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Crossing between the Worlds of earth, spirit and cultures

Programs in Nature:  heart to heart with the natural life forces

An informed, feeling-sense of Sedona sacred, scenic and prehistoric sites.|
Moon-Stars & Spirit of Sedona circles|
Visioning Skills|
Nature as a Spiritual Doorway|

Happy Halloween drawing of owl on branch in front of full moonHalloween Oct. 31:  Full Moon Mystic Insights and Ceremony Circle
Nov. 20 – 25:  Expand Horizons: Be Your Own Shaman Seer Core Skills Insight Retreat
Nov. 28-30: Full Moon Mystic Vision Retreat 

Sedona area outdoor circles and programs are available–we will follow CDC recommended safety practices. 

On-line mentoring in mystic nature connection, insight pathways and ceremonial practices available to develop skills to enhance your life where you are.

Sedona Programs in Nature

Group doing a ceremony in meadow under sycamore trees symbolizes ceremony circles during Sedona outdoor programs with Crossing Worlds Journeys & Retreats

Vision is a Natural Skill!
Modern Day Mystic Pathways, Spiritual Insight Retreats

1 – 8 day Retreats:  view life from a higher perspective & experiences of mystical union.
Shamanic skills mentoring, vision quest in nature, mindfulness, lucid dreaming, and ceremony.

“In a lifetime of studying the art and science of human development, I have found no more powerful, practical, and evolutionary practice than the mystic path.” (Jean Houston)

Shamanic Practice
Sedona Retreats

These programs can be converted to On-Line personalized retreats for 1 or more people for those of you who prefer to expand  your horizons from home during this time. 

You receive teaching, mentoring, feedback.  We do shamanic journeys and other insight pathways skills development and ceremonies, lucid dream work and more.  In between sessions, there are study sheets and practices for you to do to integrate and activate these skills.

Time frame:  you can do this over a weekend or spread it out over several days or weeks.  

Prices will be discounted from the in-person rates.

Native American Cultures

Travel to Hopi, Navajo and other Southwest tribal lands is closed at this time and families are staying at home for their safety and well being.

Hopi family support boxes of food and hygiene supplies being sent during the coronavirus emergency through Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects.Your monetary support is welcome to help us provide boxes of hygiene and food supplies to families in Hopi villages.
Donations link and more info at our non-profit, all-volunteer Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects.


Hopi-Navajo Spirit Journeys
Independent traveler program
roup tour consulting

Southwest Cultures Journeys

Prehistoric rock art ceremonial figures symbolize the Hopi and Navajo Spirit Journeys offered by Crossing Worlds Journeys & Retreats

Featured Programs

Uplifting 4 or 6 hour seminar in nature:
Shamanic Journey Mentoring, Nature as a spiritual portal,  & Ceremony

Sedona 7-path labyrinth ceremony during Mystic Nature Shamanic Journey Seminar. by Sandra Cosentino

Explore and discover at your own pace with map & info following  Vortex-Scenic-Ancestor Sites Circle at a scenic red rock site.

Sedona outdoor seminars: vortex introduction, full moon, Spirit of Sedona circle

One of our red rock vista seminar-in-nature sites.








Retreat programs
Expand Horizons, Mystic Vision Retreats
Sedona Vision Quest Retreat

Seasonal Programs:
Spring Renewal Retreats
Spring Equinox
Summer Solstice
Fall Equinox
Fall Retreats:  Sept., Oct. Nov

Winter Solstice Retreat
New Years Eve & Day Ceremonies

Upcoming Programs

Sedona Outdoor circles and workshops and personalized insight retreat programs available–we will follow CDC recommended safety practices. 
On-line teaching-mentoring available for 1 or more people:
Retreat programs, mystic nature connection, shamanic and other insight pathways skills development and ceremony programs can be created for you and others.

  • Happy Halloween drawing of owl on branch in front of full moonOct. 31:  Halloween Full Moon Mystic Insights and Ceremony Circle


  • Nov. 7:  Samhain, half way to winter seasonal turning point

Nov 6 – 8:  Sedona outdoor workshops, ceremonies and circles available or can do the a personalized 3-day program such as: Power Animals, Allies of our Soul outdoor workshop
or Mystic Vision Retreat

  • mystic vision, power animal, Sedona, retreat, shamanic journey, vortex seminarNov. 20 – 25:  Expand Horizons: Be Your Own Shaman Seer Core Skills Insight Retreat, (or at a date that works best for you)
  • Nov. 26: Thanksgiving weekend events
  • Nov. 28-30: Full Moon Mystic Vision Retreat
  • Nov. 30:  Full Moon Mystic Insights and Ceremony Circle  -Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (most of moon eclipsed 2:42 am)

  • Dec. 14:  New Moon
  • Dec. 19-21: Winter Solstice Calling Back the Light Retreat
  • Dec. 29:  Full Moon
  • Dec. 31-Jan. 1:  New Year’s Eve and day programs

Option to adapt programs to do on-line and/or at other dates.

see Calendar:  more programs, celestial timings

ceremony, retreats, shamanic journey mentoring, Hopi and Navajo cultural journeys
Sandra drumming at a ceremony

Sandra Cosentino, M.S., founded Crossing Worlds Journeys & Retreats in 1991.

Her informed passion, knowledge of the land and the peoples, mystical understandings, intuition and warm welcome create a bridge for you to enter these worlds.

A native of this land from an Arizona pioneer family, Sandra draws on a lifetime’s experience of exploring the Southwest, listening to and being inspired by Nature and the mystic path of direct knowing, and sharing in friendship and respect with indigenous Peoples. She resonates with the vibrant energies of a land alive with stories, sun and rocks that speak to us and renew life.

Sandra creates authentic, personalized experiences for individuals and groups from around the world. In Sedona she offers personal growth retreats and seminars in nature. She consults with visitors to create independent travel cultural experiences with warm-hearted, wise hosts at Hopi and Navajo that begin with a Sedona in-depth introduction.

Prior to 1991, Sandra has been a teacher in rural Arizona, a natural resource manager in Alaska, forest service fire look-out, land developer, conservationist, and has worked for and with Native American groups.

CD Medicine Wheel Wisdom and Guided Journeys

Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects non-profit was founded by Sandra in 1999 to support Hopi sustainability and offer cross-cultural education experiences.