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Canyon de Chelly

Cliff Dwellings, Rock Art and Navajo Culture

Experience Canyon de Chelly exquisite sinuous canyons from the rim or from the sandy bottom by jeep or horseback with your Navajo guide and see cliff dwellings and rock art of the Puebloan ancestors and Navajo homes, people and livestock of today. Camping and special cultural programs can be arranged. Guided journey at summer solstice, October festivals time or arranged for private groups. Independent Traveler itinerary planning and private guide reservation that begins with a cultural introduction in the Sedona area.

You will feel the spirit of adventure and discovery as you jeep ride with a Navajo guide through this roadless, sandy, red-walled canyon famous for its beauty and the concentration of cliff dwellings and rock art of the ancestral pueblo people from 400 BC to 1300 AD.

The heart of the Navajo Reservation today, we will see Navajo hogans and livestock, hear their stories and songs and feel their blessings around the campfire, and experience this dynamic earth-based culture with roots in ancient tradition.

Gaze into the depths of the canyon from spectacular rim views. Hike to a cliff dwelling on a trail winding down, down the canyon side every turn revealing new nuances of reds, swirling formations studded with green cedars and walls rising above you silhouetted against impossibly brilliantly blue sky.

This is a 13-14 hour round trip to and from Sedona. Best to combine with a Hopi or Monument Valley 2 day journey.

Guided journeys arranged for groups or can consult with you in creating your independent journey, pre-trip seminar in Sedona and arrangement to meet with Native guides.

Some options:

Hopi and Navajo Spirit Journey

Combine with Hopi 1 day or Hopi 2 day journey

Sandra Cosentino has been leading trips into Canyon de Chelly for 3 decades. In depth background knowledge is providedalong with reference packet. She creates a bridge so you enter this ancient world effortlessly, naturally, in a meaningful way. Sandra is native to Arizona, a former teacher and tribal professional staff member. But more importantly, she has a passion and feeling for the land and cultures and long years of sharing friendship with Native peoples that weaves together the natural and human history into the story of our life here and now. We hope you will go home inspired and touched by your adventure into another country so different from our daily life!

Words about your guide:
“Sandra comes in a good way to the Canyon–she listens to the wind, the air, the water to be real close to Mother Earth. She likes it, wants to be with it and can be a healer to other people. She is reliable, we work together as a team.”
Daniel Staley, Navajo guide and traditional leader