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Earth and Sky Speak to Us Nature Awareness Seminar

Earth and Sky Speak to Us Nature Awareness Seminar

Earth and Sky Speak to Us:

Nature Awareness – Attunement during, day, dawn, sunset and/or starry night time

Nature awareness, deep observing. Sedona outdoor seminars with Crossing Worlds Journeys. photo by Sandra Cosentino.“..this is Coyote’s country—a landscape of the imagination, where nothing is as it appears.

These astonishing formations invite a new mythology for desert goers …The stories rooted in experience become beads to trade. It is the story, always the story, that precedes and follows the journey.” “Coyote knows it is the proportion of days spent in wildness that counts in urbane savvy.”

quotes above from Terry Tempest Williams from her book Red: Passion and Patience in the Desert

Some of the experiences:

Each season has its gifts, its own energetics and beauty.

— A time of deep observing in nature, as you relax into now awareness. Begin to sense energies, textures, qualities of light and shadow. Make a personal friendship with a tree. Sink into the earth and invite connection with her vibration/energies and see the crystalline pattern within the rocks. Listen to bird sounds, see the landscape through the eyes of one of the wild animals as you practice vibrational shapeshifting to sense their spirit and allow that to enliven you.

— Elements of our high desert ecosystem

— Then practice ways of being in nature as a doorway to open to fresh inspiration: divining walk, rock divining, vision circle, tree wisdom, thick description, close observation, embracing the elements, messages mirrored to you from nature, noticing patterns. What are signs? What makes some places sacred?

— Ancestral perceptions of living earth and ways to stay in balance and honor the earth; sky stories. Discussion of purpose of unseen, but still active ancestral shrine sites in our region. Intentionality in directing, consecrating energies in nature.

How much do we know about the common robin as shown here in this amazing photo by Jackie Klieger of Sedona?

When out overnight in communion with the night sky, you become awareof the rotation of the constellations and the stars become comforting friends.

Why spend time with nature?

Our mind is largely shaped by the modern social world.  But our brain originally evolved in the context of the natural world, which developed heightened sensory skills.  Nature has a generative vitality that feeds our life force.  Cyclic patterns in nature stimulate renewal of our energetic order.

Slowing down, relaxing the thinking mind and allowing yourself to feel enlivened by the primal energies and beauties of nature helps us release stress and unwind into our natural way of being. When we spend time in nature, the microcrystals in our brain rebalance; we have a heightened sense of well-being.

As you become more at home on the land, you build confidence. Then when back home people might notice that, like coyote, your eyes hint at mysteries of the wild that resonate within you.

Stimulate your imagination, slip for moments into timeless sense of connection to Life. Often fresh ideas and insights slip in. Who knows, maybe you will spark a new mythology of who you are. So that when you return back to the urban, domesticated world, you find your perception has sharpened, your world is larger, more in perspective.

Intimate moment in Canyon de Chelly of grasshoppers mating evoked transfixed my attention. And evoked a moment of pure connectedness beyond the thinking mind.

Each outing uniquely created for the weather, the participants. Can be adapted for children. Short nature walks in 1 – 3 areas. Not a hiking or overall tour of Sedona. I will point out places to go to deepen your own experience of nature and archaeology, including ways to approach prehistoric sites (which are numerous in our valley) and to connect with spirit of place.


Reclaiming Instinctual Knowing

“We are all born with an instinctual guidance system.  This is the source of a kind of direct knowing and understanding that relies on sensory data from all our body–every cell of which is directly pulsing with vibratory information from the surrounding universe.  This instinctive intelligence gives us the capacity to read signals, clues and patterns and it source is beyond the thinking mind, logic and intellect.  Like the difference between a wild wolf and a domesticated dog, a human with time spent out in the natural world is more confident, knowing and power-filled.  The less domesticated human makes wider use of the parts of the brain.

Modern urban life is very stimulative and demands focused, goal-oriented attention.  Time spent outdoors in a natural setting allows us to unwind and become more fluid, present in the moment.  Senses come alive in a joyful way instead of the stressful, on high-alert protective mode needed to navigate the urban world. Time spent out in non-linear beingness, strengthens the nervous system and helps us deal with change and fears.” Sandra Cosentino


Led by Sandra Cosentino, (M.S. Natural Resources Planning and former land manager in Alaska, fire look-out at Sierra Ancha remote sites and school teacher in rural Arizona) who has decades of life experience out in wild places, mystical knowledge, 30 years sharing wisdom and friendship with Native peoples, and an understanding of the natural history.

Can be done at dawn or toward sunset or during the day. It is not a Sedona tour; although we may use 1 – 2 locations for our nature work.

Each program customized to participants interests and level. Appropriate for those with general nature interest, for children/parents or individuals developing nature awareness skills as a spiritual practice.  Cost:

$60 pp with 3 or more, 2 hours

$85 pp with 2 people, 2 hours

$130 with 1 person, 1 1/2 hours

shorter option: Add 1 hour Earth Sky Speaks to Us Nature experiences to any tour:

  • $25 pp with 3 or more + cost of tour
  • $35 pp with 2 people + cost of tour
  • $75 with 1 person + cost of tour

This is a video I made while out connecting with the spring winds and return of the swallows.

Complementary Programs

Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey (4-6 hours) integrates Earth and Sky Speaks to Us experiences with soul flight/shamanic journey to connect with the vibratory essences of Creation for guidance and healing. Mentoring and intuitive insights/guidance from Sandra Cosentino who has decades of direct experience with these practices.
This mystic nature seminar is held at at a private site on Oak Creek a few miles out of Sedona and includes ceremony at some special sites.

Honoring Ways to Connect with the Living Earth Earth-Spirit Seminar in Nature is an expanded version of Earth and Sky Speaks to Us.  In this experiential seminar we will explore ways to connect with the natural world and do practices for honoring the sentiency of the world around us and seeding life-positive energies.

Insight Retreat 2A.  Earth Connections – Opening to Mystic Seeing
2-day seminar in nature program: 
For those developing a practice working with spirits of nature, this mini retreat provides progression of experiences over 3 days.