh Look – Instigate Change personalized Retreat

June 22 – 23:
Summer Solstice Celebration of Light and Earth Connections seminar: Ceremony, Totem Animal and Earth Energy Connections, make ceremonial staffs, Sedona

June 15-23
3. Summer Solstice Sedona Vision Quest Retreat – 8 days
or June 15 – 20 can do the shorter 6-day:
1. Be Your Own Shaman-Seer Mystic Insight  Retreat

June 23-24:  Hopi Spirit Journey

Happy mid-winter turning point season to you,

Sandra Cosentino

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