Winter Solstice 2016

A Time of Calling Back the Light
Dec. 18-22: Winter Solstice Be Your Own Shaman-Seer Retreat

Dec. 21: Winter Solstice Ceremony

Winter Solstice events, 2015, Sedona, Arizona and Hopi Indian lands. Sedona mystic vision, Solstice Ceremony and drum healing ceremony.

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Winter Solstice -- A time of calling back the Light

Winter Solstice, the peak of the dark in the cycle of the year, is one of the most powerful turning points of the year.
This is a potent time to connect with nature and ceremony and the power of our own focused intention to create a new vibrational frequency and positive movement. Humankind has supported renewal of life in this way for thousands of years.

Winter Solstice Be Your Own Shaman-Seer Retreat
Dec. 18-22, 2016 - Sedona area

I support you with intuitive insights and holding a circle of support for you. I have seen people make profound realizations, free up emotional drains, deepen self-acceptance and resolve, open to expanded sense of their path; and, thus, let of their soul's radiance to shine. From this centered aware place, you become self-referencing, less looking to outside sources for approval and more trusting of your own wisdom. We use these tools throughout the retreat.

Your time out on the land on your own between sessions connecting with nature + your focus and dedication to daily practices are a key part of this self-empowerment process.
Sandra Cosentino

Moondance by Christos Karapanos

~~Can do whole retreat or select parts~~

day 1, Dec. 18
9 am - 12:30 pm
Sedona Sacred Sites/Vortex Tour + Earth & Sky Speak to Us 
A flowing experience to see Sedona's main landscape temples. Practice nature energy attunement and observing skills.   Insights into ancient cultures perspective on sacred lands and the New Age stories of Sedona's "vortex" sites.  Natural history.  You will gain an overview of the main sacred and scenic sites in the Sedona area and advice on accessing others.

on own during afternoon: practice deep observation in nature as you explore area(s) that call to you.

5 pm - 7:00 pm
Insight Session: Inner Pathways – Conscious Evolution**
Powerful insight tools to enhance seeing:  practice with lucid dreaming, meditation, tracking-clearing energies, listening to body wisdom, developing Here-Now Presence as your point of power, and more. Insight experiences + chakra clearing with gong and Himalayan metals.

I support you with intuitive insights and holding a circle of support for you. I have seen people make profound realizations, free up emotional drains, deepen self-acceptance and resolve; and, thus, let of their soul's radiance to shine. From this centered aware place, you become self-referencing, less looking to outside sources for approval and more trusting of your own wisdom. We use these tools throughout the retreat.

day 2, Dec. 19
10 am - 4 pm
Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey Seminar in Nature & Using Ceremony to Activate Intention 
Outdoor seminar at a private site by Oak Creek with access to several ceremonial sites.
In a series of spirit journeys to the drum, we connect with medicine animals, wise helper spirits, tree wisdom and more interwoven with nature energy and attentiveness practices. Teachings on vision quest practice and a mini solo experience. We bring the insights that have come to you into ceremony to activate positive change using the labyrinth, medicined wheel and ancestor circles sites. Sandra mentors you and offers intuitive insights. 

on own: sunset and stars come out nature attunement

day 3, Dec. 20
9:30 - noon
Insight Session:  Extraction, Release Unbeneficial Energies **
We begin with a powerful intention to bring in powerful supportive Helper Spirits that are right for you at this time. Within the framework of this energy, we journey to uncover what is key for you to deal with at this time and, with your spirit support, you will experience moving this energetic pattern and starting to restore your energetic matrix. We make it real to your mind with a follow up ceremony. This opens the way for you to make an energetic break through--part of a life long practice of conscious re-creation.

lunch break and visit riverside park for nature time

2:30 am - 5 pm
Insight Session:  Soul Retrieval **
This work is to reclaim more of your soul’s presence and vital energy that have become separated or weakened in expression in your life through traumas, misperceptions, and various life experiences. I can journey into the spirit world and find fragmented parts of your soul and negotiate with them to come back to you--but it is far more empowering and effective for you to do this for yourself. Building on the work done in Extraction and Spirit Helper connection, you learn how to track in the Lower World to find what is lost or hidden with a practice journey. Then we track, retrieve and ceremonially integrate part(s) of you that are ready to come home into your life now. This is a profound act of coming home to self--a deeply self-nurturing and freeing experience.

day 4, Dec. 21 - Winter Solstice

9 am - noon
Winter Solstice Eve Circle of Power Teaching and Healing Ceremony
Learn ancient principles of working with ceremony, invoking spiritual energies, consecrating sacred space.  Timeless principles, honoring ways to work with intention, ceremony and energy based on  30 years of experience.  In this flow of energy, vibratory shift occurs as you are wrapped in a blanket and receive sound vibrations and shamanic rebalancing work by Sandra as guided by spirit. An uplifting experience for creating positive movement in your life as you align with your soul energy and the cosmos.

On your own during afternoon:  Do a birthing ceremony at Montezuma Well prehistoric sacred spring site as part of your integration of the mornings soul work.
Continue nature practices at different sites such as shapeshifting, medicine walks, solo vision circle. 

Windhorse by Saddharaja

1:00 - 3:30 pm
Winter Solstice Ceremony **
At this auspicious time of one of the 2 major doorways of the year, we attune to the energetics of the longest night and the going-within-time.    We acknowledge the depth of this time in our life and the planet we live on.
We use the power of our circle to give courage for next steps, trusting our own guidance.  
Will include:  experiential insight journeys, ceremonial activation, and sound healing/rebalancing experience and a re-dreaming ceremony to recast energies from potent events of your life into your new evolution now. 

Day 5, Dec. 22

on own:  dawn prayers, dream work
Write your new mythology, Create a symbolic spirit mandala.

9:00 am - 11:30 pm
Insight Session: Past Life, Mystic Child, Future Self, Current Challenges, Imagining  **
Connect with past and future selves that are meaningful to you here and now. Reclaim visionary childhood connections. Connect with ancestor wisdom.  Imagining is seed power--we will do some insight experiences to tap into your deeper longing and emerge images and feelings that have power for you to help emerge a new reality.

Closing circle: Share New Mythology, Mandala, and Intentions for your return; tarot and symbol card reading option

Lunch break in nearby Old Town Cottonwood

**sessions held at Desert Studio 20 minutes south of Sedona

$800 each based on 3 or more
($1,000 each with 2 people ; $1,700 for 1 person --time frames slightly shorter with less than 3)

Included: program, transportation for the 2 outdoor tours/seminars, study packet.
Not included: meals, lodging, transportation for studio sessions & ceremonies.
Will send lodging suggestions for Sedona and Cottonwood area and registration details.
Best to have your own vehicle to go out to red rocks trails in between sessions and to come to studio sessions.

Led by Sandra Cosentino who has 30 years experience in leading retreats, mentoring skill development with mystic insight practices, mindfulness, working with nature energies and aware dreaming. She leads ceremony based on universal ways of consecrating ceremonial circles and holding space in a way that respects and empowers all participants to be active participants in this uplifting rebalancing experience.

Sandra has deep respect for Native cultural traditions and does not copy tribal ways. Rather she encourages respect for tribal privacy and learning authentic cultural values from indigenous peoples. Sandra is dedicated to each of us empowering ourself with our authentic expression of spirit.

"I have created an integrated program that helps you open the pathways to your own soul's knowing. If this feels right, if you feel ready, I am here for you. Creator gifted me with the ability to hold space for people, to reflect back their soul's gifts in an honoring, insightful, supportive way. I help you create in a safe and sacred space."

photo by Lynne Roberts


special programs--can elect individually or do as part of retreat

Dec. 18

Sedona Sacred Sites/Vortex Tour + Earth & Sky Speak to Us 

9 am - 12:30 pm
$125 pp with 3 or more
($160 each with 2)

Dec. 19

Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey & Ceremony Seminar in Nature

10:00 am - 4 pm
seminar on the land at a beautiful private site on Oak Creek
We do shamanic insight journeys in the context of nature energies and connection and ceremonial experiences to activate positive change for an inspiring, flowing half day. You receive shamanic mentoring/feedback.
$135 each with 3 ($185 each with 2 total on trip)


Dec. 21

Circle of Power Healing Ceremony & Teaching

9 am - 12:00 pm at Studio
Learn universal principles of ceremony, and participate in creating a sacred circle for renewal and balance. Experience drumming, being a vessel to flow energy, receiving energies and shamanic insights in this personalized ceremony with Sandra.
$100 each with 3 or more,
( $125 with 2, $175 for 1)

Dec. 21

Winter Solstice Ceremony

1 - 3:30 pm
We attune to the energetics of the longest night and the going-within-time. We connect with the power of our circle to give courage for next steps and trusting our own guidance.  
Will include:  experiential insight journeys, ceremonial activation, and sound healing/rebalancing experience and a re-dreaming ceremony to recast energies from potent events of your life into your new evolution now. 
$80 each with 3 or more


This personalized Insight Retreat focuses on skills development supporting your being your own shaman-seer:

Modern Day Mystic - Direct Experience with the Sentient Universe with timeless using archetypal pathways of the soul known as "shamanism" updated for today's world.
Developing a deep living, attentive relationship to Nature and her energies, beings, intelligence and the signs that flow to us constantly. This focus and time outdoors deepens confidence and awareness, releases stress, and invokes joy.

Ceremony--Create sacred space, invoke cosmic energies to create positive change

Conscious evolution using powerful insight tools that enhance the shamanic practices including lucid dreaming, tracking and clearing embedded energies/patterns, meditation.

We connect with Higher Self and do experiential journeys to your inner sanctuary to restore your original energy matrix, gain wisdom and guidance. Insights into genetic patterns. Tune in to body wisdom.

Mindfulness--here-now clear-eyed Presence with Self as your point of power





12-21-12 winter solstice sunset over the San Francisco, Peaks, holy mountain,
to the southwest of the Hopi Mesas.

Winter Solstice at Hopi is the sacred time of quiet to release the old year, and set forth positive intentions to begin the new year. This is a deep time when prayer offerings are made and taken to sacred sites for the positive renewal of life. The bowl of stars sparkle above the big open horizon -- Orion and Pleiades dominate overhead. Hopi people have a deep understanding of working with the power of prayer and positive intention.

After spending Winter Solstice with our Hopi hosts, one of our guests perceived:
"what it means to celebrate the solstice to understand the cycles of mother earth more deeply, subtly, intuitively." And how "My prayers and my intentions grew from the relative singular to the collective - all of humanity in a fuller way then ever before. Some Hopis never leave their land but their prayer touches the entire world."

Hopi independent traveler
during week of Winter Solstice

You begin the day before your journey with an in-depth 2 hour seminar with Sandra Cosentino in Sedona to prepare your for your journey and provide understandings that will make your experience much richer.

Hopi Guided Journey

with Sandra available on Dec. 22 with 4 or more.

Best to leave at 7 am (dawn) and drive to Hopi on your own to meet your private guide who is warm, welcoming and knowledgeable and participates in Hopi traditional life for:
This is one of the most sacred times of year at Hopi. You will go quietly to villages on all 3 mesas with your guide in your vehicle, and tune with this prayerful time of year.
Special spirit circles with a Hopi female leader to share and activate your intentions:
--Solstice dawn prayers.
--Traditional Hopi blue corn pancake breakfast in a home (included).
-- Joyful time of creating your own medicine piece (that you will take home with you) with Hopi artists
Homemade Lunch in a Hopi home

"This is a time of folding in of your dignity, pride, prayer for all that has been this year....a closedness as you make way for the New Year. We come together and give thanks to our Mother Earth and Father Sky."
(words of your Hopi guide)

Hopi is in a remote high mesa area in northeastern Arizona and takes about 3 hours to get there from Sedona.

Hopi portion of this program is subject to weather conditions as you drive in elevations of 5 - 7,000 feet which could get snowstorms this time of year.

Program customized to your time frame. Email for details.

Option to add mystic insight work or ceremony in Sedona before or after your Hopi trip.


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