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Sedona is a Gateway 
to Mythological Lands of Natural Power and Beauty.

Are you feeling the call to renew your vision, de-stress, & absorb the vitality and primal beauty of this high desert land & clear night skies?

Fresh perspectives come alive as you explore red cliffscapes, connect with nature energies and insight skills of the modern day mystic, participate in ceremony; or experience Hopi and Navajo lands, culture and peoples. 

Vision is a Natural Skill!

Personalized seminars in nature that prepare you to Explore meaningfully on your own. Landscape as a spiritual doorway: Connect with the natural life forces heart to heart. Mystic Vision Insight Retreats: shamanic journey, inner pathways skills, & ceremony.

Sedona Seminars in Nature

An informed, feeling-sense of the Sedona area:
Explore landscape temples, "vortex" sites at your own pace with map-info booklet--after personalized circle at a red rock site. Led by a native of Arizona with a wealth of stories & info and guidance on connecting with the energies.  1 or 2 hours.

Visioning Skills Training in nature:
+ Shamanic Journey Mentoring in Nature & Ceremony at private site on Oak Creek, 4 or 6 hrs
+ Landscape as a Spiritual Doorway, 2.5 hrs
+ Sunset-Stars-Solo Vision-Circle, 3.5 hrs
+ Power Animals, Allies of our Soul Retreat, 2.5 days

Joyful outdoor circles, 1 or 2 hrs
Full Moon Mystic Vision & Ceremony Circle; Spirit of Sedona Circle; Earth & Sky Speak to Us

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Modern Day Mystic Pathways, Personalized Insight Retreats

1 - 8 day Retreats, Shamanic Journey Insight Sessions,  Visioning Training in Nature, and Ceremony.

Shamanic-seer skills development as an insight and healing tool that supports conscious re-creation of your life. Taught within a matrix of: supportive inner pathway skills (e.g. lucid dreaming, meditation, here-now presence, sound healing, signs), nature connection, and ceremonial activation of life-positive change.

Mentoring, intuitive feedback as you explore, perceive new possibilities, build confidence in your ability to evoke change, deepen your sense of who you are from your soul perspective, and connect with sources of spiritual support.

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Native American Cultures, Prehistoric Sites & Canyons

Independent traveler program or group tour consulting. Begins with seminar in Sedona based on decades of experience with the lands, peoples and cultures:

The Colorado Plateau is a compelling, primordial region of spectacular canyon and mesa landscapes. The land is alive with stories of Hopi, Navajo & other Native peoples still living on their ancestral homelands. Prehistoric pueblo cliff dwellings, rock art speak of thousands of years of ancestor presence.

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Independent Traveler Journey


Spirit of Southwest Blog with original articles and videos:

• Mystic-Shamanic-Inspirational
• Vision in Nature and Call to Pilgrimage
• Nature - Seasonal - Conservation
• Grand Canyon
• Native American

Seasonal Events/Celestial Cycle
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Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects non-profit

Sedona panoramic photo by Rusty Albertson Upcoming Programs

Programs can be arranged at other dates.  Hopi and Navajo Independent travel journeys available.

Aug. 14 or 15: Full Moon Mystic Insights and Ceremony Circle

Aug. 31 - Sept. 1
Voice of our Longing - Fresh Look - Instigate Change personalized Retreat

Sept. 2: Labor Day Weekend events

For those seeking a deeper spiritual program, either of these retreats could be scheduled during this beautiful autumn season of September and October:
  • Be Your Own Shaman Seer Core Skills Insight Retreat, 6 day
  • Sedona Vision Quest Retreat, 8 days

Sept. 13, 6:30 - 10 pm
Full Moon Sunset-Stars-Nature at Night-Solo Circle program
Connecting with nature at sunset & night, moon connection, ancestor stories, introduction to vision quest practice & solo circle experience.

Sept 14, Saturday, 9 am - 1 pm
Visioning Skills: Shamanic Journey Mentoring in Nature + Ceremony outdoor seminar, 4 hours.

Sept. 14: Full Moon Mystic Insights and Ceremony Circle, 6:30-8:30 pm

Sept. 20 - 22
Mystic Vision Retreat 2B - Visioning In Nature practices, Shamanic Journey and Ceremony.

dawn and sunset-stars special ceremonies

5:30 - 7 am
Dawn Time of Change Ceremony at a red rock overlook site.
Sedona ceremony, drumming

4 - 8 pm
Fall Equinox Celebration-Ceremony & Mystic Vision program at private site by Oak Creek labyrinths and a large medicine wheel.

Hopi Fall Spirit Journey: 2 or 3 days--arranged for groups with their own transportation.

Oct. 5-6
2A. Earth-Spirit Connection & Mystic Seeing 2 day weekend outdoor seminar

Oct. 12: Sedona mystic vision & ceremony 6 hour sunset-full moon outdoor seminar followed by
Oct. 13-15:
Hopi-Navajo Vision Circles in Nature: 3-day Full Moon Canyon de Chelly/Navajo and Hopi Spirit Journey with inspirational circles & solo vision time on the rim of Canyon de Chelly

Oct. 3: Full Moon Mystic Insights and Ceremony Circle

Oct. 19:
Hopi Spirit Journey celebrating the feminine harvest cycle of the year--independent travel journey or special program arranged for group

Oct. 26 - 31
1. Be Your Own Shaman-Seer New Moon/MidFall Mystic Insight  Retreat

Nov. 7: Samhain, fall cross-quarter day, half way to winter

Nov. 9 -11:
2B. Mystic Vision Core Skills + Solo Circle Mid-Fall Retreat

Nov. 11 or 12: Full Moon Mystic Insights and Ceremony Circle

Nov. 12-13: North Taurids Meteor Shower

Nov. 15-17:
2C. Aligning with the Greater Self:  Shaman-Seer Skills Development, Nature, Ceremony Retreat

Nov. 18: Leonids Meteor Shower

Nov. 28: Thanksgiving day
Thanksgiving weekend events

Nov. 29 or 30:
Hopi Spirit Journey celebrating the spirit of Thanksgiving--independent travel journey or arranged for groups with their own transportation

Dec. 11 or 12: Full Moon Mystic Insights and Ceremony Circle

Dec. 20 - 22:
Winter Solstice Calling Back the Light Retreat

Dec. 28 or 29:
Vortex Intro at a red rock overlook and other Sedona Outdoor Programs

Dec. 30 - Jan 1:
New Year's Eve and Day & special afternoon ceremonial programs

see full Calendar here; includes celestial timings, full moon programs

Sedona panoramic photo by Rusty Albertson
Navajo Indian lands, Canyon de Chelly, spirit journey, jeep tour, campfire circle, vision, fire blessing, sandpainting

Navajo host Canyon de Chelly

Hopi tour, spirit journey, villages, ceremonial cycle, Hopi guide, authentic

"I hold the space for you to step into a circle of friendship and respect, a coming together of peoples, each learning from and inspiring the other. No two journeys are ever alike--the participants, the seasonal activities and an unexplainable magical synergy makes each one a unique experience." Sandra Cosentino

Grand Canyon sunrise

Sandra Cosentino, M.S., founded Crossing Worlds Journeys & Retreats in 1991.

Her informed passion, knowledge of the land and the peoples, mystical understandings, intuition and warm welcome create a bridge for you to enter these worlds.

A native of this land from an Arizona pioneer family, Sandra draws on a lifetime’s experience of exploring the Southwest, listening to and being inspired by Nature and the mystic path of direct knowing, and sharing in friendship and respect with indigenous Peoples. Sensuous red canyons, jagged mountains and buttes of the Colorado Plateau, Alaska wilderness and the Andes are part of Sandra’s inner landscape. She resonates with the vibrant energies of a land alive with stories, sun and rocks that speak to us and renew life.

Sandra creates authentic, personalized experiences for individuals and groups from around the world. In Sedona she offers personal growth retreats and seminars in nature. She consults with visitors to create independent travel cultural experiences with warm-hearted, wise hosts at Hopi and Navajo that begin with a Sedona in-depth introduction.

Prior to 1991, Sandra has been a teacher in rural Arizona, a natural resource manager in Alaska, forest service fire look-out, land developer, conservationist, and has worked for and with Native American groups.

Photo is Sandra drumming at a ceremony

CD Available

Medicine Wheel Wisdom and Guided Journeys for Balance and Vision

with teachings on working with the the circle of life, wisdom from ancient cultures, a chakra balancing meditation and a guided shamanic drum journey by Sandra Cosentino; a Hopi chant by Paliquimana and, Star Prairie's original Wheel Song.

To order, please send a check or money order payable to Sandra Cosentino to: PO Box 3288, Sedona, AZ, 86340 or use credit card via Paypal
Circles of Power Meditation CD: $14 + $2 shipping within US (International shipping $5)


Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects

Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects is a non-profit Hopi all-volunteer service group. We facilitate projects on Hopi lands in support of sustainable cultural continuance, self-empowerment, and offer cross-cultural education experiences for the public and to benefit youth and adults.  Our support is from a place of respect and acknowledges the the challenges of living on a remote Indian reservation far from the economic resources of urban America.

Please see the CWHP website—we invite your participation such as support Hopi Winter heat, for much needed home repairs, orchard project, supplies for Hopi youth and families (e.g., art, learning, home and food support).

To receive our occasional newsletter with cultural articles and project info, please see form on home page.