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4th of July weekend in Sedona & Hopi

4th of July weekend in Sedona & Hopi

4th of July programs in Sedona and Hopi

Some Sedona tour and special program options:

Sunset – Stars Spirit of Sedona Circle

Summer Sedona Sunset by Sandra Cosentino

At sunset, Sandra Cosentino, founder of Crossing Worlds and who is native to Arizona, gives an overview of Sedona as a place of inspiration from ancestral times to today.  She shares ancestral understandings of the earth as a living presence and star stories as we watch the first stars come out. May include a drum journey for inner insights or power animal connection. Each circle customized to the participants.

7:30 – 9:00 pm
$45 each with min. of 3 ($70 each with 2)
group rates for 6 or more

angvlcreeksmNature, Soul and Vision  
all day Sedona area tour and seminar in nature 
6 or 8 hour options

Sacred sites tour, nature connection, shamanic insight and ceremonial activation outdoor seminar:
–Vortex Tour and how to connect with sacred sites
–Earth and Sky Speaks to Us (Earth Sky Speaks To Us page for more description and photos)
–Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey ( details about Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey here)
–Ceremony at labyrinth, ancestor wheel and more to invoke positive change that you sense emerging.

angvly7path400pxoption to elect any of above programs separately

The day is directed toward you creating a fresh view of your life. We let the wind blow through us–the breath of divine–clearing the old, re-inspiring from Source. At day’s end we reflect on what is emerging for you.

Includes study sheets + entrance to beautiful private site on the creek with ceremonial labyrinths and medicine wheels.

Hopi Indian Lands guided Journey or
Independent Travel option

Most years there are fireworks at Hopi.  I find it interesting how they incorporate the American holidays into their traditional cycle of the year.

Each journey customized to participants based on Sandra’s more than 3 decades of sharing in friendship and respect with Hopi people.