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Happy Mid-Winter turning point to you.

Exploring ancestral sites has been a fascination of mine for many decades.  Yesterday I enjoyed an insightful class about Verde Valley prehistoric archeoastronomy sites taught by Kenneth J. Zoll, Director of the Verde Valley Archaeology Center, and author of this excellent illustrated book:  Heart of the Sky, Ancient Skywatchers of Central Arizona. (The book is available at the VVAC in Camp Verde or contact them via VVAC website to order a copy.)

Summer solstice light and shadow pattern, V Bar V heritage site, Red Rock Ranger District.


Ken has documented many ancestral sites in the Verde Valley/central Arizona region that reveal prehistoric astronomical practices that are part of their social, religious and agricultural relationship to the landscape.

“The celestial ideas and beliefs of these societies become materialized in the location of rock art, isolated monuments and architecture.  These sites become part of the ceremonial landscape of the people.” (David Bruno and Julian Thomas, Landscape Archaeology)

Cathedral Rock Solstice Marker.
I was particularly interested in observations Ken reported by geologist Paul Lindberg that a 7-room ancestor site on top of the steep-sided west Twin Butte (the formation behind the Chapel of the Holy Cross in photo to right) may have been a sun watching observation point.

The summer solstice sunrise makes a wedge-shaped shadow pointed toward toward a notch on top of Cathedral Rock (one of Sedona’s named “vortex” sites in today’s mythology).

To left is view of Cathedral Rock taken at sunrise on June 21, 2009 (summer solstice) from the top of West Twin Butte. “It shows the shadow cast by the summit of East Twin Butte directly in line with the saddle of Cathedral Rock. This sundial effect must have been known to prehistoric people living in the area as a significant archaeological event. “(Photo by Paul Lindberg.)

I remember over the past 3 decades, several Hopi people have made me aware of an eagle head carved on the side of this west Twin Butte long ago by their ancestors to identify this area as a sacred site.  That fits well with it also being a Sunwatcher site.  Plus it overlooks to the south a stunning circle of cliffs including Bell Rock (another “vortex” site that also has significance to ancestral people) directly to the south.

Water is very much on our minds here in this unusually warm and dry Arizona winter.

 Water is life, carries consciousness. 
“When you pray into the water, it intensifies your prayer…your intention can travel though the clouds and time as the water recycles.”
Pat McCabe speaks eloquently of experiences having an alliance, joyful and respectful dialogue with water in this short video Speaking to Water.

Hopi Declaration of Water
“As children of water,
we raise our voices in solidarity to speak for all waters.
Water, the breath of all life, water the sustainer of life,
water the voice of our ancestors water pristine and powerful”…..
see full text here in Crossing Worlds Hopi Project article

World Water Day, on 22 March every year, is about focusing attention on the importance of water. The theme for 2018 is ‘Nature for Water’ – exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face. “We need to do so much more with ‘green’ infrastructure and harmonize it with ‘grey’ infrastructure wherever possible. Planting new forests, reconnecting rivers to floodplains, and restoring wetlands will rebalance the water cycle and improve human health and livelihoods.” more here

Some Upcoming Programs

Monthly full moon mystic insights & ceremony circles–these are lovely both the night before and the night of the full moon.
See full Calendar here (includes celestial timings)

Feb. 17-20:
2C. Aligning with the Greater Self:  Shaman-Seer Skills Development, Nature, Ceremony Retreat

March 17 – 20
Spring Equinox Emerging Vision Retreat

March 24 and 25, 6 pm to 8:30 pm

special Sedona Spring Spirit experiential program with Hopi wise person and artist Roanna Kagenveama:

  • Saturday:  Ancestor Wisdom, Spring Blessings and Seeding New Life Ceremony
  • Sunday:  Create your Spirit Staff with Hopi artist, talking circle, Hopi songs and dance steps, Heart Speaks Ceremony
photo above of Roanna Kagenveama at Montezuma Well by Jackie Klieger

March 27 – April 2
mystic vision, power animal, Sedona, retreat, shamanic journey, vortex tour1. Full Moon Be Your Own Shaman-Seer Mystic Insight  Retreat

March 30-April 1
2B. Mystic Vision Core Skills + Solo Circle Full Moon Retreat

April 13 – 15:
Spring, New Moon Conscious Re-Creation

April 22:
Earth Day special program:  Honoring Mother Earth–nature connection, earth-spirit practices and ceremony

April 28-29:
2A. Earth-Spirit Connections + Solo Circle Full Moon Spring Retreat

Sedona Full Moon by Rusty Albertson

May 5 – 7:
2B. Mystic Vision Core Skills + Solo Circle Mid-Spring Retreat

May 12 – 19:
3. Summer Solstice Sedona Vision Quest Retreat

circle of power, medicine wheel, ceremony, Sedona tour, Sedona retreat, vision quest

May 26-30:
1. Memorial Day Full Moon Be Your Own Shaman-Seer Mystic Insight  Retreat (can full full program or mini retreat over the weekend)

May 31 – June 3:
Navajo-Hopi Vision Circles in Nature: Sedona mystic vision & ceremony outdoor seminar followed by 3-day Full Moon Navajo and Hopi Spirit Journey inspirational circles with solo vision time on the rim of Canyon de Chelly

That Which Awaits Dawn (Milky Way) by Melvin Brainbridge

Canyon de Chelly, jeep tour, Navajo journey, spirit journey, ceremony

Canyon de Chelly by jeep.

June 9 – 10:
2A. Earth-Spirit Connection & Mystic Seeing weekend outdoor seminar

June 20:
Summer Solstice Celebration, Ceremony, Mystic Insight outdoor seminar, Sedona

June 16-23, 2018
3. Summer Solstice Sedona Vision Quest Retreat (option to do selective parts of program/mini-retreat)

June 24 – 25:
2-day Hopi Spirit Journey

The complex cycle of interrelated responsibilities and concepts that is the Hopi religious system is all the more complicated because each of the twelve Hopi villages possesses the autonomy to carry out Hopi religious practices independently. The timing of ceremonies, the underlying concepts may vary among the Hopi villages. Nevertheless, throughout the land of the Hopi, the religious mission is the same: to promote and achieve a “unity” of everything in the universe.”
Alph H. Secakuku Following the Sun and Moon, The Hopi Kachina Tradition

Mountain Sheep Dance by Raymond Naha

July 27:
2B. Mystic Vision Core Skills + Solo Circle Full Moon Retreat

Aug. 8-12
1. Be Your Own Shaman-Seer Insight New Moon Retreat and Mid-Summer Celebration-Ceremony

Aug. 25-26
2-day Hopi  Spirit Journey — Full Moon!

Sept. 1 – 3:
2B. Mystic Vision Core Skills + Solo Circle Full Moon Retreat

Sept. 13-15:
Hopi Fall Harvest Spirit Journey:  3 days for more in depth range of experiences.  This is the only 3-day program scheduled in 2018 (but can be created for your group at another date).

Hopi tour, spirit journey, corn is life, ceremonial cycle, villages, authentic

Hopi dry farmed field.

Sept. 22 – 29:
3. Fall Equinox Full Moon Sedona Vision Quest Retreat

Sept. 23:
Autumnal Equinox Celebration and Ceremony

Oct. 3 – 6:
 Full Moon Canyon de Chelly/Navajo and Hopi Spirit Journey new program
Sedona mystic vision & ceremony outdoor seminar followed by 3-day Navajo and Hopi Spirit Journey inspirational circles with solo vision time on the rim of Canyon de Chelly

Spider Rock, Canyon de Chelly, by Tracey Turner


Oct. 13 – 14
2A. Earth-Spirit Connection & Mystic Seeing weekend outdoor seminar

Oct. 20-21:
Hopi Spirit Journey celebrating the feminine harvest cycle of the year

Hopi Basket Dance painting  by Fred Kabotie

I am aware of the intense energy Hopi people put into series of ceremonies from Winter Solstice to Spring Equinox.  They remind me of the potency of fertilizing our seeds of life in preparation for new emergence and flowering.

May this be a potent time for you as well,
Sandra Cosentino

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