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Earth-Spirit Seminar in Nature: Honoring Ways to Connect with the Living Earth

Earth-Spirit Seminar in Nature: Honoring Ways to Connect with the Living Earth

Honoring Ways to Connect With the Living Earth experiential seminar:

++ connect with and know the natural world
++ earth-spirit practices for honoring the sentiency of the world around us
++ seeding life-positive energies

earth-spirit circle to connect with nature, sunset red cliffs

Fall Equinox Earth-Spirit Ceremony by Sandra Cosentino

This earth-spirit program is led by Sandra Cosentino, based on a life time of nature explorations and decades of sharing circles in nature with Native American and Earth-Spirited people from many places in the world. She shares universal practices that are part of our shared human heritage on this planet.

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Themes:  earth-spirit connection and honoring ways practices, getting acquainted with the ecosystem, spirit of place, attentiveness, reciprocity, seeding life-positive energies, role of ceremony, here-now presence, signs, listening-observing with all the senses.

Living Earth Earth-Spirit Seminar in Nature

“By tuning into the earth, knowing her heart as our own and awakening to nature’s pulses, we resonate with forces which push us now to evolve and grow. The time is ripe to expose our own latent talents, and so, rouse confidence to find our way through changing times.” 

(Llyn Roberts, Speaking With Nature)

Healing Time in Nature

Modern urban life is very stimulative and demands focused, goal-oriented attention. Time spent outdoors in a natural setting allows us to unwind and become more fluid, present in the moment. Senses come alive in a joyful way instead of the stressful, on high-alert protective mode needed to navigate the urban world. Time spent out in non-linear beingness, strengthens the nervous system and helps us deal with change and fears.

The microcrystals in your brain rebalance as you absorb the flows of natural energies. Stress falls away. You become more grounded, yet free in spirit. Your intuitive center that lives within your heart takes lead and opens new channels of direct knowledge. Flashes of insight flow through when you achieve this state of non-doing absorbtion with nature. And if you resist the temptation to begin thinking/planning, delicate seeds of the greater you begin to take root. An inner courage and confidence flows from these experiences.

The Earth herself “has a very big Munay (active heart-connecting energy) acting on our behalf. To be struck by Her Munay is like being struck by lightning. She gives us a jumpstart and then it is up to us to “keep that fire lit in our heart alive in our daily life.”
(wisdom from Arkan Lushwalah)

Going beyond the benefits we receive from the natural world, have you considered that we modern humans have a role in having a conscious relational interaction with the living earth?

In this experiential earth-spirit seminar we will explore ways to connect with the natural world and do practices for honoring the sentiency of the world around us and seeding life-positive energies.

Some of the experiences……

Make Acquaintance with Nature. Observe, connect with the rocks, wind, clouds, plants, living creatures. Open all your senses to the sounds, smells, textures, qualities of light and shadow and air movements. Make a personal friendship with a tree. Sink into the earth.

Knowledge of Place.  Getting acquainted with elements of the ecosystem, paying attention, seeing details, sensing spirit of place.

“Knowledge of a place implies certain practices–this is most important to ensure harmony,” according to a Kogi leader from the Sierra Nevada mountains of Columbia at 2009 gathering in Sedona.  This wizened elder radiated a natural power born of the depth of his life long spiritual practice. “I see people here that remember.” He voiced concern that many people today don’t understand the language of the earth and encouraged us to pay attention to the purpose of our own place and help enhance that.

Invite a dialogue with spirit of place. “We can become so profoundly identified with this place that we become part of its spirit, its voice.” (Frank McEven)

Earth-Spirit Connection Practices. Medicine Walks, Divining Walk, Shapeshifting, Vision Circle and more.

Signs and Coincidence. Even the ordinary can become a sign to us when observed in the context of our focused attention.

Sharing gratitude and honoring energies with the living earth.  Native peoples are role models to me in their sincere expression of gratitude that is woven into every fiber of this earth-spirit dialogue. They carry a trust and knowing that the sentient field of intelligence surrounding us will respond; therefore, thanks is always given in advance.

“Reciprocity with the natural world is something that indigenous peoples and cultures have understood and practiced throughout time. Mother Earth gives and sustains life. To live in balance, it makes sense to reciprocate this ultimate gift she provides by living our lives in a way that honors her, and all that are part of her.” (Pachamama Alliance)

Seeding Energies and Role of Ceremony. Native peoples have also been a profound role model to me in the ways they sincerely devote their heart, spirit, and energies to life-positive ceremonial activation. The power of the human voice in song, chant and spoken prayer along with simple musical instruments engage your physical and emotional bodies in a felt experience.

In ceremony we offer our human vessel humbly as a conduit to quicken and catalyze life positive energies.

”We use ceremony to keep the balance. Ceremonies have meaning in relation to responsibility taken. Ceremony is like a thread, as a placenta connected from beginning.” (Kogi elder)

earth-spirit ceremony for solar eclipse, Sedona, Arizona

Closing circle at a solar eclipse ceremony by Sandra Cosentino

Deep Attentive Seeing.  You gain a sense of “knowing” that place or being as if for the first time when you take time to really see and sense. Attention is a powerful skill used by mystics, modern and ancient, to expand awareness of energies and open to perceiving new insights. The practice of focused attention to subtleties can expand perceptual, direct knowing. Ancestral peoples had deep observational abilities of the cycles of nature and celestial realms, for example, that gave birth to astronomies and spiritual practices to work with these natural energies to enhance their lives. Confidence and inner knowing arise from paying attention.

Here-Now Presence. In a state of expanded now awareness, you sense/invite a merging with vibrational energies from the stars, the earth, the trees, the waters, the bird and animal beings.  As you enter this greater field of energy, you then see through the eyes of your Higher Self and enter a timeless realm Aboriginals call the Dreamtime.  You are awake, yet in an expanded state of consciousness where direct knowing can flow in.  A joyous sense of being part of the larger plan of life often arises spontaneously.

Being Available to Spirit. We will work with skills involved in listening, seeing, opening space within, creating sacred space, releasing expectations and practice being in vision circleVision quest is a ceremony of “becoming available to Spirit”.

Arkan Lushwalah says ”connecting our human mind with the mind of our spirit is about becoming available to the natural wisdom of the universe….This truth is abundant and available all around us if we take time to listen and make ourselves available to receive it. Those who make themselves available, receive instructions and guidance directly from the source.”


This seminar is an expanded version of Earth and Sky Speak to Us.

Program is led by Sandra Cosentino based on a her own lifetime of connection with the natural world and more than 3 decades of leading nature-cultural tours, mystic insight programs and ceremonies.
Sandra has been deeply inspired by traditional Native American people’s earth-spirit practices that stem from thousands of years of their cultural evolution in relation to Mother Earth.
In this seminar she shares universal practices that are part of our shared human heritage on this planet and does not copy rituals of specific tribes.

4 hour outdoor program at 1 or more sites in Sedona area, but it is not a Sedona tour.
Each program is personalized to participants’ interests and the season.
$120 pp with 3 or more
$160 pp with 2 people
$260 with 1 person

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