Circle of Power Drum Healing Ceremony

A Teaching and empowering participatory experience:
Aligning Ourselves with the Universe within & without

We work with spiritual healing, timeless principles of ceremony, integrity, heart-centered engagement, cosmic energies, shamanic insights-healing, drumming, sound healing, universal earth-spirit ways, working together for the benefit of all, energy work. Auspicious times for ceremony chart below. Special programs for the solstice and equinox turning points of the year, but available year round including for full and new moons, special occasions.

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Illustration of prehistoric stone wheel, one of 50 or so that have been found, primarily in the Great Plains of northern US and southern Canada. This one may be about 1800 years old predating today's Plains Indian cultures. It is unknown who built them. The stone spoked wheel is not used in today's tribal ceremonies. But since the 1980's, many people have received guidance to create stone circles as a way for all peoples to do ceremony in nature.

For Western world participants, working together in circle using time-honored principles can open pathways to connecting with your own ancestral roots.

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Circles of Power:
Medicine Wheel Wisdom and Guided Journeys
for Renewed Balance and Vision
with teachings on working with the the circle of life, wisdom from ancient cultures, a chakra balancing meditation and a guided shamanic drum journey by Sandra Cosentino; a Hopi chant by Paliquimana and, Star Prairie's original Wheel Song.

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On Making Ceremonial Space Authentic to You….A personal account from past participant:

"When I meditate by my Medicine Wheel I feel empowered and at peace, close to nature and part of it. It is far from its historical, cultural home, yet has such personal meanings here in the southern hemisphere. A Ho.”

“I experienced a Drum Healing Ceremony conducted by Sandra Cosentino. It had a profound effect on me, and Sandra saw the integration of my Higher Self into my Self, in a  beautiful, peaceful garden -  and described my ‘secret garden’ that I go to in meditation!” 

Then upon her return to Australia, she was inspired to make her own wheel in her garden drawing on the core principles we had worked with in Sedona.  But she tuned in to the symbols and medicine animals that were right for her 4 Directions and her location on the planet.

“In southern Australia the seasons represented in the north and south quadrants are reversed to those of the northern hemisphere: our north wind brings blistering heat from the central desert, while our cold winter winds come straight from Antarctica in the south. “

“In my wheel, the east remains the beginning, the direction from which light first enters it. It is birth, spring, and my animal is the Numbat, a small, endangered Australian marsupial. She brings a gentle energy, that of caring and being cared for, beauty of desert, and alertness to threat.
Progress is then to the north, to summer, youth and vibrant growth, looked over by the Snake.

Then to the west, maturity and autumn.  My animal is the Wolf, guide and protector,  the great pathfinder for the human spirit.

The south is winter, old age and ancestors, wisdom. My animal is the Australian Magpie, spiritual custodian, representing home protection, making new friends and the beauty of song. Magpies open the door to the spiritual world, and bring messages from it. In the days before my meditation, there were magpies in front of my house, calling so loudly it really was like yelling their message to me.

Over the centre of my Wheel circles the Eagle, sacred messenger with healing powers, and teaches us our spirits can soar.“
Shirley Syndenham, Melbourne Australia (spring, 2013)



Working with Intention to Create Positive Change

Create sacred space, invoke powerful cosmic energies for new beginning. Timeless principles, honoring ways to work with intention, ceremony, energy based on 30 years experience. You bring your focused energy to the circle as tribal peoples have done through time. You learn to drum in ceremonial context, which most people discover is joyful and an innate skill.

In this focused, reverent, powerful experience we learn and practice ancient, cross-cultural ways for working with spiritual energies and intention. Within our circle, we create a magnetic attraction which concentrates and consecrates the energies for the highest benefit of each participant and Mother Earth.

In this flow of energy, vibratory shift occurs. You may choose to be wrapped like a papoose to receive drum, earth and human energies & healing assistance from Spirit. Sandra senses the energies and Helper Spirits that are working with you and works to assist this process on your behalf.

Each circle is personalized to the participants, season and celestial events.

Sandra works with spirit to hold the space and provide shamanic insights/energy work. Each participant is invited to bring the power of their focus and intention to the ceremony and to practice energy work by flowing universal love through your being to the one(s) in the wheel.

Ceremony is the conscious use of symbols by humans combined with action. In this physical enactment, the symbol comes to life, movement is activated or acknowledged. The intangible becomes real, something we are part of. Participants have a direct experience of working together with the power of circle and shared intention. Positive, uplifting energies flow that help us recalibrate, create positive shifts that then carries forward into our life.

Includes advice on making your own wheel using honoring ways and discussion of aligning it to the true cardinal directions where you live.

Physicist (Dan Winter) says, "Tribal ceremonies send heart energy out into the cosmos...these energies are amplified in an expanding wave and have the power to create stars."

The ceremony is led by Sandra Cosentino who has a life long relationship with wild nature and 3 decades of experience with group wheel healing circles. Bear is one of the powerful spiritual allies she has relationship with that assist Sandra in these ceremonies. Cross-cultural ancient ways of working with nature from the heart inspire this ceremony and the gifted teachings of Berniece Falling Leaves and other wise medicine people.

Sandra uses her guidance, intuition and experience to bring these universal ways into a living, contemporary form for all people and are not copied from any of today's Native American tribal ceremonies. We are co-creating a new tribal way open to all people that is growing out each of our deepening relationship with the circle of life and evolving consciousness of life on Mother Earth.

Studio sessions include sound healing with gong, Himalayan metals and more time for inner preparation work including shamanic insight journey:
$100 pp with 3 - 4 people, 3 hrs
($125 pp with 2, 2.5 hrs. $175 for 1, 2 hrs)

Ceremonies out on the land, 5 – 6 or more people, 4 hrs: $125 pp
Can arrange for a talented Sedona healer or Native guest (when available) to be part of the circle for group gatherings which enriches the spiritual experience for all.

The wheel workshop/ceremonies are available year round and can be a private or any-size group healing/learning experience or Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey seminar.

A less complex Ceremony
can be created for your Sedona Visit -
can be added to a vortex tour or mystical nature journey or as a stand alone experience.

2-day Advanced Medicine Wheel Training can be arranged. Depending on group size/budget, it could include participation of a Native person to bring in their traditional perspective on giving your whole self to the ceremony you are doing.

Prehistoric rock art depicting emerging from your center to stand in balance.


"Everything the Power of the World does is done in a circle. The sky is round and I have heard that the earth is round like a ball and so are all the stars. The wind, in its greatest power, whirls. Birds make their nests in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours. The sun comes forth and goes down again in a circle. The moon does the same and both are round. Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing and always come back again to where they were. The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood. And so it is in everything where power moves."

Black Elk, Ogalala Sioux




Prehistoric carving on which the shadow of the summer solstice sun would cross the center.



"Aho, my name is David Singing Bear, Bear Who Sings, Singing Bear, Northern Cheyenne.

There's a medicine wheel on my reservation is in northern British Columbia, in Squallix. It's the oldest medicine wheel we know of in North America. This medicine wheel dates back thousands of years. The medicine wheel was there before the people that we know of now.

The medicine wheel represents the people and the universe. This medicine wheel is a reminder to the people to always live the way of the hoop, the way of the circle, the way of the people, the way of life.

It was put down in a remembrance to remind people always that life is a circle that the universe is a circle, that what goes around, comes around and what we put out comes back to us.

It is there to remind us to always be in balance and harmony with nature. It is there to remind us to find our place, our purpose in the universe and live this and then we are a whole person.

This medicine wheel has been used for thousands of years in these ways."


David went to Spirit World in winter 2012. I honor his wisdom and appreciate two decades of sharing many circles with him in the Sedona area. He is missed.

David at a wheel we made in mid-1990's

2016 Auspicious Celestial or
Cultural Times for Ceremonies

When ceremony is held with a group with shared intent on celestially auspicious events--full moon, new moon, seasonal turning points: equinox, solstice, cross-quarter days half way inbetween--or on holidays,meteor showers, eclipses, the energies are magnified.

Feb. 4 Imbolc (half way to spring cross-quarter day)
Feb. 8 New Moon
Moon an Imbolc (Candlemas)--Celtic mid-winter cross-quarter
Feb. 14 Valentines Day events & Full Moon
Feb. 14 - 15 Heart's Longing Retreat
Feb. 15 Presidents Day holiday
Feb. 22 Full Moon (rises 6:33 pm)

March 8 New Moon
March 13 Daylight Savings for most of US, except Arizona, during the summer we are same time as the Pacific Coast
March 19 Spring Equinox (occurs at 9:30 pm)
March 18-21 Spring Equinox Retreat

Around the March equinox … fireball season. A fireball is just an especially bright meteor. Northern spring and southern autumn – for a few weeks around the March equinox — a time of year when bright meteors appear in greater numbers than usual.

March 23 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
(begins 2:39 am, peak 4:47 am, sets 6:36 am

March 23 Full Moon (rises 7:08 pm)
March 25 Good Friday
March 27 Easter

A fireball is just an especially bright meteor. Northern spring and southern autumn – for a few weeks around the March equinox – is a good time to see one. It’s fireball season — a time of year when bright meteors appear in greater numbers than usual. In fact, in the weeks around the equinox, the appearance rate of fireballs can increase by as much as 30 percent, says NASA.

April 7 New Moon
April 5 Easter
April 21 Full Moon (rises 6:49 pm)
April 22 Earth Day
April 22 peak of Lyrid Meteor Shower Peak (Apr 16-25)--These meteors tend to be bright and often leave trails. About 10-20 meteors per hour at peak can be expected. But full moon will make them harder to see.*

May 1 May Day
May 4 - Beltane, Celtic Mid-Spring festival
May 6 New Moon
May 5-6 Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower-10 to 20 meteors per hour might be visible in a dark sky. (best before dawn on May 6)
May 8 Mothers Day
May 21 Full Moon (rises 7:23 pm)
May 30 Memorial Day weekend events

June 4 New Moon
June 19 Father's Day
June 20 Full Moon (rises 7:54 pm) and Summer Solstice (occurs at 3:34 pm)
June 20-27 Sedona Vision Quest Retreat
June 21 Summer Solstice events

July 4 Independence Day events and New Moon
July 19 Full Moon (rises 7:23 pm)
July 27-30 into early August Delta Aquarids

From northern temperate latitudes, the maximum hourly rate may reach 15-20 meteors in a dark sky. Unlike many meteor showers, this one doesn’t have a very definite peak, despite the dates given above. Instead, these medium-speed meteors ramble along fairly steadily throughout late July and early August. An hour or two before dawn usually the most favorable view of the Delta Aquarids.

Aug. 2 New Moon
Aug. 7 Lughnasadh - Celtic mid-summer festival
Aug 12 Persiod Meteor Shower

Every year, you can look for the Perseids to peak around August 10-13. Predicted peak morning in 2016: August 12. The Perseids combine with the Delta Aquarid shower (above) to produce a dazzling display of shooting stars on what are, for us in the N. Hemisphere, warm summer nights. In 2016, as always, the Perseid meteors will be building to a peak from early August until the peak nights; afterwards, they drop off fairly rapidly. Despite the waxing gibbous moon interfering with the show, the Perseid meteor shower should still put on a good show. For maximum results, watch after moonset and before dawn August 11, 12 and 13.*

Aug. 18 Full Moon (rises 7:30 pm)

Lughnasadh - half way to fall

Sept. 1 New moon
Sept. 5 Labor Day events
Sept. 16 Full Moon (rises 6:45 pm)
Sept. 22 Autumnal Equinox (occurs 7:21 am)
Sept. 23 - 29 Sedona Vision Quest Retreat
Sept. 23 Fall Equinox events
Sept. 30 New moon

Oct. 7 Draconid meteor shower.

The Draconid shower is a real oddity, in that the radiant point stands highest in the sky as darkness falls. That means that, unlike many meteor showers, more Draconids are likely to fly in the evening hours than in the morning hours after midnight. This shower is usually a sleeper, producing only a handful of languid meteors per hour in most years. But watch out if the Dragon awakes! In rare instances, fiery Draco has been known to spew forth many hundreds of meteors in a single hour. 2016, the waxing crescent moon may somewhat intrude on this year’s Draconid shower. Try watching at nightfall and early evening on October 7.*

Oct. 15 Full moon (rises 5:58 pm)
Oct. 14 Columbus Day
Oct. 18 or 19 Hopi & Navajo fall fair cultural explorer journey
Oct. 21-22 Orionids Meteor Shower

On a dark, moonless night, the Orionids exhibit a maximum of about 10 to 20 meteors per hour. Fortunately, the moon will be close to new, providing deliciously dark skies for this year’s Orionid shower. These fast-moving meteors occasionally leave persistent trains. They sometimes produce bright fireballs, so watch for them to flame in the sky.The Orionids have a broad and irregular peak that isn’t easy to predict. More meteors tend to fly after midnight, and the Orionids are typically at their best in the wee hours before dawn.This year, 2016, presents a less than optimal year for watching the Orionid meteor shower. The best viewing for the Orionids will probably be before dawn on October 22, though in the glare of the waning gibbous moon.*

Oct. 30 New moon
Oct. 31 Hallowe'en

Nov. 4-5 South Taurid Meteor Shower.

In 2016, the waxing crescent moon will set in the evening early, providing dark skies for this year’s South Taurid meteor shower. The South Taurids should produce their greatest number of meteors shortly after midnight on November 5. Remember, it’ll be possible to catch a fireball or two!

Nov. 7 Celtic Samhain - mid-fall Celtic festival prepare for winter
Nov. 11 Veteran's Day
Nov. 12-13 North Taurid Meteor Shower --In 2016, the waxing gibbous moon obtrudes on this year’s 2016 North Taurid shower.
Nov. 14 Full Moon (rises 6:04 pm)
Nov. 17 Leonid Meteor Shower Peak (10-15/hour; best closer to dawn)

Leonids ordinarily pick up steam after midnight and display the greatest meteor numbers just before dawn. 2016, the Leonids are expected to fall most abundantly before dawn November 17, though under the bright light of waning gibbous moon.*

Nov. 29 New Moon
Nov. 24 Thanksgiving weekend events

Dec. 13 Full moon (rises 5:35 pm)
Dec. 13-14 Geminid Meteor shower peak:

Geminid meteor shower is one of the finest meteors showers visible in either the Northern or the Southern Hemisphere. The meteors are plentiful, rivaling the August Perseids, with perhaps 50 to 100 meteors per hour visible at the peak. Plus Geminid meteors are often bright, so, if there’s a bright moon, many meteors may be able to overcome the harsh moonlight. These meteors are often about as good in the evening as in the hours between midnight and dawn.In 2016, the full moon will be out all night long, subduing the usually prolific Geminid meteor shower on the night of December 13-24*

Dec. 21 Winter Solstice events ( solstice occurs 3:44 am)

Dec. 25 Christmas
Dec. 28 New Moon
Dec. 29 - Jan 1: New Year's Eve Insight Retreat & special ceremonies

*source meteor shower info:



Updated on March 7, 2016