Nature, Soul & Vision Combination Tour:

All day Sedona experience which combines:
-- Vortex Tour
-- Earth and Sky Speaks to Us
--Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey Seminar and Ceremony

Arizona's Sedona: shamanism in nature training, vortex tour in landscapes of natural power and beauty--developing the ability to be present in the now, vision quest and divining skills, listening to the voice of Nature and your Soul, intuition, pilgrimage, explore, creating a new mythology, insights, ceremony to activate positive change.

Crossing Worlds Journeys & Retreats
Inspiring, Insightful, Personal Experiences of Sedona, Arizona, the Ancient Southwest & your inner vision.

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You may want to combine this experience with:

Circle of Power/Medicine Wheel Teaching and Healing Ceremony is a powerful way to put your new vision into motion as we work with intention and prayer to invoke cosmic and earth energies. this is a shamanic healing/rebalancing using drums, sound healing instruments, hands-on energy and cross-cultural ways for working with the power of the circle.

Sunset - Stars Nature, Solo Sacred Circle



Explore - Tune in - Connect

We explore the vortex areas and other power places, sacred sites in the area. We seek signs, sense the energies, infuse perception of power of place with myth, science and observing skills. We practice nature awareness and attunement skills, and develop skills of being your own seer.

The day is directed toward you creating a fresh view of your life. We let the wind blow through us--the breath of divine--clearing the old, re-inspiring from Source. At day's end we reflect on the signs and insights and what is emerging for you and do ceremony to activate your intention.

Slow down, observe, relax the mind as you connect with nature, enliven, de-stress in our high desert ecosystem. With ancestral perceptions, ways to stay in balance, use of rocks in healing and ceremony. Make friends with a tree, the spirit of a wild animal, observe bird language-behaviors, sink into the earth—sense the energies-wisdom; receive fresh ways of seeing. Take a “medicine” walk, do a 4-Directions solo circle, notice signs and symbols.

Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey in nature seminar--see details here.
Shamanism is based on a deep, living relation to Nature and seer skills. Wild beings, trees, canyons have an energy field--a kind of consciousness--that we can connect with for healing, guidance, new vitality. In a series of spirit journeys to the drum, we connect with medicine animals, wise helper spirits, tree wisdom and more. Sandra mentors you and offers intuitive insights based on decades of experience. Perhaps you will know a moment of "ecstatic union," a profound portal you carry with you always.

Landscape of the Imagination

"This is coyote's country
a landscape of the imagination
where nothing is what it appears."
Terry Tempest Williams

"What is it exactly that called me here?
Mystery is what called me here--
the answers to questions I hadn't known yet to ask, hadn't lived yet.
Something Wise knew I was getting ready
to ask those questions--and to hear the answers
and it called me in so that we could talk."
Star Prairie


$230 pp with 3 or more people, 8 hours
($290 pp with 2 people, 7.5 hours; $525 for 1 person , 7 hours)

Includes study sheets + entrance to beautiful private site on the creek with ceremonial labyrinths and medicine wheels.

Program description links:
--Vortex Tour
--Earth and Sky Speaks to Us Seminar
--Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey

Flexible times to connect with the cycle of the day

Options: dawn or dusk or by starlight to be one with nature at powerful times of the day and evening.

Updated on October 13, 2016