Winter Solstice 2014

A Time of Calling Back the Light
Dec. 19-22: Sedona Solstice Spirit Special Programs and Ceremony

Solstice week: Hopi Indian Lands independent traveler journey to connect with ancient energies of renewal and setting forth positive intentions--begins in Sedona, you go to Hopi to meet with special guide.

Winter Solstice events, 2014, Sedona, Arizona and Hopi Indian lands. Sedona mystic vision, Solstice Ceremony and drum healing ceremony.

Crossing Worlds Journeys & Retreats
Inspiring, Insightful, Personal Experiences of Sedona, Arizona, the Ancient Southwest & your inner vision.

December 21, 2014: Winter Solstice --
A time of calling back the Light and a new moon which adds to energies

Winter Solstice, the peak of the dark in the cycle of the year, has always been understood by humankind as one of the two most powerful turning points of the year.

painting is Kachinas on Peaks by John Steele
This is a potent time to connect with nature and ceremony and the power of our own focused intention to create a new vibrational frequency and positive movement.

Solstice Spirit Program options, Dec. 19, 20, 21, Sedona

Friday, Dec. 19, Solstice Eve
10 am - 2 pm

Winter Solstice Sedona Vortex and Earth Spirit Journey

Part 1 is an exploration of the major scenic-sacred sites in the Sedona area.
Red cliffs come to life as you hear of ancestors, plants animals, geology, high desert ecosystem and explore the qualities that have made Sedona a place of inspiration for thousands of years.  We weave Native thought, metaphysical perspective and science to explore the named "vortex" sites and more.  You receive map and suggestions of trails and archaeology sites to explore on our own.
Part 2 is deepening connect with Spirit of Place with experiences of connecting to energies of earth, trees, animal helper spirit, divining walk, awareness of signs from nature and more.  We close with a short ceremony to honor the energy of this time of the shortest day, an ancient time of Calling Back the Light.

$120 each with 3 or more
($160 each with 2)

Saturday, Dec. 20--Winter Eve Day

Winter Solstice Sedona Vortex and Earth Spirit Journey
9 am - 1 pm --full

Solstice Eve Sacred Circle:

5 - 8 pm
Preparing for the longest night and the going-within-time.
This is an auspicious time on one of the 2 major doorways of the year for Insight work, ceremonial activation, and sound healing/rebalancing experience.
Acknowledge the depth of this time in our life and the planet we live on.
Using power of our circle to give courage for next steps, trusting our own guidance.
$75 each with 3 or more



options Dec. 17, 18, 19, or 22:

Hopi Journey (guided with 4 people, or independent traveler for 1 - 3)

Sedona Explorer or Vortex Journey
Mystic Nature Shamanic Journey
Soul Journey Insight Session

Deposit required to reserve program.
Deposit is refundable less a $50 office fee per person with 30 days notice prior to program start.
Payments non-refundable with less than 30 days notice.

photo by Lynne Roberts

Sunday, Dec. 21 -- Winter Solstice

Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey & Ceremony Seminar in Nature

10:30 am - 2:30 pm
seminar on the land at a beautiful private site on Oak Creek
We do shamanic insight journeys in the context of nature energies and connection and ceremonial experiences to activate positive change for an inspiring, flowing half day. You receive shamanic mentoring/feedback.
$135 each with 3 ($185 each with 2 total on trip)

Circle of Power Healing Ceremony & Teaching

5 - 8 pm
at Studio
$100 each -- for more info, please see description on web page link and below



Program Led by:
Sandra Cosentino has a lifetime of experience of listening to and exploring wild nature plus more than 2 decades of experience with shamanic practices and ceremony. Her wisdom is based on direct knowing and more than 30 years of involvement with Native American and metaphysical wise people and east-west emotional and shamanic healing practices. Her warmth, honoring approach, mystical understandings and intuitive insights create a bridge and encouragement for people to hear and trust the voice of their own soul. She has been creating circles/retreats and leading ceremonies for over 25 years bringing together people from around the world with Native and universal wisdom people of the Southwest. Sandra has deep respect for Native cultural traditions and does not copy tribal ways. Rather she encourages respect for tribal privacy and learning authentic cultural values from indigenous peoples. Sandra is dedicated to each of us empowering ourself with our authentic expression of spirit.

12-21-12 winter solstice sunset over the San Francisco, Peaks, holy mountain,
to the southwest of the Hopi Mesas.

Dec. 21 in Sedona

Circle of Power Drum Healing Ceremony

Learn universal principles of ceremony, and participate in creating a sacred circle for renewal and balance. Experience drumming, being a vessel to flow energy, receiving energies and shamanic insights in this personalized ceremony with Sandra. This is not a Hopi ceremony, but an honoring one for all peoples not copying any tribal tradition.

prehistoric solstice marker petroglyph from Chaco Canyon

Reaching far back into human consciousness is a knowing of the importance of aligning with patterns of organization found in our greater universe. Ceremony is used to create balance and instigate positive change. Ceremonies remind us that we are part of a wave of energy in flow with all of creation and not merely a separate particle as our thinking mind perceives. We can use ceremony to emerge new phenomena.

Ceremony makes our shifts real to our mind. It opens a new sense of connection between you and the powers of the universe and gives you experience working with your helping spirits. A sense of inner harmony is generated as we open our heart and become one with the universe.

I use universal, time-honored ways as a framework. I have learned the power of focusing many days or weeks in advance as helper energies are evoked. I listen to my guidance and intuition and use years of experience to bring these universal ways into a living, contemporary form for all people. A kind of surrender takes place as you become a fluid vessel for waves of energy to flow through.

Led by Sandra Cosentino who has 30 years experience in leading/teaching universal ways of consecrating circles and holding space in a way that respects and empowers all participants to be active participants in this uplifting rebalancing experience.

4 - 6 or 7 pm, $100 each with 3 or more people
($125 each with 2, 2.5 hours)

Winter Solstice at Hopi is the sacred time of quiet to release the old year, and set forth positive intentions to begin the new year. This is a deep time when prayer offerings are made and taken to sacred sites for the positive renewal of life. The bowl of stars sparkle above the big open horizon -- Orion and Pleiades dominate overhead. Hopi people have a deep understanding of working with the power of prayer and positive intention.

After spending Winter Solstice with our Hopi hosts, one of our guests perceived:
"what it means to celebrate the solstice to understand the cycles of mother earth more deeply, subtly, intuitively." And how "My prayers and my intentions grew from the relative singular to the collective - all of humanity in a fuller way then ever before. Some Hopis never leave their land but their prayer touches the entire world."

Hopi independent traveler
during week of Dec. 17 - 22:

You begin the day before your journey with an in-depth 2 hour seminar with Sandra Cosentino in Sedona to prepare your for your journey and provide understandings that will make your experience much richer.

Hopi Guided Journey

with Sandra available on Dec. 18, or 22 with 4 or more.

Best to leave at 7 am (dawn) and drive to Hopi on your own to meet your private guide who is warm, welcoming and knowledgeable and partiipates in Hopi traditional life for:
This is one of the most sacred times of year at Hopi. You will go quietly to villages on all 3 mesas with your guide in your vehicle, and tune with this prayerful time of year.
Special spirit circles with a Hopi female leader to share and activate your intentions:
--Solstice dawn prayers.
--Traditional Hopi blue corn pancake breakfast in a home (included).
-- Joyful time of creating your own medicine piece (that you will take home with you) with Hopi artists
Homemade Lunch in a Hopi home

"This is a time of folding in of your dignity, pride, prayer for all that has been this year....a closedness as you make way for the New Year. We come together and give thanks to our Mother Earth and Father Sky."
(words of your Hopi guide)

Hopi is in a remote high mesa area in northeastern Arizona and takes about 3 hours to get there from Sedona.

Hopi portion of this program is subject to weather conditions as you drive in elevations of 5 - 7,000 feet which could get snowstorms this time of year.

Program customized to your time frame. Email for details.

Option to add mystic insight work or ceremony in Sedona before or after your Hopi trip.


Updated on December 18, 2014