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Circles of Connection in Hopi and Navajo Spirit-Scapes

Much of the Colorado Plateau is the ancestor homeland of Hopi and Navajo people.   Their own sacred geography grounds these cultures to the land.
Ancient rhythms pulsate in the canyons, cliffs, rock art, ruins, and living descendants of those who came long before us.  Infinite possibilities seem within reach in these striking landscapes and big sky horizons.

In this article, I share some Hopi and Navajo perspectives on spirit of place and some of my observations from sharing many circles of connection here for more than three decades.

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The Dine (Navajo) claimed their own homeland on the Plateau with guidance of the Holy Ones and emergence stories in this, their 4th world of creation. Navajo philosophy centers on the concept of Hozho or balance between opposing tensions…

Wisdom and goal expressed by 2nd Mesa Hopi religious society participants recently:
“The bridges of life forces just be rebuilt and maintained. The Spirit of the Natural Worlds must once again reach the hearts of the peoples of the Earth.”

Here is my updated schedule of possible Hopi and Navajo 2-3 day Spirit Journeys (based on minimum of 3 people):

June 25 – 26:  2-day Hopi Spirit Journey–Summer Solstice energies
Aug. 12-13:  2-day Hopi Spirit Journey–Growing season energies, meteor shower
September 24 – 25: 2-day Hopi and Navajo/Canyon de Chelly Fall Equinox Spirit Journey
October 4 – 7:  Sedona Nature-Soul-Vision outdoor day 1 +seminar + full moon Navajo/Canyon de Chelly Mystic Vision Journey and Hopi Spirit Journey
Oct. 21-22:  2-day Hopi Spirit Journey — feminine energies of harvest season
Nov. 24 – 25: 2-day Hopi Spirit Journey — the spirit of Thanksgiving


Summer Solstice Doorway


 Many blessings to you at this powerful season’s turning time–I encourage you to do  your own conscious connection ceremony with this energy of the peak of light on June 21-22.


Activated by solar infusion of Light, every cell is stimulated to flow more energy.
Inner and outer pathways become energized.
Antennae attuned to the greater field of wisdom, new horizons appear calling us to action.
This fire energy becomes an invitation to cleanse what no longer serves.
Conscious choice to evolve beyond our known edge can be activated in ceremonial circle.
Since time immemorial, we humans have joined together to invoke well being for our Earth, our Community and ourself at these major turning points of the year.


Standing here at the doorway to the second half of the year, what do you wish to encourage in your life?

Cathedral Rock reflections and stone circle by Rusty Albertson

Some upcoming Circles, Retreats, Ceremonies

  • June 20: Summer Solstice Celebration-Ceremony-Mystic Insight outdoor seminar, Sedona
  • June 20-27: Summer Solstice Vision Quest Retreat & Ceremonies (option to do select programs)
  • June 25-26:  Hopi Solstice Spirit 2-day Journey
  • June 29-July 5: Be Your Own Shaman-Seer Insight Retreat
  • July 9-10: Full Moon Hopi Solstice Spirit 2-day Journey
  • June 29-July 5: Be Your Own Shaman-Seer Insight Retreat
  • Aug. 1-6: Be Your Own Shaman-Seer Insight Retreat
  • Sedona fall color in the red rocks by Rusty Albertson

  • Sept 22:  Fall Equinox Ceremony-Celebration
  • Sept. 16-23:  Fall Equinox Vision Quest Retreat (option to do select parts or mini-version)
  • Sept. 24-25: Hopi and Navajo Spirit Journey celebrating Autumn Equinox
  • October 4 – 7:  Sedona, Navajo-Canyon de Chelly-Hopi Nature-Soul-Vision Full Moon Retreat-Spirit Journey
  • Oct. 21-22:  2-day Hopi Spirit Journey feminine energies of harvest season
  • Nov. 3-4: Grand Canyon Full Moon Mystic Vision Earth-Spirit Program
  • Nov. 24-25: 2-day Hopi Spirit Journey  — the spirit of Thanksgiving
  • Dec. 21: Winter Solstice Celebration and Ceremony
  • Dec. 18 – 22: Winter Solstice Calling Back the Light Retreat
  • Dec. 30-Jan 1: New Year’s Eve Insight Retreat & special ceremonies


Sun-kissed, happy summer joy-of-the-natural-world times to  you!

Sandra Cosentino and the Crossing Worlds circle in Sedona, Hopi and Navajo

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