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Southwest Native Cultures & Canyons Independent Travel with Sedona, Arizona pre-trip Program

Southwest Native Cultures & Canyons Independent Travel with Sedona, Arizona pre-trip Program

Hopi, Navajo and Zuni Cultures

Southwest Prehistoric Sites & Canyons

Independent Traveler Personalized Programs

Authentic, experiential journeys with Native American Peoples of the Colorado Plateau… prehistoric and contemporary understandings.

Sandra Cosentino, founder of Crossing Worlds Journeys & Retreats, is now offering an Independent Travel program drawing on expertise gained from more than 3 decades of guiding tours, sharing friendship and respect with native peoples, and a lifetime of exploring in the Southwest.

  • Your journey begins with itinerary planning and Native American guide reservations.
  • Step 2 is an introductory, in depth seminar in Sedona with history, cosmology, arts, cultural understandings, protocols.  We review your route map. We set the stage for you to have a safe and meaningful experience.  See Hopi and Navajo art, ceremonial items and illustrations.
  • Step 3 you travel independently with maps, resource packet, CD’s with music collections & stories to explore on your own and meet with your private Native guides.
    Your Native hosts are wise, friendly and reliable.  They speak their own language and participate in their traditional culture.
Painted Desert

Painted Desert

Move beyond stereotypic images and come to know Indian people as real people walking in two worlds today. What values sustain them? What can we learn from their worldview?

Your Independent Travel Program

Please email for more information if you are an independent-minded explorer with a serious interest in Southwest cultures and canyons.

Please include your goals, interests and time-frame and number of people.  I will send you options and more details.

A planning deposit is required to begin the personalized itinerary and guide contact process as this takes time to organize for you in a meaningful way.  Sandra uses her expertise to evaluate your goals, the season of the year, safety & weather factors, special events, available resource people, and more.

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Hopi, Navajo and Zuni Culture experiences overview

Hopi: Holders of Ancient Tradition

Hopi tour

“I hold the space for you to step into a circle of friendship and respect, a coming together of peoples, each learning from and inspiring the other. No two journeys are ever alike–the participants, the seasonal activities and an unexplainable magical synergy makes each one a unique experience.”
Sandra Cosentino

Hopi are respected and known around the world as a people who dedicate their life to maintaining balance for Mother Earth and all peoples. We will visit mesas, villages and homes. Get to know people who live in both their ancient world and the American world of today. This is not just a tour, but a real and personal time with sincere, reverent and warmhearted people. You will meet people whose life revolves around the ancient Hopi traditions. They may invite you to participate in their seasonal activities, go out on the land, into villages and homes.

You absorb an essence, make personal connections in informal discussions on Hopi life, ceremonial cycle, importance of nature and corn and topics of concern right here and now. These direct experiences fill you with a sense of how prayer, reverence and connection to nature as a living presence imbues all aspects of life.

Stoically maintaining traditional ways of thought, family, and religion even in the face of so much change, these mindful people are seeking ways to balance these traditions with issues they face about preservation of lands and their ancient way of life while living in the world of today.

In past journeys, thoughtful interactions helped all of us feel our human bonds that cross cultural boundaries. We come as the welcomed, respectful and respected visitor and leave being part of a circle of friends fresh with inspiration for our own life.

We learn of the importance of renewing life and growing corn as the center of the ceremonial cycle. Year round, traditional activities take places in the villages. When available, we will respectfully attend.

Hopi artists will show you their Kachina carvings, silver overlay jewelry, baskets and pottery and discuss their symbolism and the craft of making this beautiful art. You will have the opportunity to purchase art direct from artists if you so choose at great prices.

It may be possible to visit a large ancestral rock art site in the Hopi back country (if weather and road conditions allow;and vehicle you are driving is suited to gravel road travel).

Navajo: Hardy Peoples of the Land

The baby in this 1945 photo is one of your hosts who shares about weaving and the Navajo world views.

Experience Navajo peoples, lands and culture in the Chinle, Kayenta, Tuba City and Window Rock areas. Hear their stories and songs and feel their blessings and experience this dynamic earth-based culture with roots in ancient tradition. Learn about Navajo cosmology, migration to this land.

Enjoy Rim views into Canyon de Chelly cliff dwelling site and jeep tour into both branches of this spectacular canyon for a true backcountry adventure and a close look at prehistoric rock art, cliff dwellings and Navajo homes and livestock of today.

Navajo song and dance, outdoor cook outs and other special programs can be arranged.

Learn about the art of Navajo weaving and the philosophy of life that underlies this ancient craft at a remote hogan and an historical trading post in Gallup behind the scenes, Navajo arts.

Experience Window Rock, the Navajo Nation capitol, and code talker monument.

If time allows in schedule, option to drive over the Chuska Mountains to see historical trading posts that still serve their communities today.

A Navajo spiritual leader can do a sand painting demonstration and Navajo songs in a soft, natural way that creates a sense of another time. He may offer a fire blessing ceremony for people with a deeper spiritual interest.

Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico

Zuni Pueblo is the largest of the nineteen New Mexican Pueblos, with more than 700 square miles and a population of over 11,000. They are considered the most traditional of all the New Mexico Pueblos, with a unique language, culture, and history that resulted in part from their geographic isolation on the western edge of New Mexico.

Zunis are known worldwide as superior artists and craftspeople. They are particularly well known for their silver jewelry inlaid with turquoise and coral and shell, fetish carvings, carved wooden furniture and pottery.

You can have a traditional food lunch in a private home, visit the old plaza in Halona and the restored Spanish mission church famous for its life size Zuni Kachina murals painted on the walls.  Option to go with a Zuni guide to the prehistoric site of Hawikuh, the fateful place of the first Spanish entrada into the Southwest as they were seeking unbelievably rich Seven Cities of Cibola.

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