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Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey

Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Journey & Ceremony Outdoor Seminar

Patterns in nature reflect our inner story.

Direct Experience with the Sentient Universe, Mystical Awareness & Spiritual Insight Practices

with option to add Sedona Vortex Tour

Be Your Own Seer – a Modern Day Mystic -with timeless, archetypal pathways of the soul updated for today’s world.  Led by Sandra Cosentino based on more than 3 decades of experience and a lifetime of connection to the living earth.

medwalksmShamanism–the mystical path of direct knowing–is the worlds’ oldest form of communion with Source and is based on a deep, living relation to Nature and inner pathway seer skills. Spiritual energies of the universe flow in a powerful, direct way from Source through Nature.

Learn how to do soul flight/shamanic journey in the context of today’s world based on Sandra’s decades of direct experience. Open connection with spirit helpers that are the living soul of nature for healing, guidance, new vitality and help ground spiritual awareness at a cellular level. You have a felt experience beyond our daily understanding that potentializes a shift in your inner vibrational field into new possibilities. Sandra mentors you and offers intuitive insights.

We weave insight journeys with earth energy connection and deep observing experiences.

Perhaps you will know a moment of “ecstatic union,” of connection to the indwelling spirit of all things Navajos call this Nilch’i or inner wind. Peruvian mystics call this force kawsay pacha which is particularly present in powerful mountain settings. Once you know that connection, it opens a profound portal you carry with you always.

Nature connection, shamanic journey in nature seminar, Sedona, Arizona.

Entering with the open-hearted way of a child, direct perception-connection with tree, earth and sky energies can occur.

Soul flight/shamanic journey practices are very much alive and thriving in today’s world. These are natural, innate talents that can be developed and are compatible with all spiritual traditions. These directly felt experiences beyond our daily understanding potentialize a shift in your inner vibrational field into new possibilities. And collectively, we are contributing to our own species’ conscious evolution.
We will do nature awareness practices to deepen work.

Shamanic journey, medicine animal, Sedona seminar with Crossing Worlds Journeys

Inner journeys are like lucid dreaming as you enter the reality of the spirit world where all is connected and alive with vibrant energy

With the 6 hour version, we have more time to incorporate Earth & Sky Speaks to Us seminar practice in nature. Tribal medicine people of the indigenous world spent a lot of time outside watching and listening and intimately knew the cycles and energies of nature by direct experience.

Let nature speak to you and become part of your inner landscape in the way of these ancient peoples as we pay attention to signs, symbols and helper spirits.

These are natural, innate talents we all have that are compatible with all spiritual traditions. A new shamanism right for today’s times is being created by peoples from modern cultures.

Sedona Mystic Nature Shamanic Journey and Earth and Sky Speak to Us Seminars with Crossing Worlds Journeys

Sink into the body of the living earth and connect with her energy.

Signs. Was that sudden swirl of wind that appeared when I stated my intention a sign? Or the coyote who crossed my path and then turned and stared at me? Do my energies and thought forms magnetize responses from nature?

Medicine animals in popular literature have been reduced to symbolic definitions so that even if we are open to their presence in our lives, we limit their expression by being overly defining. We miss the humor, the surprising variety of ways they reveal profound wisdom to us in our dreams, meditations and instant knowing. And even more importantly, they bring us direct energetic vibrations that help us release heavy energies and raise our frequency. They want to help us, all we have to do is ask and pay attention and allow these vibrant energies and loyal friendships to enrich our lives.

The gift of the power animal connection comes from our spirit that is calling us to allow our cells to recalibrate to hold more light, power and energy.  Sandra Cosentino

Eyes of raven penetrate both in waking and dreamtime realities. above 3 photos by Sandra Cosentino

Each seminar is customized to guests and includes opening and closing ceremonial elements and a series of insight journeys interwoven with earth connection experience.

An inspiring seminar in nature–details below: 
1. 4 hours with time for nature connections.
2. 6 hours, more depth of insight journey experience + more time for ceremony

Option if you are on a limited time schedule:
2 hour studio session with core shamanic journey practices. Much richer and more meaningful in nature context.

Deepening connection to the living body of Mother Earth helps us rebalance“Nature recalls us to our innate richness. It heals us into Spiritual memory , into connection with our authentic sovereignty, our deeper choices, and our kinship with All-That-Is.”

“In nature we move into our points of Power. This is not about necessarily getting our way, but is rather about being our way, and singing with the chorus of Life.” excerpts by TaVie Jazlyn from article Conversation With Nature

1. Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey Seminar and Nature Connection Practices, 4 hours:

Shamanic journey is has more depth of meaning in the context of making deep observations and connections with the energies of nature. In this way you interact with and observe nature as indigenous medicine people have done for millennia. Shamanism is inner seeing, including shamanic journey skills, plus outer vibrational attunement that takes practice of engagement in a sentient way with nature, your inner nature, your dreams and signs coming to you.

We do this at a private site near Oak Creek near Sedona.

$135 each with 3 (discount for 4 more)
$185 each for 2 ($330 for 1)
entry fees, study sheets are included

Add Sedona Vortex Journey:
$75 pp with min. of 3, 2.5 hours
$95 pp with 2 people ($150 for 1), 2 hours


kokopairsm2. Mystical Insights Seminar, Nature Connection Practices & Ceremony, 6 hours

Held at a beautiful private site on the creek near Sedona area which has a large labyrinth, 12-spoke medicine wheel and 4 pathway totem pole ceremonial space. We will do insight journey work to connect with spirit helpers, ancestors, what has called you to Sedona, what is emerging in your vision and more.
This includes Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey Seminar, Earth and Sky Speak to Us experiences working with nature energies and training in core ceremonial practices and doing a ceremony to activate your intention (this will flow out of insight journey work). With the longer seminar, we can go deeper into insight journeying experience.

angelvlywheelsmSandra has 3 decades of experience leading ceremony.  She and has gained much insight from involvement with Native peoples as a role model in the way they engage with ceremony with their whole heart to bring forth positive outcomes.
6 hours, $185 each with 3 or more, $250 each with 2, ($400 for 1, 5 hours)
includes entry fee to site, study sheets

Add Sedona Vortex Journey:

$75 pp with min. of 3, 2.5 hours
$95 pp with 2 people ($150 for 1), 2 hours

Studio Session option core training with shamanic journey:

Please see Insight Session details here (does not include field work and ceremony).

Below image by Teresa Settles inspired by connection with spirit of Juniper:


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