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Ancient Cultures & Canyons of the Southwest home page

Ancient Cultures & Canyons of the Southwest home page
Hopi, Navajo, Zuni cultures of the Southwest with Crossing Worlds Journeys, Sedona

Navajo ceremonial gathering

Native Lands & People
Sacred, Archaeological, Historical Sites in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah

Explore in Southwest, US: Hopi, Navajo, Zuni, and other Native American cultures, prehistoric sites, canyonlands. Cosmology, history, legends, archaeology, natural history, personal interactions with Native hosts. Enter with respect, connect with spirit of place either on a personalized guided journey or as an Independent Traveler with pre-trip seminar in Sedona area.

Personalized immersion experience journeys into the heart of the Peoples and the Places.

–Guided journey
–Independent traveler option with pre-trip seminar, itinerary planning, CD, reservations with guides

The Colorado Plateau, the second largest plateau in the world, is a place of mysterious beauty. The land is alive with Creation stories exposed in the sinuous canyons which are rugged mountains upside down.   Absorb the unearthly luminous qualities of light on rock and vast plateau lands and of brilliant stars at night.

This is a dreamscape sculpted by elemental forces. Radiant with sun, quickened by lightning, resonant with many millennia of human prayer honoring this sacred earth. The wind that shapes the wondrous formations gives voice to the indwelling spirit that Navajos call Nilchi’i, the inner spirit of humans, the mountains, the stars and all of creation.


This Southwest region has the largest concentration of national monuments, parks and spectacular canyon and mesa landscapes anywhere. This is the mythological landscape of living cultures with roots in another time. With one of the clearest atmospheres in the world, we take time to star and moon gaze and to breathe in the stunning sunset and sunrise colors!

Here imagination is stimulated. Who are we? Why are we here now? Pondering, sensing the mysteries of those who came before, we walk among the remote and exquisitely beautiful remains of stone cliff dwellings, pueblo villages and gaze upon other-worldly images left carved and painted on canyon walls. And, in fact, these ancient peoples are still here.

Hopi, Navajo, Zuni and other Native Peoples warmly welcome you as they share their stories, lives, ways, reverence, earth-spirit ways and arts in homes and villages, around the campfire, and in special backcountry places.


We come together in a warm circle of friends from many nations telling our stories. Legends & earth wisdom woven with historic color, nature, geology, archaeology and real people interactions.

“While it may sound a bit corny to say that our trip with you changed our lives, it certainly has had an impact in so many ways.  In some way I feel liberated from the idea of putting people into categories, seeing people in a particular light. The Hopis especially have broadened our horizons in these respects.  What wonderfully warm, friendly folks they are! They have so little materially but their hearts are bigger than most!  Their way of life, while so different from ours, professes love of family and community and their link to the earth and what she gives to us each day is so refreshing, so real.  We take so much for granted on this planet and when witnessing the way in which the natives revere the tiniest grains of corn, their sustenance, we are brought back to a realization that in many ways we get our priorities wrong.  They are truly beautiful souls.”
Virginia Foley, Toronto, Canada, Jan., 2006

Guided Journeys

2017 Scheduled Programs

These programs (described below) can be arranged at other dates–please email for more information.

  • June 25 – 26:  2-day Hopi Spirit Journey
  • September 24 – 25:  2-day Hopi and Navajo Spirit Journey
  • October 4 – 7:  Sedona Nature-Soul-Vision outdoor seminarCanyon de Chelly Mystic Vision Journey and Hopi Spirit Journey

Independent Traveler Journey

Special Journeys can be arranged for you as an independent traveler experience based on your goals, timeframe and personalized itinerary consulting, reservations with Native hosts. The trip begins with an in depth seminar in Sedona area based on Sandra Cosentino’s lifetime of experience with the lands, cultures and sacred sites and earth energies. Then you head out with maps, reference packet, CD with regional songs, stories to meet Native guides and also explore on your own.

Native Cultures, Prehistoric Sites, Canyons Journeys index

Hopi Mesas 1-day Journey

Hopi 2-day Journey

Explore Navajo

Southwest Ancient Cultures Journey, 3 – 5 days

Hopi-Navajo Spirit Journey

Grand Canyon and Sacred Peaks Journeyindependent traveler option with Sedona pre-trip earth-spirit seminar

Wupatki-Sacred Peaks Earth Spirit Journey

Special programs:

Hopi-Navajo Spirit Journeys at Summer Solstice, Fall or arranged at other dates. 1 – 3 days

Thanksgiving Hopi Journey
Native people live with gratitude as a cultural way of life. We invite you to enhance your Thanksgiving weekend by sharing with these kind hearted peoples so the meaning can come to life for you, great chance to shop for Christmas, personalized village and home visits, traditional foods.

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Southwest regional flavors of the land: foods, cultures and circles of celebration…



A Yavapai woman grinding wild lemonade berries on metate at a Verde Valley, Arizona gathering Southwest regional flavors of the land: foods, cultures and circles of celebration…

Connecting with local foods, cultures, songs, stories and circles of sharing to extend can bring a place to life as well as support local food producers. Hopi people, for example, have thousands of years of history in this region and are are masters of the heirloom corn still grown today by dry farming.

There are a growing number of high desert vineyards/wineries in the Verde Valley south of Sedona.

Navajo people still raise the Churro sheep brought to the Southwest by the Spanish 400 years ago and are masters of outdoor cookouts.

Santa Fe has evolved its own style of Southwest cooking. Chimayo, Hatch and Santa Domingo Pueblo, NM, are some places well known for their chilis.

Also here in Sedona are leading edge practitioners of organic raw food cuisine including amazing nutritious-delicious raw chocolate for your good health and taste bud awakening (plus the local Sedona tradition of drum circles under the full moon).

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Remembering Arizona of an older time…

old_lodge_mc2pdi_frontWhen trading posts and lodges were important human gathering points. A time when we took more time to absorb by direct experience and listen to the stories. This was a time when people lived closer to the land.

This Arizona native remembers fondly this slower time of: old time pioneers and cowboys, Route 66, Navajo peoples coming into town in wagons, and knew as a child that Brighty of the Grand Canyon was a true hero.

Brighty of the Grand Canyon

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