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Ceremony Training Seminar in Nature

Ceremony Training Seminar in Nature

Experiential practice in nature and with ceremonial structures for activating your intention

Core principals of ceremony, invoking earth and cosmic energies to activate your intention; insight practices, signs and dreams for guidance; role of leader, holding space, using drums and other instruments. We practice universal, honoring, earth-spirit ways to work with intention and integrity for the benefit of all. Led by Sandra Cosentino based on 3 decades of experience creating and leading ceremonies.

wintersolsticespiraledgecedarssmCeremonial Training Seminar

Led by Sandra Cosentino at a beautiful outdoor private site outside of Sedona with creek, trees, labyrinths, medicine wheel, ancestor wheel and more.

To work powerfully with ceremony requires an open-hearted dedication, focus, creativity and a knowledge of effective, honoring practrices. This seminar is designed to take motivated people deeper into creating personal or group ceremony.

My soul’s expression of working with the power of the circle will be different than yours, but underneath that realm of deep creativity are core principles that have been effectively used as long as humans have been on earth. We will not be copying ceremonies of Indian tribes, religions or cultures. We will practice creating our own from the heart using honoring ways.

anglvlyances250A good ceremonial leader makes the art of holding space look easy. But to create a safe and spiritually alive circle where all can work together as one, takes dedication and experience. There is a depth of heart-centered, focus, service, flexibility, and non-ego required that takes practice to hone.

anvlywheelceresmSome of the topics we will cover:
  •  setting intention and creating ceremony
  • spiritual guidance, nature energies and spirit helper communication
  •  holding space
  •  creating ceremonial structures protocols
  •  using ceremonial forms such as labyrinths, wheels, circles
  •  different types/purposes of ceremony
  •  symbolism
  •  reading the signs
  •  protocols and responsibilities
  •  group dynamics, leadership
  •  shamanic journey energy work
  •  grounding and centering
  •  honoring
  • calling in Directions and Spirit Helpers
  •  cosmic alignment
  •  drums and other instruments
  •  smudging and other ways of clearing space
  • closing the ceremony and releasing the energies created
Photo by Sandra Cosentino

Photo by Sandra Cosentino

Cost (includes entry fee and study sheets):

4 hour seminar, core training and experience with different structures.

$135 each with 3
$185 each for 2 ($320 for 1)

6 hour seminar gives time for more practice in creating ceremony and more depth of understanding in creating a medicine wheel or circle.

$185 each with 3
$250 each with 2 ($395 for 5.5 hours)

Part of a ceremony I organized for a group for a solar eclipse

Part of a ceremony I organized for a group for a solar eclipse

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