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August brings transformational energies. 

In the natural world, this peak of growth time brings great fruition.  Can you feel a kind of quickening, a turning point energy?  This week is the cross-quarter point half way between summer and spring.

Ancestral (and modern day) Europeans celebrated this time of fruition from the union of male and female with festivals.  Ancient Egyptians (and modern day) had August festivals celebrating the annual flooding of the Nile River, the bringer of life in the desert.  They timed its onset using the heliacal rising of Sirius, the key event used to set their calendar.

At Hopi, the paired Snake and Flute Dances are performed by the Snake and Antelope societies and will occur in the next 2 weeks to bring the last summer rains and ensure maturation of the crops. 

Fred Kabotie historic painting of Hopi flute dancers in deep attention to the Water Serpent to bring rain to their arid high desert so the corn will grow.

The snake is a symbol of mother earth and human sexuality from which all life is born.  The antelope symbolizes fruitful reproduction and its horns the connection to the higher spiritual powers.  Hence the union of the two is symbolic of the creation of life.

August 21 Solar Eclipse  

Some astrologers believe that a solar eclipse sets the tone for the next period of time, until the next eclipse.  Solar eclipses “unveil obstacles and dissolve blocks, acting as tools of the universe to impress upon humanity the next relevant stage of evolution (Belinda Dunn)”.

Please obtain safe solar eclipse watching glasses.
And may you be blessed by your conscious connection with these potent solar energies!

Sedona Solar Eclipse Energies Insight Retreat, Aug. 19-21.

We will explore new potentialities, clear our path, and activate life-positive fruition in our life as we connect with energies of the summer peak of growth time + the solar eclipse. Can do whole 3 day retreat or select programs

Fall Hopi and Navajo Spirit Journeys

Hopi tour, Hopi guide  

Much of the Colorado Plateau is the ancestor homeland of Hopi and Navajo people. Their own sacred geography grounds these cultures to the land.  I so agree with Navajo writer-poet Laura Tohe:  “I can’t go near you without feeling the earth sing through you.”

  • Sept. 24-25:  Navajo-Canyon de Chelly and Hopi Spirit Journey celebrating Fall Equinox
  • Oct. 4 – 7:  Mystic Vision Retreat that begins with 1 day seminar in nature + Full moon at Canyon de Chelly Navajo ceremony-jeep tour and Hopi spirit journey.
  • Oct. 21-22:  Hopi Spirit Journey during the ladies ceremonial cycle of the year and harvest time.  Includes making a gourd rattle with Hopi artists.
  • Nov. 24-25:  Hopi Spirit Journey connecting with the energies of Thanksgiving, which Hopi people live all year round.

This article gives a feeling of being in these spiritualized landscapes: “Circles of Connection in Hopi and Navajo Spirit-Scapes”

Monsoon moisture infused Sedona sunset by Monica Parsley

Events Calendar

Aug. 19-21: Sedona Solar Eclipse Energies Insight Retreat

Sept. 22:  Autumnal Equinox Celebration and Ceremony, 3 – 7 pm
Sept. 16 – 23: Fall Equinox Sedona Vision Quest Retreat

Sept. 24-25: Hopi and Navajo Spirit Journey  celebrating Fall Equinox

Oct. 4 – 7:  Mystic Vision Retreat that begins with Sedona 1 day seminar in nature + Full moon at Canyon de Chelly Navajo ceremony-jeep tour and Hopi spirit journey.

Oct. 21-22
2-day Hopi Spirit Journey celebrating the feminine cycle of the year

Nov. 3 – 4: Grand Canyon Mystic Vision Earth-Spirit Program

Nov. 24-25: Hopi Spirit Journey celebrating the spirit of Thanksgiving

Dec. 18 – 22: Winter Solstice Calling Back the Light Retreat

Dec. 30 – Jan 1: New Year’s Eve Insight Retreat & special ceremonies

May your end of summer be fruitful and
bring fresh energies to Light in your Life,
Sandra Cosentino

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