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4th of July full moon-eclipse joyful Sedona spiritual programs

4th of July full moon-eclipse joyful Sedona spiritual programs

4th of July special Sedona area programs timed to full  moon and lunar partial eclipse.

Full moon rising over red cliffs inspires connection with the moon and joyful circle of celestial connection

Full Moon Rising is always an event in Sedona. Photo by Rusty Albertson

We have a unique opportunity to experience a July 4th full moon and an eclipse of the corner of the moon.

Connect with the energies as we invite sparks of inspiration with drum journeys and celebrate with ceremony.

Special July 4 full moon, partial lunar eclipse program

July 4th: Spirit Journeys to the drum, Ceremony and Full Moon Connection + fireworks!

During this joyful, spiritually oriented evening:

  • we will connect with the exuberant 4th of July and moon energies
  • experience insight journeys to the drum to connect with our personal inspirations at this peak of summer time
  • participate in drum and rattle circle and ceremony along with the fireworks to spark fresh energies in our life
  • Fireworks photo illustrates Sedona 4th of July programProgram is from 7:30 – 10:00 pm

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is from 8:07 – 10:52 pm
We will be at a location where we can see fireworks from 9 – 9:30 pm.

$90 pp with 3 or more ($125 pp with 2)
We meet at a site 20 minutes south of Sedona. Folding chairs provided.

July 3:  Sunset &  Full Moon Inspiration and Ceremony Circle

7:15 – 9:15 pm

Sunset over Sedona photo illustrates 4th of July sunset and moon program

Summer Sedona Sunset by Sandra Cosentino

  • Gain a feeling of the Spirit of Sedona, ancestral connections to nature, and today’s metaphysical perspectives.
  • Spirit journeys to the drum for inspiration.
  • Connect with the sunset, moon, and stars energies.
  • Closing ceremony to activate-celebrate the insights, and earth and sky energies that flowed to you during our circle!

full moon over Sedona red cliff illustrates full moon circle, ceremony, Sedona, drumming, insight journey

Cost for 2 hour program:
$70 pp with 3 or more ($90 pp with 2,; $160 with 1)
We meet at the site, transportation not provided. Held outdoors at a red rock scenic site in Sedona.  Folding chairs provided.



Discover Sedona and Mystic Nature outdoor programs available over the weekend:

Explore Sedona 

Introduction to Sedona’s Vortex, Scenic & Ancestor Sites at a scenic red rock location–your personalized immersion circle to prepare you to go explore on your own.
Includes map and site descriptions hand-out; access info to parks, national forest and private sites.  Led by an Arizona native with 3 decades of experience leading tours, insight retreats and ceremonies in Sedona and Hopi and Navajo journeys. 

2 programs:

  1. Sedona Explorer Circle, Scenic, vortex and ancestor sites plus natural history, geology, Native Americans past and present, national forest trails, 1 hour or
  2. Sedona Sacred – Vortex Circle:  Deepens and expands the Sedona Explorer Circle with Mystic Insight Journeys, attuning to energies, Sacred lands perspectives. 2 hours

Mystic Nature Shamanic Journey & Ceremony outdoor seminar

angvly7path400pxVisioning in nature with shamanic journey mentoring, nature connection and ceremony.
Includes study sheets + entrance to beautiful private site on Oak Creek with ceremonial labyrinths and medicine wheels.